So I know it's late, but this post is about Halloween

November 03 2005
so on monday night i went out with ashley, mary, amy, elizabeth,  and abigail! we went to mr. marlatt's house to trick-or-treat as well at many other places. we had bunches of fun. abigail dressed up as a pirate, amy as the baby from The Incredibles, elizabeth as some baseball girl, and me, ashley, and mary as Alvin and the Chipmunks! On saturday i went to the DBS rebel rouser and dressed up as a cat. I also carved a pumpkin for the first time ever this year! yay for me! brittany, nemanja, brian, kelly, ben, and I all went to rebekah's and i dressed up as a cat for that too. here's some pictures!


November 03 2005
Sarah, you're so adorable!


November 06 2005
lol i love you sarah- you make me laugh

Aaron Massey

November 10 2005
sarah rocks in english!!!! lol..

eddie sally

November 10 2005
thanks for the birthday wish sarah. hope everythng is terrific. peace.

Nathan Garrett

November 11 2005
Dude look at that pumpkin!!! heck yeah

meredith taylor

November 15 2005
Hey! It was good talking to you today at lunch! I never see you! Anyways, i love your hair cut it is adorable and cute!!!! talk later! Meredith

kelsey shearron

November 18 2005
awww...yall are awesome...see you tomorrow