May 03 2007
whats up everybody- wow been a while since i have posted on here. well its been pretty lame around here but yea. hope you all have a great week! -stephen


February 21 2007


February 15 2007
Why is it that God breaks you when you least expect it?????

Kayla Hale

February 13 2007

hey guys! i am not sure if you know but Kayla Hale was in a car accident this afternoon she was t-boned in the side (not sure which) but she had to go to hospital but she is at home now she is just really shaken up and her head hurts. Pray for her as she recovers!!!

Christ Church Prayer Request

February 02 2007

hey i just got this prayer request over my email! take a look at it please!!

Urgent prayer need:

The College Pastor at Christ Church in Nashville and a young adult leader
from that church were both killed early this morning in an accident while on
their way to a missions conference in Texas.  He leaves behind a young wife
named Amanda who needs our prayers very much.


February 01 2007
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January 22 2007



January 14 2007



January 12 2007
Here is a post from the people @ passion i thought i would pass along to you all!!

Do Something Now!

During the days of Passion 07 over 22,000 of us banded together to make a difference throughout the world in Jesus' name. The Do Something Now Campaign was more than charity, it was our worship as we offered to God what He really loves. The results so far have exceeded our expectations...and the story has just begun!

Touch Atlanta
We wanted to Touch Atlanta by providing towels and socks to 15 area organizations assisting those in need. 13,000 towels and 31,000 pairs of socks were provided.

Help Stop Human Trafficking
Speaking up against the trade of precious people in the sex industry, 3000 signatures were gathered with Stop The Traffik to be presented to the UN with others from around the world.

Bibles To Unreached People
We wanted to send 3000 Bibles into East Asia, committing to pray for each recipient for one year. 4000 Bibles were sent. 4000 people are being prayed for!

Clean Water For Africa
We sought to sponsor the drilling of 11 wells (at a cost of 3K each) to bring clean water to African villages for life. 52 wells were sponsored + additional funds were collected for at least one more expensive well in Sudan.

Life-saving Surgeries For Kids
We hoped to sponsor 50 surgeries for children in Central/South America at a cost of $1,000 each. A donor agreed to match whatever was given at Passion 07. 124 surgeries were sponsored, bringing the total (with the matching grant) to 248 surgeries.

College For Promising Africans
20 young people were sponsored to attend college in Africa through Compassion's Leadership Development Program. Additional Compassion children were sponsored.

A Community/Student Center on a Campus In Iraq
We sought to raise money for the Freedom Center in Kurdistan of Iraq.
Over 2400 bricks were purchases for $10. (Our goal was 500!)
17 groups have committed to raise $5,000. (Our goal was 10! An additional 20K was given at Passion 07). The numbers are still growing.
200 people have committed to pray about spending a year in Iraq teaching English at The Freedom Center.
1200 committed to pray for the Kurds for one year.

The Bible For The Dela People of Indonesia
Through us, God funded the translation of the New Testament for the Dela people of Indonesia. In addition, so many gifts/pledges were made we have funded additional translations for the Rikou and Lola people of Indonesia. But there's more... we have funded the completion of three additional translations that were in mid-stream for people groups in Indonesia. We set our sights on one translation and have now completed six. Calls and requests are pouring into Oneverse with people/groups requesting additional translations to sponsor. Over $450,000 was given/pledged for translations of the New Testament!

On top of these amazing ventures, the offering for Passion's World Tour (we are trusting God for close to 4 million) taken on the last morning was $256,000... and it's still growing. Humbling. Thank you for letting us know you are with us.

God is amazing!! And in Him we can change the world together. Let's don't stop here!
If you still want to get involved, information on our Do Something Now partner organizations under Latest on the Passion Website.

PS-Who said college students were poor?

"Trust and Fear: two different componants yet so similar"

January 01 2007

"I am trusting You, to carry me the rest of the way

You alone are holy, You alone are just, You alone are worthy of all of my trust"

So many times we take things into our own hands and say we can do this on my own, or I can handle it. Instead why is our response not "I am trusting YOU my God." When things go bad and you think your the only one around we must put our faith in the one who is the only to put our faith in, Christ. The above song is a song that Wes Walters wrote and the lyrics have been so convicting for me. They say words that, to be completely honest, i cannot say at sometimes. That I am trusting You to carry me through thick and thin. I was getting prepared for some future worship things and i came upon this song and then a song entitled "Isaiah 43" this songs just pretty much says what isaiah said in the 43rd chapter of his book. That the Lord is near and that we have no need to fear becuase the Lord is there but we must zoom out and see that Christ is there.

