February 06 2006

   Whew. The Superbowl party was fun. I dint actually watch it though. There were lots of people in my house that are my husbands friends who reeeally like football. It is commendable, but not my style. Once my musician friends got there I felt much better.

   I am trying to whip up some new tunes for the band and I am feeling good about what we are doing.

   I am also trying to shape up a little. I have been walking more, eating really healthy, and not eating 3 hours before bed. I have always been this size, but if I couls slim up a little I would be thrilled. And I can't help but think that I should be slim so that I wont cringe in my artist pics as well as live shows.


February 02 2006

Sickening, huh?

Bo and I are having a Superbowl party on Sunday and I am super siked. I finally coaxed him into actually hanging pictures on the wall. There are several original paintings from family members and I just finished a painting of the two of us for his wedding present. People are REALLY hard to paint. I usually stick to landscapes and plants...that sort of thing.

  I have been reading a really neat mystery series written by Patricia Cornwell and I get easily scared. Well, I am on book 3 and I read while I am at work. At my work I am the receptionist and all of the other people in the office reside upstairs. I basically ward off any crazy looking people and artists that they aren't interested in.

   Yesterday I was happily reading when a tall skinny black man walks in and heads straight for the candy dish. He wouldnt tell me why he was there. He said that he wanted only to talk to me. ACK! He had to have been on drugs because I couldnt understand anything that he said and he kept asking me to lunch. Needless to say, he finally went away saying that he would come back. I locked the door and freaked the rest of the day.

   My boss doesnt care if I have the doors locked. He wants me to feel safe. This guy who named himself as Eric, was the second random non-music person to walk in yesterday. He was missing three fingers on his right hand.

Couldnt help myself: SURVEY

January 24 2006

The Best Survey

* . . About You . . *

Eye Color::
Blue, with an amber ring near the center

Hair Color::


Favorite Color::

Screen Name::

Favorite Band::

Me. Does that count?

Favorite Movie::
When Harry Met Sally

Favorite Show::


Your Car::
'86 Diesel Mercedes Benz. black, of course

Your Hometown::

Bowling Green, KY.

Your Present Town::

Nashville, TN.

Your Crushes First Name::


Your Grade::

out if school, but still learning

Your Style::

Classy and sassy.

* . . Have You Ever . . *

Sat on your rooftop?:

On Sharon's ;)

Kissed someone in the rain?:


Danced in a public place?:


Smiled for no reason?:


Laughed so hard you cried?:


Peed your pants after age 8?:


Written a song?:

Ha. Yep.

Sang to someone for no reason?:

Yes. I love to surprise.

Performed on a stage?:

A couple of weeks ago.

Talked to someone you don't know?:

There are no strangers- just people I havent met yet.

Gone out of your way to befriend someone?:

Yes, but I can be pretty selfish sometimes and not be aware.

Made out in a theatre?:

Yes, sir.

Gone roller skating since 8th grade?:

Yeah, I am a real champ.

Been in love?:

Yes <3

* . . Who was the last person to . . *

Say HI to you?:

Some guy walking his dog down the sidewalk.

Tell you, I love you?:


Kiss you?:


Hug you?:

Yep, Bo.

Tell you BYE?:

I bet that you can guess.

Write you a note?:

My boss. Does that count?

Take your photo?:

A photographer at the Mercy Lounge show.

Call your cell phone?:


Buy you something?:


Go with you to the movies?:

Morgan Boaz Reynolds III

Sing to you?:

Tommy. He is my old buddy from camp. He has been trying his band at songwriting.

Write a poem about you?:

Whoah. Prolly never. Bo writes the sweetest cards though.

Text message you?:


Touch you?:


* . . What's the last . . *

Time you laughed?:

at lunch. We all ate pizza!

Time you cried?:

Have you seen "What If" on ABC FAmily?.....i cried a bucket.

Movie you watched?:

see above

Joke you told?:

I dont remember.

Song you've sang?:

like 2 minutes ago.

Time you've looked at the clock?:

just now...thanks.

Drink you've had?:

10 minutes ago. Oh....do you mean a drink drink? This weekend.

Number you've dialed?:

An office in LA.

Book you've read?:

Patricia Cornwell's "Postmortem".

Food you've eaten?:


Flavor of gum chewed?:

I dont chew gum.

Shoes you've worn?:

Walking shoes.

Store you've been in?:

Pizza Perfect.

Thing you've said?:

I answered the phone at work.

* . . Can You . . *

Write with both hands?:

Sure. and upside down too.


Nope  ;(

Blow a bubble?:


Roll your tounge in a circle?:


Cross your eyes?:

Yes, but I dont

Touch your tounge to your nose?:



I think so.


Not on purpose

Stay up a whole night without sleep?:

Not really.

Speak a different language?:

I can read them phonetically.

Impersonate someone?:


Prank call people?:

No, I dont like to care people.

Make a card pyramid?:


Cook anything?:


* . . Finish The Line . . *

If i were a ...:
bird i would fly far, far away.

I wish ...:
that people didnt hurt.

So many people don't know that ...:
they can achieve whatever they put their mind to.

I am ...:
a DIVA!!! 

My heart is ...:

Breaking news...

January 24 2006

My husband bought a 50 inch Toshiba plasma. It is gonna be on our wall very soon. I think that my life will never be the same.

We moved the "old" TV to the bedroom and it looks huge compared to what we had in there. Ah, life's big pleasures.

Only Tuesday?

