June 17 2005

Big Stuf (part 2) and plea to people who went to Big Stuf

June 16 2005
I promised quotes from Big Stuf and here they are! I have catagorized them into sessions.

Session 1: "Asking Around"

"Getting older doesn't make you a better decision maker" -Jared Herd

" Everyone wants to be happy" - J. Herd

Session 2: "Asking Around"

"Whats wise for you might not be wise for me" - J. Herd

"Follow the still voice of the wisdom of God" - Jared Herd

"In light of your past experience, are ther some invitations, opprituniteis, or relationships that you need to walk away from." - J. Herd

MAIN QUESTION: "What is the wise thing to do?"

Session 3: "Three Blind Mice"

"Students who choose wisely will make good decisions, live longer, be attractive to others, be secure financially, be prepared for the future, be sougfht after by powerful people." -Big Stuf Book

Small Groups "Session 4"
"You (The wise) will secure the benefits that God promised -Justin Vance

Session 4: "The Illusion of Life"

"Jesus is the Ty Pennington of life" -Louie

"Your happiness @ the party is proportional to the people who come to the party because of YOU" -Louie

"The world IS NOT about McDonald's and Starbucks" -Louie

Session 5: "The Illusion of God"

16, 014- People Groups
6,684- UNREACHED people groups
2.4 billions- people who don't have a chance to hear of Christ (so far)
(Joshua Project)

Session 6: "Line Dancing"

"God thought up sex" -J. Herd

"Every 15 sec. a guy thinks about sex" -J. Herd

"Are you fleeing, or are you flurting, with sexual sins?" -Big Stuf Book

Session 7: "The Best Decision Ever"
Proverbs 9:10

The fear of the Lord is wher real wisdom begins. Are you willing to recognizing Him for who He is??? -Big Stuf Book

God did a mighty thing in our youth group this week and here is something when me and someone (I think it was justin or clint) were talking and here it is.

"Our willingness to worship doesn't end when we hit the Florida border or even the Alabama border. God has called to give invitations to anyone who is listening." -Me

Tomorrow i will post some more stuff i learned from "God Blogs" and "The Next Generation Leader"

PLEA: If you took pictures and want to share them with others will you put your pictures on a cd and give them to me on sunday or wednesday. Thanks- Stephen

Big Stuf

June 16 2005
pictures from the trip are in the photo album take a look ---->

be sure to read the below post!

Big Stuf

June 16 2005
WOW! Big Stuf was awesome! i have never been to a camp that amazing. dude i got to chance to hear louie gigglio and jarred herd. guys, these men of god where AWESOME. we had some INCREDABLE worship. O yea, Nathan i did in fact drool all over the sound stuff. there technology is so amazing. i can't wait already till next year. i am going to think about some quotes from the week and i will post them later today. But in the mean time go and check out Prov. 28:26. That was the key scripture of the week. Oh how could i not forget Clint Nadeau got CALLED out by Louie on tuesday morning. They were talking about people groups and clint said one nad louie said, "who are you; i like you" and clint was about to hide. it was pretty funny. louie couldn't believe that clint was 26 years old. well i got to go i think i brought back about half the sand from panama city beach.


big stuf!

June 09 2005
so we have two days till we head off to florida for a week! it is going to awesome. after hearing louie a couple times over the internet i can't wait to hear him in person. i haven't even started getting anything for camp. so tomorrow me and mom are making a dash to walmart to get the stuff i need! i will try to update this thing if i happen to have access to a computer! later- stephen


June 07 2005
so i was bored and took a look of how many users we now have on phusebox and the number was yesterday 123 users. today it is 165 users. wow this going to be the bigger and better than xanga before long!

Oil Storm!

June 06 2005
so i am watching this movie called oil storm. i watched a bit of it last night and it is sick that people who think about these bad things would happen to the US. I also think it is a wakeup call to us as americans to get out of our bubble! if you happen to see this before 9:00 then you can turn your tv to FX (CABLE CHANNEL 70) and watch it. ENJOY!

update and photo from bee136

June 06 2005

photo from bee136

hey look its nathan's moving billboard. something new in the moore household. how much did you pay for that billboard.

so i was asked to update so i am. so nathan is off to nyc on tuesday. we are defintly going to miss him in the tech booth on wednesday. i can't remember when we didn't have nathan back there to help us along. thanks man for all the help. so pray that everything goes smoothly on wednesday night in the back!!!! ttul


June 03 2005
just got back from a going away party for the founder of this blogging system (Nathan Moore). He is heading off the NYC to help out with a organization called New Hope New York. So if was pretty fun! met some new people that was cool and all. So that is all!