"When you walk through the fire I will be with You

And the waves they will not overcome You

Do not fear for I have redeemed You

I have called You by name You are mine(2)"

So many times we just need to take the bold phrase. That Christ has redeemed us and that he will never leave our side. I love how the bible puts it, "Fear not, for I have redeemed You; I have summoned You by name, you are mine (v. 1b)"

What he is saying, in my oppinon, that why do we fear what things lie ahead we must put our faith in Christ and TRUST, but then we must not FEAR because he has redeemed us. Just a word of encouragement that, as scripture says, "He will not leave you, nor forsake You." - Deut. 31:6c

"I have made it oh so far

But not without You here

You have kept me for so long

So I will not fear"

                             -"I am Trusting You" (Wes Walters)

(1)=Isaiah 43


January 01 2007


December 20 2006
Attention ALL Diversion Youth Ministries Members:

We have a blog site now!! we will be posting from various people in the minsitry. if you would like to be one who wants to post message me and let me know!! Have an awesome Christmas and we will see you all tonight!!


December 08 2006
so yea i guess i should say i didn't write that but  i got it on facebook and i was like hey its pretty edgy and pretty good thats throw it out there!!! so yea act is coming tomorrow which STICKS!!!! i guess i might as well get it over with! well have an awesome weekend- stephen

Why the GATORS will win the National Championship!!!

December 07 2006
1. It seems that most every year there is a "team of destiny" just like we were in 1996. It appears to me that all the stars have aligned for us to win it all. I fully expect us to beat OSU in one of our typical close gut-wrenching games.

2. It is our 100th year of football,

3. The 10 year anniversary of our only NC,

4. It is Meyer's second year (which is always magical),

5. We have a ton of senior leadership,

6. We have a large number of playmakers.

7. OSU has already been annointed as a great team and we will be painted as the sacrificial lamb.

8. Smith will win the Heisman; see other Heisman winners and their outcome of the National title game they have played in... most recent Reggie Bush/Vince Young (another distraction for them)

9. They have been idle for 2 weeks while we have been preparing for and playing in tough meaningful games.

10. Meyer will play on the lack of respect that we will get from all the "talking heads" and OSU should come into the game full of themselves.

11. Meyer has the largest set of "stones" in College football as evidenced by the fake punt call last night. I am surprised he can walk with those stones between his legs.

12. It has been the "Year of the Gator" as evidenced by the BB winning the NC, Emmitt winning "Dancing with thw Stars" and Epstein winning the World Series MVP.

13. Meyer is undefeated when he has more than 2 weeks to prepare.

14. OSU has not faced a defense as good as ours while we have faced 5 top 25 defenses.

What do you think of????

December 05 2006

hey everyone- hope you all are having a great week! well yea i am pumped there is only about 2 weeks left of school for 2006 and i can't wait for some time off from my busy life! but yea today i was doing my quiet time and God laid this on my heart and i was convicted by it let it really speak to you like it spoke to me.

"When I get up in the morning what do I do first? Do I thank God for giving me another day to breathe and live for Him."

I know for myself that really convicted me because when i get up i really just think hey another day of school and the mundane of life, but we should be excited that God gave us the honor to live another day becuase we are do unworthy!! just a thought-stephen

MTSU 20 Troy 21

November 25 2006
dang!!!! thats pretty much all i can say! so many ammotions going through me its unbelievable! if you haven't heard mtsu was up 20-7 with 2 minutes left and ended up losing 21-20!! so yea i am not in a good mood but hey its not all over yet now troy has to lose to florida international (0-10) and we will win the championship but yea all hope is not lost! so yea! thats all! see ya later- stephen


November 18 2006
hey everyone- yea so i have been very busy this past month thus no big post on phusebox but yea! thanksgiving break is upon us and i can not wait for some time off from school! have a great week- stephen

At the Cross

October 07 2006

have you every had a time when you were really depressed and you didn't know why but then you just shut up and lay around in quiet then God just shows you some cool things. Well!!! God showed me some cool stuff! Just whenever you really need that boost God likes I am here!! I turned on the iPod and i was listening to the new Hillsong CD called "Mighty to Save" and i was listening to the 2nd song and the lyrics really got me that we have freedom in Christ and we should dance in that that we have the freedom in the one who lives!! Here are some of the words:

The world turns in all of its ways
But I'm soul set on a holy name
And when all earth is said and done
Still I will praise Him

There's no end to the love that He gives
And now broken dreams have life again
In the hope of the risen King
So let us praise Him

it really just says that when all else fails and when the world falls away that He will still be there and that i will praise Him!! Then i went to a song entitled "At the Cross" and God showed me more! the song pretty much means to me when I screw up in unmeasureable ways God there and says i know you did that and i am sad but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Oh Lord You’ve searched me,
You know my way;

Even when I fail You,
I know You love me.

