December 12 2005

dOnT yOo jUst AbSolUteLy lOVE hOw tEaChERs tAke uP aLl yOoR tIme by gIVinG yOo lOaDs oF wOrK?!?



December 07 2005

HeY DaRliNs?!! WhAts Up? hmm havent updated in a little while soo just thought i would..i HoPe EvERyONe is having a GreAT week..i LOvE yOO..thanks to AlL ThE pPl who GaVe me RemArkS..MuAh HuGs..


      PaNcAkEs! aka MyA


November 29 2005

awww HeY bAbi CakES...

ahhh sooo sorry i havent updated in like a WhilE lOl its JuSt iVe bEen PreTty bUsY..with scHoOl and SurGerY! YIkEs! lOl but iM all GooD noW soo Yeah jUsT upDAtINg i loVe yOO all soo VErY muCH t2yl..thanks tooo EvERyonE who lEfT reMarkS...YOur THe bESt



November 04 2005

HeY kidDoS!

O-M-G...tonight was some CrAZy fun!!!! Ahhh i just lOVed it! woooo hooo... lucus..haha HilARiOUs..and Kevin..n Wesley..Aj..LAuReN..JeSs..LinDS(a course) amyJAY..JOdYbiRd..GabS..KylEr..MichAel..TiFfanY..but not not not NOT NOT NOT jerEmY!!!!!!! uhh i strongly dislike that kid with a PaSsION! urg...but besides that my day was Oh So totallY aWesOMe! hehe i hope you kids a had GREAT night too..if not ill pray that tomorrow you do..but anyways gOts to Gos..hehe *Muah=hugs*

<33Myanism..haha thats a new religion..according to WesLey..haha Bebi!


October 22 2005


Everyone have a FANtastic weekend!! LovE yOu!



October 20 2005

A funny for today:

there were three guys named: poop, manners, and shut up. they were all riding horses when poop fell. so manners stopped and helped him. well shut up just kept on going and the police stopped him and asked for his name? so he replied: "shut up" the police were ashamed of his behavior so he asked where were his manners? then shut up said: "back there pickin up poop"

 brought to you by: MyaboO * linds told me*


October 19 2005


Isnt this funny???



October 15 2005

OmGoodness... Ok so we had our homecoming stuff yesterday.. it was pig out/festival day, homecoming game, and after party!!! and let me say i had a BlasT!!!! I dont think ive had this much fun in ForeveR!!!! Wow it was O so TotaLy awesome!!!!! Well anyways i hope everyones day yesterday and today was GreAt! ill write laters.. isnt phusebox awesomer now!?



October 10 2005
HeY BeAuTiFuLs!
WeLl fall break was GREAT..i didnt really go anywhere but it was GREAT! haha lol tanners party was fun fun! lOl..well comming back to skool was good to cuz it was a gReAt day at skool..lOl..ahhahaha everyone is HilariouS! hA..n then later on today playground..hahah jacob..OrEo..he likes you..hahah lol well t2yl kiddos..muah hugs n kisses..i love you like WoaH!


October 06 2005
A fifth grade teacher in a Christian school asked her class to look at
TV commercials and see if they could use them in some way to communicate ideas
about God.

Here are some of the results:

God is like...
He works miracles.

God is like...
He's got a better idea.

God is like...< /I>
He's the real thing.

(This is great)

God is like...
He cares enough to send His very best.

God is like...
He gets the stains out that others leave behind.

God is like...
He brings good things to life.

God is like...
He has everything.

God is like...
You can't see him, but you know He's there.

God is like...
He's ready when you are.

God is like...
You're in good hands with Him.

God is like...
VO-5 Hair Spray
He holds through all kinds of weather.

God is like...
Aren't you glad you have Him? Don't you wish everybody did?

God is like...
Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor ice will keep Him from His

QuotE fOr tHe DaY: people say that your going the wrong way when its simply a way of your own..