Kansas City Royals

June 01 2005
Ok I know they are probably the worst team in the league at this time but watch out they could end up being the 2003 Marlins of today. The Marlins started off really bad but whenever they got Jack McKeon they became this awesome baseball team. A team that was not over 500 at all and at the basement of the NL East comes back and wins the World Series. The KC Royals fired their manager AND pitching coach. I mean fire the manager but don't fire a pitching coach what did they do. While they were at it why don't they fire the hitting coach. Becuase hitting is equal or almost the smae as pitching. I wouldn't count the Royals out YET!!!


June 01 2005
Is this the Richmond Braves or the Atlanta Braves? I have never seen so many rookies on a roster ever. Just think about it. You could easily come up with a descent team that is in their 1st or 2nd year.
1B- Adam LaRoache
2B- Pete Orr
SS- Wilson Betemit
RF- Ryan Langerhans
LF- Kelly Johnson
C- Johnny Estrada
C- Brayan Pena
P- Kyle Davies
P- Horacio Rameriez
P- Adam Bernero
P- Roman Colon
P- John Foster

Oh yea ..... DAN KOLB NEEDS TO GO!!!

now i think i will go yoddel !!!!!!!


May 31 2005
so i have got this site up and going with post and pictures and all the other stuff! i have to say there are man ways that phusebox is a whole lot better than xanga. nathan it is amazing to see how good this look and how far this has come along within a couple weeks. This is defintly a good idea! GREAT JOB!

Update on Liz

May 30 2005
Hey everyone,
I went to the hospital this afternoon to sit with Liz's family for awhile. When I arrived Chris' brother, Willie, shared great news with me. Liz had made a huge step forward!! They were able to get her off the ventilator and she was talking! I was able to go back and see her. When she saw me at the door she said, "Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" I was overwhelmed with joy to see her so alert!!! She is known on the ICU floor as the miracle woman!!! God is so great! We visited for a few minutes. I told her that everyone had been praying for her and she said to tell everyone thank you. She actually ask me how Rick Driver was doing. I had ask her to pray for him and was amazed that she would think of him after the week she has had. That is an example of what a wonderful and thoughtful person that she is. She may get to go to a regular room tomorrow and then it will be a week or so before she goes home. Please continue to pray that her body will strengthen day by day and that she will not try to do too much too soon. Pray for her boys and her husband, Chris. Thank you for your faithfulness to pray!
Kathi Hamby


May 30 2005
So I was look through this magizine bible i found in my closet and saw these facts. take a look at them. they are pretty interesting.

1) More than 40 % of teens talk to family and friends about religious matters while only 40% talk politics- National Institute of Media and the family

2) 74% of online teens use AIM! - Pew Internet & American Life Project

3) Avertising revenues @ MTV are roughly 1,000,000,000 a year. - Businessweek

4) Teens watch on average 21-22 hrs of tv a week. - American Acadamy of Pediatrics

5) 9 out of 10 top-selling video games contain violence -Children Now

6) More than 50% of teens live is houses where the TV is on during meals - Kaiser Family Foundation

7) About 2/3 (or 66%) of children's bedrooms have a TV - Children Trend Database

8) 1/3 of male seniors binge drink -CTD

There were many more but they were really lame. Hope you enjoy - Stephen

The Lord's Prayer: Glory to God (Matthew 6:13)

May 29 2005
so just got back from applebee's and listening to michael w. smith and writing this post and yoddeling. NOTE: If you don't get the yoddeling thing it is a long story that i will save for another post! so church was good today and i decided to add some tidbits to this post for all the people who slept in (NATHAN!!!!)

1. its our duty to plead w/ God in prayer - Matthew Henry

2. three things that are God's
a. Kingdom
b. power
c. glory

3. The KING is....
a. all powerful
b. all knowing
c. absolutly free
d. all wise

4. God is in control no matter what, but we must hang on to faith! - Dean

5. All power is God so why don't we rely on God- Dean

6. The glory belongs to God for FOREVER!!! - Dean

7. We should be motivated by a great God NOT a great need - Dean

8. No matter what we should pray that God would be glorified - Dean


May 29 2005
So welcome to stephen's new page! i hope all of you are having a blessed day! so i was think what could i put on this post (my 1st of many) lets see!!!! I just think i will yoddle. ttul- Stephen