January 23 2006


January 18 2006


I think this is the first SNOW day in like 2 years!!


January 16 2006

a week till my birthday!!!!  can't wait till i turn 16!


January 14 2006


Theres a guy out there who goes by the name chris tomlin and he just put out a new cd and here are the guitar chords for his new cd. These were exclusive to email subscibers only but i was like hey why don't i share these with the people of phusebox. so enjoy!

SIEGEL V. OAKLAND (sease the stupidity)

January 09 2006
ok!!! well we lost friday and everybody has acted like a bunch a spoiled little babbies both @ oakland and siegel. There are certain things that need to be taken up, but fighting at the end of the game thats stupid. i really don't give a crap whether oakland started or not, but we just need to put it behind us and look foward to the next game. Its just a silly rivelary. you might say you just go to siegel, but people come on EVERYBODY was acting like buttholes at the end of the game and this really did not need to happen. Like this thing with rebekah thats something that needs to be taken care of with administration. THERE WAS NO REASON TO GET MAD OVER SOME RIVELARY! i am a big siegel nation person but i have came to my senses and cam up with that. Let's see who else can come to their senses and see that this is just a game!!!


January 08 2006

photo from clint



January 05 2006
hey! well i am off to get our butts whooped by the basketball team that could put up a good fight against siegel's varsity!!


December 30 2005
PHUSEBOX IS BACK!!!!!! yeah!!! nathan you rock!!

Open Forum Pt. 2

December 10 2005

OK well the time has come for me to answer your questions! here we go!

Question 1: One day when I can... should I buy a PowerBook or a G5?

Answer 1: umm. interesting but i would say either or they are both really good it sort of depends what your going to use it for. this sounds like a nathan moore question! but yea if it was my oppinon powerbook!

Question 2: why do you park on a driveway & drive on a highway?

Answer 2: WELL!!! idk NEXT!!!!!

Question 3: (From Brian King) exactly how cool and awesomely amazing am i?

Answer 3: Brian King you are amazing you are the man if i ever need a good chuckle you are there! One funny thing that stands out the announcements video of you choppin the pumpkin and going to attack people with the sword (well sort of) JEHADDD!!!!

Question 4: why do you steal brian's idea?

Answer 4: the outcome of my bordem!! NEXT!!!

Question 5: if a door that is half way shut is called a-jar, why isn't a jar that's half way shut called a-door?!?!?!

Question 5: First of all, that is the most CONFUSING question i had ever read! and quit logical. and a jar can't be halfway shut! at least not to my knowledge!

Question 6: (MY FAVORITE) what do you want to do when you grow up?

Answer 6: Well! Lets see! Probably what I am doing right know (well sort of) leading people in worship! I love it! God is so awesome to let a sinner like me be able to do something like that!

Well thats it! hope you have enjoyed OPEN FORUM!!!

To end it I have a question for MAtt Beck or Nathan Moore WHERE IS SPARK????? i missed getting all the insight on the interesting stuff you talk about! SERIOUSLY!!

open forum

December 05 2005
you ask any question and i will try to answer it! just leave a comment and i will answer it when we get a big group of questions! so yea ask away!!

Prayer (Nathan Moore)

December 02 2005
hey ya'll- pray for nathan moore and his family!  some of you know that his grandad was not doing well and passed away this morning. keep the moore family in your prayers!

I'm a professional football player!! kinda of

December 01 2005

umm! well i went searching for my name on google on i found out that i am a 6'4 300 lb. lineman for texas tech. yes, he spells the same way too! so yea i'm bored so i decided to take some of my friends names and put how many things pop up on them so here we go.

Justin Vance- 1,020,000

Brian King- 30,900,000

Clint Nadeau- 106,000

Hodg-e- 6,200,000

Kayla Hale- 138,000

Our Phusebox Founding Father (Nathan Moore)- 4,370,000

B.J. Hunt- 1,820,000

ben yeargan- 862

john barron- 3,900,000

Nemanja Cavlovic- 131

Alex Lewis- 9,700,000

Garrett Haynes- 764,000

Ben Moser- 1,180,000

so yea thats all i have time for if you are couresy about your name check it out at


November 29 2005

hey everyone- well!! i am guessing its brian king's birthday today since he is back on phusebox. so yea happy birthday to him. well 6th period was interesting anyone know or have a recipe of how to make bread by hand! becuase mrs. swan decided to give everyone 3 days to make a loaf a bread worth 250 points. i strongly dislike her with a passion! for those who know me i don't like very many people. you could probably count them on one hand! but yea! My mom is starting to get ticked an all ! so yea i am really ticked right now because if you know me you know i don't cook! oh well! pray for me that i won't loose my cool with this women! see ya'll- stephen


November 28 2005
hey everyone- well my day's at belle aire working with the communications are coming to a end in the beginning of january. sort of! i will still do sunday morning and wednesday nights but thats it. Me and Chris are defintly not on bad terms at all. i have to get a paying job because gas isn't free and insurance doesn't pay for itself. I am pretty much doing what i was doing just not doing all of it. i am still going to hold the position but not doing all the extra stuff. so yea, pray that i can find a job and that God will be magnified in whatever i do! So yea! hope you all had a great day! God Bless- stephen


November 26 2005

watz up eveyone- so yea thanksgiving was good! it sounds like everyone else had a good one! so it doesn't seem like the end of november. christmas is what like 30 days! thats really cool. today we went to the flea market in nashville! i have never seen so many people. but yea got some calico cards and some sharpies for $5.00. yea, so i really have to get some things done for monday but i really don't want to do it! i hate teachers who have to be dumb enough to give homework over the break! elizabeth duncan if you did give homework i am sorry! but it really stupid when i have had family over all week! so yea tomorrow is church dean is finishing his series on the end times and the davinci code. i can't wait! so yea have a great day tomorrow! God Bless- stephen


November 25 2005
hey everyone! so yea my dad took advantage of black friday and got us a new computer. which really rocks. its not a mac but it is really cool! so yea hope everyone had a great gobbler day! have a great day everyone out there in phusebox land! later- stephen


November 20 2005
wow! so yea this is my second post for the day!! thats a first. well the two day school week is WONDERFUL! and for lunch tomorrow chris, clint, and jmo are stopping by so that will be cool! yea so i am pumped about that! no one club this week which is kinda of a bummer! church was really good tonight dean talked about the davinci code and it was really good (yea the davinci code but he is preaching against it) so yea! thats pretty much it! HAVE A GREAT WEEK AND A GREAT GOBBLER DAY!!


November 20 2005
well i didn't make all-state or mid-state! congrats to everyone who made it! there is always next year. in all honesty i really could have cared less if i made it because i can't go anyway i am going to nyc that week with the youth group! hope everyone had a great week. we lost thursday 47-19 and i scored 3. so yea thats pretty much it! later- stephen


November 17 2005
hey everyone so yea i'm in school 4th period and just haning out! got a basketball game tonight @ 6:30pm at St. Rose come on out! later- stephen