Why the GATORS will win the National Championship!!!

December 07 2006
1. It seems that most every year there is a "team of destiny" just like we were in 1996. It appears to me that all the stars have aligned for us to win it all. I fully expect us to beat OSU in one of our typical close gut-wrenching games.

2. It is our 100th year of football,

3. The 10 year anniversary of our only NC,

4. It is Meyer's second year (which is always magical),

5. We have a ton of senior leadership,

6. We have a large number of playmakers.

7. OSU has already been annointed as a great team and we will be painted as the sacrificial lamb.

8. Smith will win the Heisman; see other Heisman winners and their outcome of the National title game they have played in... most recent Reggie Bush/Vince Young (another distraction for them)

9. They have been idle for 2 weeks while we have been preparing for and playing in tough meaningful games.

10. Meyer will play on the lack of respect that we will get from all the "talking heads" and OSU should come into the game full of themselves.

11. Meyer has the largest set of "stones" in College football as evidenced by the fake punt call last night. I am surprised he can walk with those stones between his legs.

12. It has been the "Year of the Gator" as evidenced by the BB winning the NC, Emmitt winning "Dancing with thw Stars" and Epstein winning the World Series MVP.

13. Meyer is undefeated when he has more than 2 weeks to prepare.

14. OSU has not faced a defense as good as ours while we have faced 5 top 25 defenses.

Nathan Moore

December 08 2006
I tend to agree with you.


December 08 2006
the #1 reason the Gators will win is because the SEC is the strongest conference in 1-A football, and OSU has NO idea (example: Michigan vs. Vandy...only 2 other teams played them closer!)


December 08 2006
First of all Hamby you have only been a gators fan for a year so don't act like you have been one your whole life lol and secondly I agree with the comment about the SEC is definitely the toughest conference by far. just look at the big ten they couldn't even fill all their bowl invites. So yes florida will win but don't act like you have been a gator fan forever.......I say this out of LOVE by the way


December 08 2006
I would also like to add that if there was a rematch between the gators and the VOLS... Rocky Top would prevail......


December 08 2006
OSU will win. that Troy Smith guy, he's kinda good.