October 01 2005
Ok sry bout that post i was bored..hmm lets
see...O FaLl BrEaK! yayayayay! Ok lol well yesterday was fun! Like about 5:40 or so linds, lauren, jamie, jenn, and me went to the playground and watched AlOt of guys playin some football..woo! lol then later on that night me, jamie, linds,lauren went to the movies n saw flightplan and then went to sonic..the movie was good..well i hope that you all have an awesome week! i luve you kiddos! Hehe MuaH


September 29 2005
what a bunch of farts?!?!!


September 27 2005
HeY hEy KidS!?!
How WaS yOuR dAy ToDaY??? Today was GreaT! I love skool.. :) ahh its lOvElY
ThAnkS sooo much for those remarks..you all are the best!
OmGoOdnEsS! dO yOu gUyS kNow wHo is AwEsOme....well gUeSS...ok come on..... ok well Its LINdS..wow that CHIcK is HilAriOus! She came Over today and let me tell you..sHes CrAzAy! lOl..bUt AwEsOme!
THE NILE RIVER! hahahahahah lMBO
K well thats bout it!! tehe..love you kiddos!! MuAh
o did you know?? : last wednesday was national elephant day!

This World

September 22 2005
I just don’t get it..I don’t understand..y? Y are are ppl so cruel?!? Is it because no one has anything better to talk about?!? I mean we all could just be so happy if ppl didn’t say hurtful things. Y is it that ppl make fun of others?!? Is there a reason? Should there be this much hatred or cruelty in the world? It doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t make us feel better…so I ask y?!?

I love you kiddos.. MuAh


September 18 2005
HeY kIdS! like my new sunglasses?!?!? i sure do..they may look gay but i like em..hehe lol..welp lets see we beat LaVergne! hahah yep goo RHS..we RoCk! nyways skool is just AwEsOmE..today was fun well thats bout it..hope you kids have fun fun fun this week! ilovelovelove you! bye bye


September 02 2005
GrEaT nIgHt!!!
omg i just lOvEd it!!! It was FaNtAsTiC..pretty sure we beat BlAcKmAn 63-0 wow! lol..umm all i can say is Go WoRrIoRs!!! lOl..well umm oo i got to meet someone tonight..hah TaNnEr n DrEw..hehe lOl..there really cool n sweet...but yeah well guess thats all hope you kids had fun! hehe t2yl bye bye


August 19 2005
OMG guess what guys??? Im an Aunt!!! awww to a nephew named: Parker Drew he is 8 pounds 7 ounces..he is sooooooo AdOrAbLe! Aww well nyways skool has started now..and let me tell you something..i love love love love love it!!! OMG although i have no classes with jenn or linds...but i have lunch with jenn soo that is good..and me n linds still talk soo that is good too..but umm just thot id update ill write more later..plz leave lots of remarks!! love you all! bye bye

*A PrOuD AuNt* mya

One Big Pile Of pOOp!

August 08 2005
LiFe is hOrrible right now..y do we have to die? its soo sad to have someone you love pass away.. whether its a friend..pet..or family member..i rly need to keep happy right now so if you could leave me some nice remarks..thanks alot..i would appriciate it very much.i love love love you all!! muah


August 01 2005
HeY kIddOs!! hows everyone??? hehe =) hmm lets see last night jenn came over and spent the night and then this morning we went to the mall and applebees and then timmy came and picked us up..lol.. once we came home we mowed my backyard..hah..n then got all wet!! =) we took *sum* pics soo if you wanna look gooo ahead..lOl..well ill write later..just updating..hehe ilu kids!! tanks soo much for the remarks! bye
MuAh lOve lOve

photo from RhScHiCk096


July 28 2005
wOw u guys rly suck at remarks..uhh lOl..jk i know im not that important to waste ur valueable time..k well nyways umm yesterday went to the mall..spent 5 hours there..got sum stuff lOl..applebees..n then omg these guys were like following me linds n jenn round the mall like everywhere we went! lOl..n more stuff but its not that important so yeah..lOl but just bored..thot id update..thanks for the 3 remarks..lOl..if you have time plz leave more! lol..write later..bye bye
MuAh lOve lOve