"Trust and Fear: two different componants yet so similar"

January 01 2007

"I am trusting You, to carry me the rest of the way

You alone are holy, You alone are just, You alone are worthy of all of my trust"

So many times we take things into our own hands and say we can do this on my own, or I can handle it. Instead why is our response not "I am trusting YOU my God." When things go bad and you think your the only one around we must put our faith in the one who is the only to put our faith in, Christ. The above song is a song that Wes Walters wrote and the lyrics have been so convicting for me. They say words that, to be completely honest, i cannot say at sometimes. That I am trusting You to carry me through thick and thin. I was getting prepared for some future worship things and i came upon this song and then a song entitled "Isaiah 43" this songs just pretty much says what isaiah said in the 43rd chapter of his book. That the Lord is near and that we have no need to fear becuase the Lord is there but we must zoom out and see that Christ is there.

"When you walk through the fire I will be with You

And the waves they will not overcome You

Do not fear for I have redeemed You

I have called You by name You are mine(2)"

So many times we just need to take the bold phrase. That Christ has redeemed us and that he will never leave our side. I love how the bible puts it, "Fear not, for I have redeemed You; I have summoned You by name, you are mine (v. 1b)"

What he is saying, in my oppinon, that why do we fear what things lie ahead we must put our faith in Christ and TRUST, but then we must not FEAR because he has redeemed us. Just a word of encouragement that, as scripture says, "He will not leave you, nor forsake You." - Deut. 31:6c

"I have made it oh so far

But not without You here

You have kept me for so long

So I will not fear"

                             -"I am Trusting You" (Wes Walters)

(1)=Isaiah 43


January 06 2007
Thanks so much!