Bad Fad Night

October 19 2005
so we had bad fad night at church tonight and we got free milkshakes! here are some pictures!

me and wilbur!

me and kelsey!

me and rebekah!

brittany, mark, rebekah, ben, and sarah

and garrett who won first place!


October 19 2005
Dude girl your speedy quick on those photos thats an awesome pic of garrett by the way well have an awesome day Abi


October 19 2005
I think Ben should have won with that ugly Braves thing. Talk about a BAD FAD!

Nathan Moore

October 19 2005
sarah, looks like you guys had a WHOLE lot of fun! I wish I was there... "wilbur" reminds me of a 7th grade me...

Emily W.

October 20 2005
hahaha those are awesome!!

kelsey shearron

October 24 2005
WHY! i look so bad..hahah..oh well...i still hate! you sarah moore

Chris Slate,

October 25 2005

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

October 25 2005
random comment. i love 80s clothes.. you kind of look like kimmie gibbler from Full House in the first two