At the Cross

October 07 2006

have you every had a time when you were really depressed and you didn't know why but then you just shut up and lay around in quiet then God just shows you some cool things. Well!!! God showed me some cool stuff! Just whenever you really need that boost God likes I am here!! I turned on the iPod and i was listening to the new Hillsong CD called "Mighty to Save" and i was listening to the 2nd song and the lyrics really got me that we have freedom in Christ and we should dance in that that we have the freedom in the one who lives!! Here are some of the words:

The world turns in all of its ways
But I'm soul set on a holy name
And when all earth is said and done
Still I will praise Him

There's no end to the love that He gives
And now broken dreams have life again
In the hope of the risen King
So let us praise Him

it really just says that when all else fails and when the world falls away that He will still be there and that i will praise Him!! Then i went to a song entitled "At the Cross" and God showed me more! the song pretty much means to me when I screw up in unmeasureable ways God there and says i know you did that and i am sad but I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

Oh Lord You’ve searched me,
You know my way;

Even when I fail You,
I know You love me.

The chorus part just talks about the cross and that the stuff I do Christ knows and that He paid for those on the Cross so I should praise Him!

At the cross I bow my knee,
Where Your blood was shed for me,

There’s no greater love than this.
You have overcome the grave,
Your glory fills the highest place,
What can separate me now?

I just wanted to share what I have been going through tonight just to get it out! To the person out there who is dealing with stuff here is something that no matter how bad you screw up THAT GOD LOVES YOU and that he paided for that so that gives you a even reason to praise his name!!

And when the earth fades,
Falls from my eyes,

And You stand before me,
I know You love me;
I know You love me.

caroline gay

October 12 2006
we were friends..? i get your little things in my "new friend entries".. hm, weird..?

Nathan Moore

November 08 2006
hey buddy, we should do lunch on a Saturday soon...