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May 29 2007


March 13 2007
So tonight i was going through some of my past entries attempting to avoid studying for my midterm tomorrow, and i realized how incredibly stupid i sound most of the time. Once i realized this, I had an overwhelming burden to apologize to any of you who have ever read any of my entries. So, sorry for putting you through that.

On another note, I haven't made an entry in forever and Nathan keeps getting onto me for not using Phusebox even though I do so here i am. I hope all of you are doing well!


October 19 2006
well, i'm doing a paper on predestination, and i want to know your opinion. go for it.

so...my "senior" trip

June 27 2006

for the past week i've been on a tour of the west with my dad and a bunch of other seniors...

senior citizens, that is. HA!

so my trip consisted of:
airplane flights,

Mormons on Temple Square in Salt Lake City,

Yellowstone National Park,

hot springs,

old faithful,

a raft ride,

a rodeo,

Zion National Forest,

elk in the parking lot of one of our hotels,

the Grand Canyon,

other animals and indians in between. and then rebekah to greet me at the airport when i got back at midnight!
(we're on a magic carpet ride)

yay for fun times with old people. it was awesome!

my future and the OC

May 18 2006
that was the stupidest OC i have ever seen...

on another note....i finished painting my room today, and i'm realizing how much my life is about to change. i've been trying to prepare myself for all of this since i found out it was going to happen, but it's still kinda wierd. graduation. selling the house. moving. marriage. college. all very close together. and as i painted over all of the notes my friends have written on my wall for the past four years, i felt like i was erasing a part of my life and starting over. which is kinda what i'm doing. i'm leaving murfreesboro, the place i've lived since i was 5, and it won't be my home anymore. i'm moving on and that's exciting, but i'm kinda scared at the same time. i guess that's to be expected though. anyway...i think i might go to bed now. i hope everyone has a good night!

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.'" Jeremiah 29:11

*i have new pictures in my photo box too!

Nathan's Birthday

February 22 2006


everyone go leave the creator of phusebox a message!

School Lunches

January 09 2006
I ate my first school lunch today! Isn't that exciting?! i've never really had the courage to go get a school lunch because i've never done it and i've always just brought a lunch from home. So, as a senior, i finally did because i wanted mashed potatoes. how exciting... i took a picture...


November 22 2005
So tonight i realized that this dog on jonathan's puzzle looks like Callie (my dog)

so i decided to make sure....

haha! isn't she cute?

I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!

So I know it's late, but this post is about Halloween

November 03 2005
so on monday night i went out with ashley, mary, amy, elizabeth,  and abigail! we went to mr. marlatt's house to trick-or-treat as well at many other places. we had bunches of fun. abigail dressed up as a pirate, amy as the baby from The Incredibles, elizabeth as some baseball girl, and me, ashley, and mary as Alvin and the Chipmunks! On saturday i went to the DBS rebel rouser and dressed up as a cat. I also carved a pumpkin for the first time ever this year! yay for me! brittany, nemanja, brian, kelly, ben, and I all went to rebekah's and i dressed up as a cat for that too. here's some pictures!


October 26 2005
yay for my brother and Rachael!


i love you both!

Bad Fad Night

October 19 2005
so we had bad fad night at church tonight and we got free milkshakes! here are some pictures!

me and wilbur!

me and kelsey!

me and rebekah!

brittany, mark, rebekah, ben, and sarah

and garrett who won first place!

my new car

October 13 2005
so this is going to be my car

photo from sarah


October 06 2005
You are Psalms
You are Psalms.

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Photo From rachael

September 24 2005
yay for Andy Davis!

photo from rachael


September 17 2005
gone to kentucky

Photo From sarah

September 11 2005

yes, nathan, this is the sad face i owed you for you being away from me on my birthday.

photo from sarah

Photo From sarah

September 11 2005

photo from sarah


September 07 2005
2 days...


September 06 2005
3 days...

new pictures

August 14 2005
a lot of you have already seen my new pictures but there are a few more than when i first added some. these pictures are long overdue from new york.

i got my hair cut tonight! thanks elizabeth! i like it a lot.

i'm not so excited about school starting tomorrow. like i'm seriously dreading it right now. grrr.


August 09 2005
i have been up for 24 hours now and i'm really tired. i feel like i'm floating. haha. goodnight or i guess good morning. whatever. last rush night for me. woohoo!

New York City

July 22 2005
off to NYC to see my brother and to paint a school! woo hoo!

Photo From sarah

July 19 2005

photo from sarah

this is my teddy graham....

Photo From sarah

July 19 2005

photo from sarah

this is me trying to imitate my teddy graham!

dance camp!

July 18 2005
so i got back from dance camp today, and we did awesome! we got the NDA team award, the technical excellence award, superior award for our home routine, superior showmanship award, and so much more! 13 of us got pink All American Nominee ribbons and 5 got chosen for the all american team! unfortunately i still can't dance too easily so i got evaluated on the slow dance that i learned and got a blue ribbon and i got an all american nominee ribbon too but i was unable to try out for that too. i was really upset that i couldn't dance the first day and wow God is soooo cool. so that night i open up my devotional and the main verse is, "You turned my lament into dancing..." and i was like WHOA! so yeah that was cool. i put up pictures from camp too so check them out!