June 20 2007

i think it is time for an update.

it has been like two months since i have been on here.

i kinda forgot i had one to be honest.

i'm into facebook.


i have my senior pictures in like a month

& i am pretty sure i broke my ankle.

for the third time. i am sick of this.

cheerleading. gah.


competiton cheerleading is better than high school.

way better.


peace guys.

i think the upgrade by the way!

happy birthday to me!

April 01 2007



cuz we oaklandddd & we balinnnnn.

January 19 2007

27-3. totally killin it! second in state.-ap pole!

& a happy new year

December 27 2006

christmas was good. i got a camera *that's pink* a northface jacket (pink) and an iPod nano. i was so excited! i also got a verabradley purse with a ID tag & wallet that matched. & i also bought some sweaters from abercrombie, ae & gap.

& also our basketball team is ranked FIRST! yes...FIRST! yayyy us!

happy new year!

what i am thankful for

November 23 2006

my parents.

my sister.

my papa.





these two amazing friends.

these guys.

my bio buddy.-haha great times.

my friends.

turning sixteen.

the beach.



happy thanksgiving!

soundtrack to my life

November 01 2006

 If your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be? So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc).
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press Play.
4. For every question, type the song that's playing.
5. When you go to a new question, press the Next button.
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool.
7. Don't skip songs.

---Eh, sometimes repeat artists come up.... skip it or keep it. . .whatever

Opening Credits
"Chasing Cars" Snow Patrol

Waking Up
"I'm Gonna Find Another You" John Mayer

First Day at School
"Move Along" All-American Rejects

Breaking up
"Memory"  Sugercult

"Me & U" Cassie

Life's Okay
"Upside Down" Jack Johnson

Mental Breakdown
"Swing Swing" All-American Rejects

Falling In Love
"These Days" Racal Flatts

"Route 66 John Mayer

"No Such Thing" John Mayer

Getting Back Together
"Love Song For No One" John Mayer

"Better With You" Five Times August

Birth of a Child
"Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me" Keith Urban

Final Battle
"How To Save A Life" The Fray

Death Scene
"Far Away" Nickleback

Funeral Song
"Get Up" Ciara

So Long  
"Still, Waiting, Wishing" Jack Johnson

haha so there goes 15 minutes of my life that i won't get back. haha but i had fun!


September 24 2006

we beat blackman,
we lost to franklin,
we beat siegel,
we beat franklin county,
we beat wilson central,
we lost to lincoln county,
we lost to laverene (congrats kelsey!-you looked so pretty!)
we lost to lebonon
we lost to symerna (but we almost won)

3-3 district

go patriots

we won

August 19 2006


yayyyy---2 weeks!

new schedule!!

August 16 2006

1) print media-davis
2) us history-riche (it was the only way i could work my classes out)
3) english III honors-farley
4) spanish II honors-tomlinson
5) chem honors-daniel
6) algebra II honors-simmons
& 2nd lunch!! yay!!

yay so i love my schedule now...& all the cool kids are in 2nd lunch! yay!


August 10 2006


1) print media-davis
2) spanish II-mr. t
3) english III hon-farley
4) chem hon.-ragland
5) algebra II hon-mccleanan
6) us history hon-sides

3rd lunch

yeah...my classes are pretty good...but i reall dont know anyone in my lunch


August 07 2006

my mom so bought me a full tank of gas today!

that makes me happy


July 14 2006

i just got back from
and we all made new friends
the only battle of the boro oakland & riverdale
we will really miss our seniors

oakland patirots showtime whoo whoo

i brought a disposible camera so when i use all of the pictures i will have more on there...these were from my mothers camera

...camp was awesome! we bonded so much..even though "flower power" thought they were cool and could come up to our floor and talk crap..thats all they could do..haha its pathetic..yeah but whatever...i love the girls and they aare awesome!

r.i.p ashley

July 03 2006
keep the murphy's in  your prayers


June 28 2006

so i got back from florida...i will have pictures later this week...
camp in a week in a half!

love ya


June 17 2006
i'm off to florida for a week with kelsey & hannah's friend & my familia i'll have the phone call... happy birthday chris *even if its a day late* love you

one year...

June 01 2006

so i have been on here one year and a couple of days...i am guessing that i updated the 1st day i got this..which was may 31st...

wow, i am just thinking one year ago...wow...a BUNCH of things have changed since then...wow..yeah, i am still out of cheerleading which i is making me upset to see all the stunt groups getting to very advance stunts and i am just sitting there...again...for like the 80th time...hopefully by this time next week i will be cleared...

eventful week

May 19 2006

  • found out i have a heart condition

  • got my licence!!

  • &&& got a job *i start wens. at arby;'s  

wellll i hope yall have a good week...i am soooo excited we have like 1 more day left!!

happy momma's day

May 14 2006

happy mother's day momma! iloveyou

yeah so i had to cancel my licence appointment and it is scheduled for the 25th...anyone know of a place i can get a job??
last week of school!! heck yes


April 09 2006

thanks to all of yall who left me a happy birthday comment
---and i am getting my licence in 10 days lol wow...yeah ive got pictures from my party bus & the beach

i love yall


April 01 2006
its my birthday!!