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sad day

January 22 2008

i know this may sound silly, but i am kinda sad that heath ledger passed away. i hate it when young people die. it really just breaks my heart. like my cousin and ellen... just so much life that wasn't able to be lived. i know God has a plan for taking people young but that never makes it any easier on those that loved them. i hate that for his family and friends. and lets be honest, '10 things i hate about you' was a freaking awesome movie. 


anyway, hope all is well with you remaining phusers :-) have a great night! 

Longest 20 Minutes of My Life

October 22 2007
Nathan and I just moved to Nashville on Saturday. We are getting all settled in. I am way closer to work and everything is going very well. Today I was trying to get some more stuff put away. I went down to the basement to put something away and came back upstairs and noticed little Sophia eating something. It was blue and smelled sweet. I had no idea what this was and neither did Nathan. I was dreading the worst and looked online and confirmed that fear. It was indeed rat poison. The owner must have left some and of course Sophia had to find it. I immediately took her to the vet right down the road which is only about 2 minutes away. I took her in, and the lady was on the phone. I waited patiently-- but was screaming on the inside. I pulled out the rat poison explaining she had eaten some. She told me the vet was too busy to see me. Yes. You read that right. "Too Busy" to see my dog that had ingested RAT POISON- that really bad stuff that can make your animal bleed to death. She recommened that I go to the vet down the road. Hmmmm. Whereas I appreciated her recommendation, I did NOT appreciate them not seeing my dog. This to me was ridiculous and extremely rude. Being new to Nashville, I do not know my way around very well yet. I drove about 10 minutes in the wrong direction. I was stressing out. Time seemed to be flying pass me. I finally arrived at this other vet clinic. Thankfully they saw me immediately. They indused vomiting. Poor little Sophia. She looked utterly pitiful. They gave her a shot and told me to keep an eye on her. We are back home, and she is resting and seems to be ok. I talked to my mom that works at a vet clinic back in Murfreesboro and said that it sounds like Sophia will be ok. Time felt like it was moving so fast and so slow at the same time. I was so scared. I am so thankful that I saw her eating it and was able to get care rather quickly. I can only pray that God will keep her well. I don't know what I would do without my best friend. She is so wonderful. 
Whew. I just want to curl up and rest. This afternoon has been crazy. I hope that everyone else is doing very well! I hope you have a wonderful night!  


September 14 2007
a conversation between me and nathan about sticks-n-stuff:
nathan: i never thought we would find anything at sticks-n-stuff
rachael: yeah
nathan: where else can you find a guy with a weird eye and a guy with a fish tale
rachael: he had a fish TAIL?!
nathan: a fish t-a-l-e

the art of black and white photography...

August 12 2007

or lack there of.

i think it is wonderful that we have digital cameras for everyone to have. i think it is great people can instantly take pictures. but because of the digital camera a lot of people now think that they are professional photographers because of their 6 mega pixel snap shot camera. now, i am not saying they are not good... it just seems like everyone is calling themselves a photographer now.

my husband is having this same problem in the web design field. there are more programs that just have templetes. this allows anyone to just plug their info into it and it is an instant web site. no real programming or effort involved. they advertise they can do websites for you, but the truth is, it looks amateur.

with the photography, you have these people that take pictures of something random and turn the picture black and white. they claim it is artistic and great. ok. just taking a picture of something and turning it black and white, to me, does not equal art. to me photography is way more than just editing a picture to be black and white... or having color cut outs and such. a really great photograph does not always need a lot of editing. and i understand that what is considered art is all in the eye of the beholder, but lets be real. just because you have a digital snap shot camera does not make you a professional photographer. here is a way to do black and white photography and make it beautiful, and there is a way to just take a picture and make it black and white. it is all about the actual photography and not the editing.

so that is my rant.


but on a different note, i am excited about my new job! i will be an educational assistant for a special needs child. my heart is just so full of gladness! eee! my hours are great, so i have the afternoon to really focus in on my photography. whoo hoo! my job situation is finally looking up. and my goal is getting closer!


i hope that everyone has a wonderful night!!! 

duck races and other fun goodness

August 08 2007
check out this site:http://www.game-group.com/events/current-races.php
you can find a place or organization that you wish to donate to. it is a fun way to donate to a charity of your choice. 
there is a duck race happening in chicago friday, you know you want to have a duck in it! the proceeds go to the special olympics in chicago. 
hope you have a great night!!!

a tasty little snack (almost)

August 06 2007
this is sir pinch a lot
he is my hermit crab.
sophia likes him. a lot. so much in fact....
moments after i took this she grabbed him up in her mouth. luckily he is ok. poor lil guy.   we thought it was pretty funny... that is after i screamed and realized he was ok. then i laughed. and am still laughing now.  i hope that everyone is having a great night!  

where have you gone, time?

July 25 2007
1.) today was a hard day. but after a nice refreshing cold shower, i feel alright... that and some added comfort food like mac-n-cheese and chocolate ice cream :-)
2.) i realized i am horrible at responding to emails. 
3.) i think it is funny that i am both organized and messy.
4.) old people are funny and i will miss them when i leave
5.) i am thinking i need to seriously start a to-do list....
6.) tomorrow.
7.) hello, my name is rachael, and i am a procrastinator. 

"i'm a beach, you're a beach

July 08 2007
everybody's a beach, beach"
well, friends, we are back from our vacation. it is sad. i wish i was still there. i actually started dreading going back to work on thursday. i did, in fact, have to work today. and it was not fun. 
but! our trip was. i greatly enjoyed spending time with our family. i definitely enjoyed the ocean and our lovely beach home. i had so much fun catching crabs on the beach with nathan and sarah... especially the really big ones! i enjoyed relaxing oh so much. it was more than fabulous to be away for a few days. too bad life isn't just one big fun vacation.
i think i realized just how much stress work was causing me. i have decided i need a new job (again). i have tried to have a positive attitude. i have tried to do my best. but being a CNA at a nursing home is physically and emotionally draining. and life is much too short. i need to find something. way less stressful. 
nathan and i have a new addition to our small family. ponce de leon. our lil hermit crab. he is fun. and sophia has already tried to eat him. ha.
well, that is a little update. i hope that everyone is having a wonderful night! 