Starting from scratch

January 19 2006

   Re-building my band is turning out to be really easy. Maybe I am speaking too soon, but everyone I have talked to has been really siked about playing for me. It is hard to find good people who aren't too busy though. The really good ones can't commit to playing with you because they are too busy. Hopefully Pablo will work out! He is so talented and professional. There is a percussionist that I asked to play, but he broke his foot. Stephen?...he went to MTSU. Blonde dude. Kinda short, I think.

   The funny thing is that I am stressing out just thinking about what our first practice might be like! I had a dream the other night that 3 snakes bit me 5 times on the same arm. Does that mean anything?.....

GRammy Nominee Party

January 18 2006

I went to a party last night at Lowe's Vanderbilt Hotel. I saw Keith Urban there ladies.....he was just as hot in person. One of my old favorites was there too. SAm Bush. He is a phenominal mandoline player and I was really nervous about talking to him, but he was really nice. We grew up in the same place and he asked me if I was realted to a "Jane Pearl"....why, "Why, yes I am...."

Fun night. Free food. Treva, Brittany, and I watched our boys get tipsy at the bars situated around the room....it was free for the taking, so they took advantage, of course.

Sorry, Carla. I had today off too....


January 17 2006

I have a new jazz pianist. Pablo. That is very exciting. We have a lot of common goals and he is so talented. Next I need a new upright bass player cause Robert is too committed to another band. Grrrr. He warned me about it, so I can't be too upset about it. We had put a lot of work into it though.

I have some great ideas that I can't wait to put to work. I am trying to finish up a variation of 12 bar blues that is really jazzy! "Pins and Needles"...just wait.

New Project!

January 12 2006

Well, there wasn't a call from the major label guy, but I have not lost heart. It would be obscene if I got signed for my first audition for something like that.

I am having a listening night for a new project that I am starting. The main man in charge, I will just leave his name out, has written quite a catalog and I am anxious to hear what he has. They gave me one CD of his work that had a wide variety of genres on it. Since I do jazz, I was naturally drawn to that. The examples that I have heard so far are latin jazz numbers that scream the 70's. I could surely fit a couple of those on my new CD! There have been traces of the 70's in a few new releases, so I think it would be safe to integrate it into my songs.

The biggest influences for my new recordings are Feist and Madeleine Peyroux.

Basically, I will be making some new fab recordings, and this guy will pitch me to some labels. If I get signed, he gets paid. I am excited!


January 09 2006

I auditioned at a major label on Friday.

I am trying not to expect much, as they have only country artists, but it would be such a neat thing to happen. Wouldn't it?

Waiting for the call....

back to work.

January 03 2006

It was really surreal driving back to wrk this morning. I felt like I had the whole day to myself and I had to stop making cool plans, so that I could get to work. Bummer. Who am I kidding anyway?...I was getting really tired of sitting at home by myself.

Happy New Year!


December 16 2005

I've been having a great time being married and working hard on my music. There has been a new development in my music career, but we are in the beginning stages, so anything can happen. Hopefully we will be starting with the new project in January.

I am knitting all of my Christmas presents, and boy are my hands tired! They are turning out well though.

I am always putting new songs up on my Myspace site if you like jazz. Check it: www.myspace.com/rachelpearl

Happy Christmas!!!

i'll write a song about it

June 23 2005
i am writing a song about the post below.
last night a neighbor came knocking on our door asking for help. her two children had clogged the toilet in the bathroom and were playing in the overflowing water. she needed for us to watch them while she cleaned it up.
she kept telling us that we should enjoy our time together now because it wasnt always going to be like that. GRRRR!!

Why should the bottom fall out?

June 11 2005
You know, when you first get married everyone says how cute you look and they make this face that screams, "Just wait until that wears off." And then they actually utter something like, "It won't always be that way...." But why not?
You read about how beautiful the union of marriage is, but it is so neat to actually live it! God has surely put us together, because together I feel like a whole person.
I am forgetful and very fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl and Bo is sensible and organized. I honestly don't know how I have made it this far without him. Well, God. I help him to let go and enjoy himself and he are each others helpers. Plus the other obvious perks of being married are really fun.
Bo says that we are going to break the mold. We are always going to be the giddy, kissing in the corner couple that really loves each other. We are called to be ministers through our marriage also.
So, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

**also an answered prayer! Bug Music has asked me to work full time now and I can quit my other job. there will be a big pay decrease, but i will be able to spend more time with Bo and book some more jazz shows. **

God is Good. All the time.

oh, yeah...i saw someone driving down 840 this morning the WRONG way! it tore me up.
i watched them painfully for a mile and they were too far away to warn or help. i actually drew a breath of relief when they pulled into the grass in the middle. they could have killed themselves!

listen to MY music...IF you want

June 04 2005


^^^That is the link.

Photo From RachelReynolds

June 04 2005

photo from RachelReynolds

I love this picture.

Robbed of Saturdays

June 04 2005
I always work 12:30-10:00pm at the book company and it really stinks. I dont get Saturdays. That whole day just skips over me.
Can you believe that it is going to be 88 degrees today?
Last night I took my mother (who lives in England) over to my grandmothers house to stay for a couple of weeks. We also brought my new mother-in-law and my husband. We had a good time eating dinner and looking through the treasures that mom has been collecting in England for us.
Boaz and I also made out with a new kitchen table and some planters for some flowers outside. All right!


June 03 2005
My husband is off today and is probably still in bed. Bless him. My mother flew in from England on Wednesday and caught my show. We have had a great time catching up and talking about married life.
I took her to work with me too. She is talking wth my boss about the music business while I am sorting through archives. I have a fun job.
What are you doing today?...

first blog!

June 02 2005
all right...i love these things.
let's be buddies.
i just got married and life is great.
you never know what will happen next.