November 22 2005
So tonight i realized that this dog on jonathan's puzzle looks like Callie (my dog)

so i decided to make sure....

haha! isn't she cute?

I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!

Nick Hawkins

November 22 2005

Matt Beck

November 22 2005
that's great

Ben Moser

November 22 2005
that's hilarious


November 23 2005
omgosh that doggie in the puzzle DOES look like exactly like ur dog!! lol..

Bethany Bratcher

November 23 2005
hahaha..Callie is oopay

Rachael Moore

November 23 2005
haha that is great!

Carla Simpson

November 23 2005
aww callie! i love her!


November 23 2005
Wow... that is quite a resemblance! I love Callie!


November 23 2005
hmmm... are you sure to they are not mada puzzle watching on your dog:)

Emily W.

November 23 2005
hahaa thats awesome!!

Tyler Johnston

November 23 2005 make me laugh.


November 23 2005
thats awesome!


November 27 2005
awwww...... what kind of dog is that ? I want one :) hehe-sarah-


November 29 2005
that is great!!! HAHA <33333 Elaine

Rachael Vance

November 30 2005
hahaha! that's wonderful....i like callie..she's so cute! i hope to talk to u soon...if i ever get off work to go to church! love u! -Rachael V

kelsey shearron

December 01 2005


December 03 2005
that poor poor dog... if she only knew ;)


December 15 2005
hey, I like the way you dressed your dog the same way like the one in the puzzle. It looks cool!!!

meredith taylor

December 31 2005
Hey Sarah that is so so so cute! Awwww! Have a great Christmas break! See u at school! Meredith