July 03 2007

the beach house we are staying at 

nathan and a dolphin



the lil guy that ate my lil penguin


we are having fun!




July 01 2007
i am at the beach. at a beautiful beach house. listening to the ocean. this is great.

oh the goodness

June 30 2007
-i got to play with an iphone today. amazing.
-i leave tomorrow for vacation! 7 wonderful days away from work. 
-good night.

rockin' my socks off

June 26 2007
there is nothing better than listening to andy davis. promise. he is definitely my favorite. 
we will be leaving sunday to go on vacation. and i am incredibly excited about that!!! 7 wonderful days on the beach! i cannot wait. 
i have taken a lot of photos lately, but have yet to put them on here. if you would like to check them out they are here: http://flickr.com/photos/rachaelmoore/
alright, friends. that is all. hope you have a wonderful night!

hippo chewing on bamboo

June 03 2007
1.) my throat is sore. boo.
2.) i don't have to work this weekend! yay!
3.) Cebu! Achoo moo moo achoo moo moo
4.) i still miss charlie. 
5.) i want to go swimming. 
6.) nathan is funny. and great. and so is the new phusebox. way to go!
7.) that is all. goodnight. 

"you all, everybody"

May 23 2007

the lost season finale was tonight. and it was amazing. i don't think i can wait until next year for the next season. lost is seriously the best show on television.

however, it was not all that great... poor charlie died. he was one of my favorites. so so sad.

no more awesome drive shaft songs or funny charlie moments. so sad. so sad.

well, now that i have showed all of you what a huge loser i am, i am going to go to bed. i hope that you all have a great night!

the art of being stretched

May 09 2007

Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees.
-Karle Wilson Baker

God has been stretching me in ways i never thought possible. it seems as soon as i get slightly comfortable here comes something else to get me moving in a new direction. i keep reaching for a new stepping stone every day leading to an unknown future.

work has been incredibly challenging. it took me about a month to get down a routine for this one hall. and today they put me on a hall i have never been on. one with different patients and different needs. it was like starting new all over again. next week i take my state exam. i seriously hope i pass. i hope all this work is not in vain.

i hope all these steps i keep taking lead me somewhere soon. i don't like wandering. i want to do what i am passionate about.

well, i hope everyone is having a great day!

i think i'm turning japanese

May 05 2007

it was rainy

nathan made me dance to a stupid song

just driving along

our dinner

fun people

love sarah's face here

elizabeth is cool

this umbrella didn't keep me dry

or nathan either

a little story

April 29 2007

my cousin cindy is special. she likes to wear a helmet.

but i love her anyway.

actually we are both pretty special.

nathan is not amused.

cindy and i are so special, that we like to hang airfreshners on her husband's bike.

we are grrrrrreat!

last night was a lot of fun! my cousin and her husband are quite entertaining. she really had her helmet on in our car. and this one guy pulled up next to us and said, "she has a helmet on!" and cindy said, "it's for saftey." hahahahahahahahaha.... hahaha... ha

just a little rant

April 20 2007
lately i have become more disappointed with some of the shows i watch. like grey's anatomy for instance. the show used to be light and fun. now it is way dramatic and full of scandal. there is a ridiculous amount of married cheating men on the show and desperate women just concerned about themselves. it is turning more into a day time soap type of show. and what is even more sad is that in a way shows like this set the trend. there are women who are in love with a taken man, whether just in a relationship or married. she may see this and think "maybe i should try to pursue him", completely throwing her self-respcect right out the window. i know it is just a show... but it is still disappointing. high school girls watch that. and they are more vulnerable to accept that as reality, like happy ending romantic movies. those type of shows and movies never show the harsh reality of adultry and broken relationships... and the hardships people face in marriage or serious relationships. and no, i guess that would not make good television. but whatever, this is my rant :-). i hate that producers feel that they HAVE to put so much sex and adultry into shows to keep up the ratings. and it is sad because it is true that they have to do that. it is the way things are now. i guess i sound like one of those crazy old ladies, but i don't care....

another thing that is sad is that younger girls may look up to the characters on these shows. and that is sad because those characters, like izzie or meredith have no self-respect or concern for others. they both went after married men and think everything is great in the world. and those men obviously are dirty pigs (hahahaha like most men, right?) and have no respect for anything other than themselves.

oh but anyway... that is my rant on that.

so, phusebox friend, how are you doing?

some pictures

April 13 2007

my house

this is where is started

the living room

the kitchen

dining room

and my old room was collapsed in


April 12 2007

well... today has been a day. this year has already been one of those years. the house where i lived for 11 years is... gone. some how it caught on fire today. it is so weird. this is one of those times where i have no idea how i feel... or what to say... i walked inside... walked out and forgot everything i just saw. i feel so weird.

the house is still standing, but everything inside is pretty much gone. we (as in my parents and i... it is their house) have to go and try to salvage stuff tommorrow.

but, through this, i have seen God's faithfulness. my parents friends and church have helped them so much already. they have some new clothes and a temporary place to stay. i know without a doubt that God will provide all their needs. He kept them safe and even our animals! and all the stuff that is damaged is just stuff. yeah, it maybe some photos that can't be replaced, but we have what we need. i am thankful it was not any worse.

so... that was my day. how was yours fellow phuser? haha i hope it was wonderful!!!