January 12 2007
Here is a post from the people @ passion i thought i would pass along to you all!!

Do Something Now!

During the days of Passion 07 over 22,000 of us banded together to make a difference throughout the world in Jesus' name. The Do Something Now Campaign was more than charity, it was our worship as we offered to God what He really loves. The results so far have exceeded our expectations...and the story has just begun!

Touch Atlanta
We wanted to Touch Atlanta by providing towels and socks to 15 area organizations assisting those in need. 13,000 towels and 31,000 pairs of socks were provided.

Help Stop Human Trafficking
Speaking up against the trade of precious people in the sex industry, 3000 signatures were gathered with Stop The Traffik to be presented to the UN with others from around the world.

Bibles To Unreached People
We wanted to send 3000 Bibles into East Asia, committing to pray for each recipient for one year. 4000 Bibles were sent. 4000 people are being prayed for!

Clean Water For Africa
We sought to sponsor the drilling of 11 wells (at a cost of 3K each) to bring clean water to African villages for life. 52 wells were sponsored + additional funds were collected for at least one more expensive well in Sudan.

Life-saving Surgeries For Kids
We hoped to sponsor 50 surgeries for children in Central/South America at a cost of $1,000 each. A donor agreed to match whatever was given at Passion 07. 124 surgeries were sponsored, bringing the total (with the matching grant) to 248 surgeries.

College For Promising Africans
20 young people were sponsored to attend college in Africa through Compassion's Leadership Development Program. Additional Compassion children were sponsored.

A Community/Student Center on a Campus In Iraq
We sought to raise money for the Freedom Center in Kurdistan of Iraq.
Over 2400 bricks were purchases for $10. (Our goal was 500!)
17 groups have committed to raise $5,000. (Our goal was 10! An additional 20K was given at Passion 07). The numbers are still growing.
200 people have committed to pray about spending a year in Iraq teaching English at The Freedom Center.
1200 committed to pray for the Kurds for one year.

The Bible For The Dela People of Indonesia
Through us, God funded the translation of the New Testament for the Dela people of Indonesia. In addition, so many gifts/pledges were made we have funded additional translations for the Rikou and Lola people of Indonesia. But there's more... we have funded the completion of three additional translations that were in mid-stream for people groups in Indonesia. We set our sights on one translation and have now completed six. Calls and requests are pouring into Oneverse with people/groups requesting additional translations to sponsor. Over $450,000 was given/pledged for translations of the New Testament!

On top of these amazing ventures, the offering for Passion's World Tour (we are trusting God for close to 4 million) taken on the last morning was $256,000... and it's still growing. Humbling. Thank you for letting us know you are with us.

God is amazing!! And in Him we can change the world together. Let's don't stop here!
If you still want to get involved, information on our Do Something Now partner organizations under Latest on the Passion Website.

PS-Who said college students were poor?