"senior" trip

June 27 2006

for the past week i've been on a tour of the west with my dad and a bunch of other seniors...

senior citizens, that is. HA!

so my trip consisted of:
airplane flights,

Mormons on Temple Square in Salt Lake City,

Yellowstone National Park,

hot springs,

old faithful,

a raft ride,

a rodeo,

Zion National Forest,

elk in the parking lot of one of our hotels,

the Grand Canyon,

other animals and indians in between. and then rebekah to greet me at the airport when i got back at midnight!
(we're on a magic carpet ride)

yay for fun times with old people. it was awesome!


June 27 2006
Glad you enjoyed your trip. That's quite amazing that there was an elk in the parking lot... so did you convert any of the Mormons to Jesus?

Hunter Barry

June 27 2006

kelsey shearron

June 27 2006
aw...sarah i miss you!! thats so awesome/halarious:-)...hey if you dont mind can you give those movies back to keato?..she hasnt seen them yet..:-) love you! -kels


June 28 2006
well i'm jelaous now:) miss you:)

John Dunahoo

June 29 2006
souinds super eventful... i think im jealous minus being with seniors...JK JK! much to learn to from past generations

Stacy Freeman

July 17 2006
hahhahahhaaa. i love sara.

kelsey shearron

July 23 2006
i miss you darlin. i think you should come home! call me or something!


September 10 2006
happy (belated) birthday! _kt

Ben Moser

September 15 2006
i know its not. i was thinking the whole time...i really wish sarah could be here to enjoy it too. in the group photo i was next to him. it was cool. he is a reallllly funny guy. he stopped for about 15-20 minutes twice just telling funny stories and jokes. it was a great night.

Garrett Haynes

October 03 2006
yeah, that was her. Short, stubby little casey. Haha she was cool though. I had since i was like six, so it was sad when she got nailed by a UPS truck = (