1.5 Days

April 26 2006

prom and the last day of school at nardin is this friday.

party hard.

la la la

March 29 2006

mmm i love lost. you should watch it sometime. good show.

i work 5 days in a row this week. someone please shoot me now.

Happy Parade Day

March 22 2006

i love parade day in buffalo. basically... everyone gets wasted watching the st. patricks day parade. great festivity. <3 it lots.

jackdaw's pretty amazing too.

happy belated st. patrick's day!

oh. i got my hair cut too. its super cute.

4th Period FREEEE!

March 06 2006
i had the weirdest dream last night. and i got almost no sleep.

but my mommy came back home from FLA and i guess my grandma's doing a little better.

um... im tired.

rar rar rar

February 28 2006
im taking the night off.

....and im starting a countdown to spring break.


February 27 2006

so im talking to steph again?

at least for today. basically we were best friends til 8th grade and then we got in a fight and stopped talking. and during her high school years she has made some pretty fucked up mistakes and im like, whoa bitch. you stupid.

so idk.


st. patrick's day o6

February 26 2006

hahaha... it's on a friday this year. and the parade is the sunday after this year. FUCK YEAH ITS A CELEBRATION BITCHES!!!!

sorry... i get a little excited this time of year. st. paddys day is more exciting than christmas!


February 23 2006
its really kind of scary we're going off to college in like, 3 months. actually, im pretty excited. i cant wait to meet new people and join new classes and party. hmm.

my grandma's leaving the hospital soon. my mom has to fly down to florida to see her though. i have a feeling its the "i want to see all my daughters together at least once more" kind of thing.

i need a prom dress and a graduation dress. what the hell? i dont have that kind of money.  i just paid close to $1000 for my sr trip. oh well. april 28 is going to be fun fun fun.

im pretty disappointed ski club is ending in like, 2 weeks. i mean, i only got to ski with the crew bitches and my other guys friends like, 2 or 3 times. rar.

i need to get in shape for sping break. im going back to florida if i have to buy another plane ticket myself. or i'll just go to tennessee and visit you brian. ha ha.

i can show you the world...

February 21 2006
disney= love.

LG is sitting next to me. she says hi. also, she likes my planner.

basically, i have my ankles wrapped again b/c i decided to walk around the four parks in flip flops. as soon as i put them on i couldnt take them off again b/c in 5 days, i'd be back in 20 degree weather and snow. i like palm trees. and sun. buffalo should have more of that.

i met mickey. and aladdin. and a really hot french guy named henri. and jose luis from mexico. and brandon and jon who worked at mgm. i went on all the rides i wanted to. i sunned. i swam. i got a henna tattoo.  i took three cameras worth of pictures. i definetly lost some weight. AND i was on the good flight w/ no layovers and i got home at like, 330 instead of 9 like the other flight. HA.

im so tired.

room service sucked. padre and butch never got us towels but janice came through at 12:20 am! wooo!

im really hungry. i should do my economics project. havent even started that yet. and my huge english poetry paper is due monday. way to come back to reality.

on the bright side, i have 38 school days left.


February 14 2006
im not even doing something with the boy tonight. im going out to dinner w/ some single amigas.

ever hear joe peci's valentine's day song? go download it. it's amazing. trust me.

"stick your love up your fat ass."

4th period= love.

February 13 2006
so friday at ski club i made 2 new best friends. dylan and james are amazing but they made me sick (get you mind out of the gutter!) b/c we ended up skiing in 20 degree weather for 2 hours straight. i <3 them.

saturday i went shopping with ainsley and  blew like, $80 on clothes for florida. my mom bought me a bunch of stuff from AE on sunday too. whoever says shopping will never keep you happy is so obviously wrong.

i also worked all weekend. that was a blast. my creepy stalker guy came in again too. he seemed kinda pissed off i blew him off. sorry buddy. i dont like 30 year old sex offenders stalking me.

disney in three days and I AM SO EXCITED!!! please please please let it get warm againnnn. its like, 54 right now. meh.

i really should be researching my economics project right now. but i'm not. and cara got our ap english essay moved back. thank god.

i have to work again tonight. at least sarah's working with me. next year we're getting an apartment together because we're both going to UB. pretty exciting. i think i'm going to LA or savannah or SOMEWHERE other than buffalo to get my masters/phd though. i need to get out. and i want to study abroad in ireland. i need money.

spot today with the boy, crew bitches and my fiancee melissa. i need more coffee im so tired.

i still need to pack and buy food and a book for florida. brian come visit me in FLA lol.

im reading the nanny diaries. i'm obsessed with the a-list series.

ok this entry was completely pointless and obviously i'm bored so i hope you enjoyed reading this. toodles.

fucking hell.

February 09 2006

my school is so stupid. way to go nardin. way to put fucking SURF CONTROL on xanga and myspace!!! now what am i supposed to do during my frees? homework? yeah. ok.


and dammit that's the bell. way to tick me off nardin.

cannonball into the water

January 24 2006

brian and i are getting married and going to prom.

i got into 5 out of 8 colleges so far.

it's actually snowing alleluia.

ill take this ink from my arms and write your name in the sky.

January 19 2006
so i have a crush on a boy who isn't my boyfriend?

you said we were an accident youll always be my favorite one

December 17 2005

I GOT INTO COLLEGE!!!!!!!!! potsdam is a good 6 hours away from buffalo, and my parents, and these bitches i go to school with.


and, im sorry, but if you're not friends with someone, dont they at least know? i really hate fake people. and hypocrites. cus apparently the ppl i thought i knew are both.


December 08 2005
im leeeeeeeeegaaaaaaaaaaallllllll!!!!!!!!!!

just for the night

December 06 2005

myspace bitches:


whats the buzz, tell me what's happening...

December 05 2005

JCSS was amazing. i'll miss doing stage crew for nardin. some of my best memories are in the last three musicals. like dancing backstage crazily with eliza.

almost done w/ college apps. thank. god.

i'm 18 on thursdayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!