new pictures

August 14 2005
a lot of you have already seen my new pictures but there are a few more than when i first added some. these pictures are long overdue from new york.

i got my hair cut tonight! thanks elizabeth! i like it a lot.

i'm not so excited about school starting tomorrow. like i'm seriously dreading it right now. grrr.

Rachael Moore

August 14 2005
blah school. sorry. i want to see your hair! she should cut mine! i hope you have a great day tomorrow!

Rebekah Minor

August 14 2005
i saw hunter today at marble slab...he got strawberry w/ two gumballs and a gumball in top!

Nathan Moore

August 15 2005
i like your new photos! good luck with school. ahhhh!

Nathan Garrett

August 18 2005
HAHAHA!!!!! Dude!!! awww its been sooo long!!!! Yeah im definately glad to be apart of the phusebox family!!! Its amazing!!!! im glad to see that youre still dancing and stuff!!! After all you were always my favortie dancer to watch!!! keep up the good work!!!! lata

megan hodge

August 23 2005
well gee, i love you!!!! heehee have a GREAT day!!! *

kelsey shearron

August 23 2005


August 27 2005
i LOVE sarah =) especially since she gave me a ride to the football gameee hehe