March 23 2006

2 days till Mexico



March 18 2006

ok well!! its been a couple of weeks since i have posted and my life has gone from being one big train wreck to having a new cousin to being busy to here. but hey its been all good. so tonight i am home alone trying to learn some new tunes for one club and all. so yea! hope you all are having an awesome weekend! here are some new pictures of my new 'cuz!!

LATER- hambone


March 09 2006

rachel nadeau has gone into labor!

pray for clint because he's a nervous wreck!!! 



March 09 2006

rachel nadeau has gone into labor!

pray for clint because he's a nervous wreck!!! 


March 09 2006

You Are: Jason Varitek

You are the heart and soul of the Red Sox. You are willing to put you money where your mouth is when it comes to the Sox, and if needed, a little glove to the face too! You call Fenway your second home, though you would probably live in the bleachers if you could. Be proud, you are a true Red Sox fan! Congrats!


March 07 2006
dude! i was way out line on on my march 1st post i was reading over some of my stuff and regret what i have posted so i have stepped out of line and have deleted it. sorry if this offended you in anyway i am deeply sorry! -stephen


March 06 2006




March 03 2006

wow! did God show me something today at choral festival. so yea i got out of school today to work at first united for a choral thing and did God show me something. I was a choir aid which was like a person who helped a choir through the steps of choral festival and i got the joy to get to know this group from Marshall County High School. I was filling out some paperwork in the room where the group was warming up for the preformance this guy who was a senior stepped up and said this, "We have worked for this day for a couple of months and it came so give it all to God because you've done all you do let God take the raines and run with Him." WOW!!!! that was so refreshing to me that as me as a worship leader that i try my hardest to get prepared but then instead of relying on myself we just need to give it to God. Man that made my day! So yea i just had to get that out there! That is one thing that i will probably remember forever. Later- stephen


February 22 2006




Passion 06: "The Second Bundle"

February 20 2006
hey all you christian music lovers! tomorrow the 2nd bundle of songs from passion 06 comes out on itunes. Here is what is included on it:
Tomlin's Made to Worship and an acoustic version of c.hall's center! also included is louie's first talk: "Satisfaction" This all leads up to the full release of the cd on April 4th the title of the full length cd is Passion 06: "Everything Glorious" so check it out tomorrow on itunes!! -stephen

::edit:: while were on the topic of passion check this link out!


February 19 2006

WOW!!! God has really been speaking to me this weekend and i am really excited. I feel God really firming up what he has already showed me. God has really i felt calling me to lead worship and God showed me alot this weekend and the time since 3 for the son! God is really cool! so yea! later- hambone

Then sings my soul my Savior God to Thee
How great Thou art, how great Thou art


February 17 2006
according to chesley WSS practice for tomorrow has been cancelled!! THANK GOD!!!!


February 14 2006
got my drivers liscense more info to come! later- hamby


February 13 2006
nothing like a snow day!! well maybe they will cancel practice for tonight! so hope all ya'll had a great weekend! Be blessed- stephen

Student Life

February 04 2006

wow! so friday night and saturday i got to go to longhollow baptist church and went to student life and i got to spend some awesome worship time with God! It was amazing! God taught me that i think oh there will be someone else to reach out to a person but i need to step out of my shell of friends and reach out to the lonely, hurting people! so yea erwin was amazing! andcharlie hall. wow what a man of God! we did some really cool new stuff and some really good God centered stuff! Oh by the way i think i have came to the conclusion bj hunt knows everyone in the christian music industry! I got to hang out with charlie for like 2-3 minutes with bj and alex it was really cool! Charlie is such a God-centered type of guy! no wonder God shines through him when leading worship. so as i leave you here are some lyrics from the weekend!

Bring your kingdom, Joy and freedom Light to all the World
Rain down heaven's power and presence Life to all the World
- Running with Your Heart C. Hall

Christ be the center of our lives
Be the place we fix our eyes
Be the center of our Lives
- Center C. Hall

Later- hambone


January 29 2006

watz up everybody- one word to describe my weekend: WOW!!! This weekend was awesome God really showed himself to me this weekend. So yea Friday night i led worship for 3 for the son (Jr. High Disciple Now) and it was amazing. I talked to justin vance after the service and the only words that i could think of were wow and i am not worthy!! God is so cool to let me be able to do this. If you have told me a couple years ago i would be leading worship with one of the best guys around i have every met(josh vance) i would have thought you were crazy! So yea here are some pics from the weekend


this picture is courtesy of rachel meyer (soon to be moore)!!

So i leave with the lyrics of one of the songs that we sung!

Sin has lost its power

Death has lost its sting

From the grave you've risen



January 28 2006
ok so there is a little game on tuesday between these two schools and lets not let it get out of hand like it did last time!!!


January 24 2006

As I was looking for guitar chords i came upon this song and it really hit me that this song should be our cry!! Just take a minute and meditate on it!

Charlie Hall's Center (New CD is on iTunes I defintly recommend it)


Christ be the center of our lives

Be  the place we fix out eyes

Be the center of our lives

We lift our eyes to heaven

We wrap our lives around Your life

We lift our eyes to heaven to YOU!!

Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Look full in His wonderful face,

And the things of earth

Will grow strangly dim,

In the light of His glory and grace.

We wrap our lives around Your life

We lift our eyes t