The chorus part just talks about the cross and that the stuff I do Christ knows and that He paid for those on the Cross so I should praise Him!

At the cross I bow my knee,
Where Your blood was shed for me,

There’s no greater love than this.
You have overcome the grave,
Your glory fills the highest place,
What can separate me now?

I just wanted to share what I have been going through tonight just to get it out! To the person out there who is dealing with stuff here is something that no matter how bad you screw up THAT GOD LOVES YOU and that he paided for that so that gives you a even reason to praise his name!!

And when the earth fades,
Falls from my eyes,

And You stand before me,
I know You love me;
I know You love me.

3 days and maybe a bald guy

October 03 2006

3 days till MTSU-Louisville!!! Clint Nadeau shook on it that if MTSU wins then he will shave his head. So yea hey we can dream can't we!! i would love to pull out a win but we are 0-10 against ranked opponents so we defintly have that going for us. see you all tomorrow night! hamby


September 26 2006
My chains are gone, I've been set free
my God my Savior has ransomed me
and like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love Amazing Grace


September 22 2006
hey everyone- pray for me i am going to be leading worship tomorrow for about 70 jr. high @ diversion youth's fall retreat @ new frontiers. Pray that God would be glorified in everything i do tomorrow. Also, pray for seth tanner he is the speaker for the weekend. especially pray for tomorrow night seth is going to give the salvation message and pray that the kids would respond whether it be running to christ for the first time or maybe being that prodigual son and returning to christ. Also on sunday John Dunahoo will be coming up to lead them so pray for him and keith stacey and jordan williams as they lead on sunday morning and afternoon. Thanks guys- stephen

O'Donnell on ABC: 'Radical Christians' no different than murderous radical Muslims

September 15 2006
ABC's Rosie O'Donnell told a nationwide audience this week that "radical Christians" are the same as radical Muslims who piloted hijacked jetliners into New York's Twin Towers, who chop off the heads of individuals and who bomb innocent children in suicide attacks. O'Donnell made her comments as host of ABC's "The View."

"Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America where we have separation of church and state," O'Donnell said. She had been saying that America was attacked "not by a nation." She continued: "And as a result of the attack and the killing of 3,000 innocent people, we invaded two countries and killed innocent people." Even her liberal co-hosts were shocked by her comments.

Co-host Joy Behar protested that Christians are not trying to impose mass murder on America. "This group (radical Muslims) is threatening to kill us." Replied O'Donnell: "No, but we are bombing innocent people in other countries. True or false?"

O'Donnell was saying there is no difference between the radical Muslims who kill in the name of Allah and Bible-believing Christians who follow the teachings of Jesus.

Neither O'Donnell nor ABC apologized for the comments. Had she made similar comments about minorities or homosexuals, there would have been an apology, and she would have probably been fired. The message from ABC is that bashing Christians is acceptable, even comparing them with murderers who kill in the name of Allah.


September 07 2006
ok well! i guess its been awhile and i guess i should update. so yea! my grandfather had a heart attack saturday morning and had to go to vanderbilt they did surgury and he is home now. so thanks for your prayers! but yea i have offically changed classes and i am loving music theory its really cool!! i have learned a whole lot. yea i can't think of very much else to say! but yea! oh yea i am one of the ball boys for the mtsu football home games so i am pumped about that! i am running cords and stuff so thats fun. its defintly a fun experience but yea so ttul! later-stephen

Chamber Choir

August 22 2006
so yea i guess it is time to clear up a rumor i am quitting chamber choir. i really hate to use the word quit but hey thats probably the easiest way to put it. I have really felt like God is saying i need to step back and spend more time with him. because last spring i was NEVER at church. but yea i am going to take music theory instead. so i am still sticking with music but a different way. so yea! later- stephen

Schedule for 2006-2007

August 10 2006

Here is my schedule

1st- Chemistry Honors- Mrs. Cathy

2nd- Spanish II- Mrs. Martin

3rd- US History- Coach Harris

4th- Algebra II- Reavis

5th- Chamber Choir- w/ the Gregory

6th- English III Honors- Mrs. Durham

I have second lunch anyone have 2nd lunch!!!