New Addition to the Belle Aire Family

September 03 2005

Laura Rose Taylor
7 lbs. 7 oz.

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September 02 2005
sometimes you just don't know what to write but you want to!!! well i guess i will tell you all about my week. this week has been awesome to say the least. tuesday we were out and i got a whole lot accomplished at church that day. me and kyle mann led worship at one club. its so cool how God can use a small someone like to me to lead people to his throne. Clint did an awesome job speaking. this girl i met a year and had not talked to her in a while and i got to talk to her on tuesday. so this week has been awesome! hope you all have a great weekend and a great labor day weekend!!

Hurricane Katrina Strikes

August 30 2005
I have put more pictures of the devestation in my photo box. check them out. thanks to and for the pictures that are here of the storm!


August 29 2005
God has some awesome things to teach me and i don't want to miss it. tomorrow will begin a series of post that I think God is leading me to put on here! check back tomorrow!


August 29 2005

photo from stephen

photo from stephen

photo from stephen

photo from stephen

photo from stephen

photo from stephen

photo from stephen

photo from stephen
here are just a few of the pictures from new orleans and Hurricane Katrina



August 28 2005

photo from stephen

photo from stephen


August 26 2005
In a Past Life...
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August 26 2005
hey guys this post is for you all guitar people. when you have all your open chords what should they be!! i am supposed to take my guitar with me to the youth leadership and i can't remember those notes. if you know leave a remark asap! thanks

::edit:: got my question answered thanks!


August 22 2005
life has been going at a fast pace over the last couple of days! it just doesn't seem that it has been a year since bruce has died. on saturday it was one of those days i was like well i was doing this last year. God has really used his life to impact others. i am so thankful God let me be a small part of the dvd we are using. well today at school the good ole cell phone rang in 6th period (mrs. swan's class) and she took it up, BUT God interveaned into the situated and she gave it back to me just saying don't do it again. I guess it goes to prove that when you be nice to some of the meanest teachers it comes back to help you!! oh yea mrs. swan is really cool when you give her a chance. i mean she likes to give work but you can't fight evil with evil. even though she gives homework every night i try to be nice to her and help her and she helps me like today. so yea i juess those people who said drop her might need to re think she is tough but she has a nice side when your nice to her. so yea later-stephen

Dance and Choir

August 18 2005
so i went into this year i knew those two words words be in common with choir and everything and let me say it is pretty hillarious. for those of you who know me you might know i have no dance moves in my body! i have the rythem and all but not dance. i just kept thinking if nathan moore can get through a hour of dance class i can get through this. so yea school is ok. my 4th period is getting better God is defintly teaching me stuff through weird things. so yea thats pretty much it. later- stephen


August 16 2005
like what g-muny said siegel is way overcrowded its not evn funny


August 15 2005
yea so i just found out that Hillsong was in concert tomorrow night!! its there only concert in the us and its free!! one of the best praise and worships bands in the world is coming to nashville tomorrow night to do a concert for free! i can't believe it! well i just felt i would throw that out! later- stephen

p.s. hey i just saw brett younker joined the phusebox people!!


August 14 2005

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Sophomore Schedule!

August 11 2005
today was pretty cool! i have classes with old friends so thats pretty cool! Here is my schedule:
1st- Keyboarding- Mrs. Tensley
2nd- Geometry- Coach Hill
3rd- Spanish 1- Mrs. Craver
4th- Engilish 2- Mrs. Bream
5th- Chamber Choir- Mrs. Gregory
6th- Biology- Mrs. Swan
1st Lunch!


August 10 2005
so yea not much to talk about just having some down time @ church till things start picking up!! clint's in the zone at this point rockin out to echosflow so yea!! oh by the way their new cd is out you can go to and get it for $7.00 that is an awesome price! so yea nothng much as happened in my world for the last couple of days. so school starts tomorrow and i am looking foward to school but not looking foward to it!! so yea that's all! HAVE A BLESSED DAY -stephen

Listening to: "Phenomenon" by Tobymac

Photo From stephen

August 08 2005

photo from stephen


August 07 2005
so yea i figured that I would see how bad myspace was so i TRIED to sign up but they denied entry because i was not 16 years old!! What kind of site would put a age limit on who can join there blogs!! that a bunch of bull! so yea i think i am just content with a blogging site that doesn't require you to be a certain age. that about as bad as saying a certain color person can't get a site because they are this certain color!!! so yea! that is all -stephen


August 05 2005
As you all might now MTSU is having faith and family day this year on september 17th. they have finally realesed who is in concert and it is building 429. this is going to be an awesome concert you will not want to miss. i have seen these guys in concert and they are excellent!!!!

Paint the Town

August 04 2005
got back from new york on monday and have been busy ever since so i haven't updated!! but yea so new york was really cool. it is really hard to compare it to any other trip God really did teach me alot about getting out of my comfort zone last week. for those who haven't heard we have no ac in the school and for one night in the dorms. When we got there everyone was really happy until we got the words we did not want to hear "there is no ac in the dorms or the school" so yea if you could have seen our faces. But God really did teach us that we can last in no ac. We really did have a great time. met some awesome people on the trip. oh by the way none of the 11 of us from Belle Aire where together in the same group so that was defintly a blow. But God blew my expectations out for this week. I thought this was going to be a very boring week with painting but God let me really have a good time. I found this quote on amy's phusebox it says, "God always meets you right outside your comfort zone." and he certainly did that. i am hoping to have pictures up later today if i can find my usb cable so yea i hope all of you have a awesome day and God Bless- stephen


July 23 2005

photo from DaughterOfAKing

so off to nyc tomorrow! you can vist the proxy521 site if you would like to see how you can pray for us over the next week. pray for safety on the trip up and back. i will try to update while up there. but i don't know if i will be able to. ttul i will be back monday the 1st later- stephen