What do you think of????

December 05 2006

hey everyone- hope you all are having a great week! well yea i am pumped there is only about 2 weeks left of school for 2006 and i can't wait for some time off from my busy life! but yea today i was doing my quiet time and God laid this on my heart and i was convicted by it let it really speak to you like it spoke to me.

"When I get up in the morning what do I do first? Do I thank God for giving me another day to breathe and live for Him."

I know for myself that really convicted me because when i get up i really just think hey another day of school and the mundane of life, but we should be excited that God gave us the honor to live another day becuase we are do unworthy!! just a thought-stephen

Nathan Moore

December 08 2006
great thoughts... hope you are doing well!