July 22 2006

wow..been a while since i have written in here..

Gosh..a lot has happened..first off

Birthday in 6 days...

ehh, everything is messed up right now, and i don't want to go into detail about on here..if you really really really must know about it..call me or something.



February 19 2006

 A lot of things have changed since the new year...im not sure about a lot of them however...i do enjoy getting to go out with friends more often. This morning my mom was talking to me while on the way to church, and she was like "Now, you're almost 17, and i've been letting you do anything you've wanted, as long as it's not illegal, and i really believe you have learned a whole lot since this time last year"..

Basically, what i think she is trying to say that i've grown up a whole lot, and if you really know me, and see me on a regular basis..i think you might agree...I know what is right and wrong, i know what is expected of me, i've become finacially stable, grown in faith, and in wisdom, and a little soft spoken...i've also realized that im a perfectionist..LIKE MAJOR!..everything has to be neat and straight, and im also really sensitive..What can i say..Im a girl!...I cry over stupid shit.

umm..Change is really happening in me..and i can see that..a lot!

Class of 2007

February 04 2006

so..i have a sprained ankle...with a slight fracture

ok, why would i be the one to get hurt at Warrior Hysteria?!?..me..the only one to like ever get hurt!..

ahh anyways..

The Juniors beat the Seniors in the pep-rally today..and if you go to Riverdale, you know that is a very big thing, because the Seniors always win the last pep-rally of the year....but NOT THIS YEAR!  '07 Baby!

you say, it's because of my age girl, but age ain't nothin' but a number<3

Reflection of Branches

Here lie the puddles of my tribulations....


January 29 2006

interesting...very interesting...things are confusing for me...very confusing..


& i long for perfection in this malevolent conformation..

i may be a perfectionist, but that does not mean that im perfect.


but i have a bad grade in Algebra, but im in Mu Alpha Theta..wtf?..


PROM = APRIL 28th....Mid-night in Paris..going to be fun!!!! i got a boy, he's 19..very hot!


and i sit here, wondering what will i do next?..what's my divine destiny?

and...my little sister is fuckin awesome!


everyone please pray for Mrs. Askew(John Rich's sister..you know, from Big & Rich), she is a marketing teacher at Riverdale, she is going through a divorce as of Monday, and she found out yesterday she lost the baby she was carrying...so everyone keep her thoughts in your prayers..im sure she would really appreciate it..thanks.


January 26 2006

umm..i need a life...i work too much!..

31.5 hrs as a high school student = too much!

but i like it ::big smile:: ahh.......

prom = april 28th, im going with a co-worker


December 30 2005

ahhh..OMG! i think i've found a good one!

His name is Joe, he's 20...he's so cool though..verrry funny, and has a wonderful personality!

ahhh..niiice..bout time


November 12 2005

things could be better..buuut..i do love him...

i want respect...

Need advice!!

September 29 2005
What do you do when someone who you thought was one of your good friends goes around school, telling everyone:

"oh i made this couple(matt and I) that have been going out for like a year break up today...because i kissed her boyfriend in front of her and she paid me 5 dollars to kiss her"..

NO NO NO NO!! that's all a LIE!

Matt and I are SEPERATED(we have been for about a week now)...she didn't break us up! yes i got extrememly mad at him for going to hang out with her for some period of time..(b/c i know the reputation of that girl..she's the school whore, who sleeps with every guy she comes in contact with)..and it's not that i don't trust him..i don't trust her!..

And Matt didn't kiss her in front of me!..yes, she kissed me...(like it was a dare thing, and it was just a pop-kiss thing..no tongue)..but i didn't pay her! that's effin gay....

i just really need a bunch of advice on what i should do..im so lost?!?..

He says he loves me...but i don't know anymore..im so confused it's unreal!

please help me....


screw her

September 21 2005
im now a sexually active slut...that's what she says anyways...

urgh..i just don't understand...she makes me so mad..ok, she is supposed to be a parent and a good example right?..how is she a good example when everytime her son gets in trouble or something, she blames me and says im a whore, hoe, slut, skank, a bitch, im just some girl who just wants sex, he's gonna get me pregnant and mess up his whole life?

excuse me..but first off..it takes two bitch...that's all i have to say about that part..

Second-i've never had sex, and won't til i get married......Now, how can you get pregnant if you don't have sex?..kinna hard...

Whatever...i hate her..and i have never hated anyone

Do you know how many times she has made me cry, because i feel worthless, and like im nothing, and im being disrespted?......


countless nights, i have cried myself to sleep..and gotten so sick over her..i don't know what's her problem....my parents don't call him nasty...



September 13 2005
Just felt like using a big word for once..


Just wake me up when september ends.....
here comes the rain again, falling from the stars, drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are....as my memory rest, but never forgets what i lost...
IFyou know me..you know that the first of September i was faced with the biggest decision of my life..and i still haven't made a choice yet..i can't live without one of them..it's so hard..

Lifes complicated..what can i say?..

Im glad i have a new friend..His name is Alex, he's 19, and he has the prettiest eyes ever, and short brown hair, he's about 6'1", and he goes to MTSU...I'm so happy that i have him as a friend..we've had some interesting conversations the past week..
I truly love him

funny as hell!!!

August 29 2005
Dear the new freshman class
Stay out of our way
or we'll kick your ass
Dont crowd our halls
to hug your friends
in the lunch line
Stay at the end
We've been here at least a year
maybe 2 or 3
to think you have respect in this school
you must be kidding me
Dont think your big bad and tough
if you mess with an upperclassmen
they'll mess you up
Dont think your cool
cause your in high school now
because no one likes you yet
just wait a while

When your a sophmore
you will know how we feel
to get a new class try to fit in every year
is simply unreal
So heres to the girls of 2009
keep your shirts on
and your clothes buttoned up high
your reputation will be ruined
and the older girls can kill you
And heres to the boys of the new freshman class
Most senior girls see you as yesterdays trash
they dont care about boys

who could be there brother
so just give it up now before you mess up in front of others.
Now you've heard what you need to know
Freshman year will come and go
Enjoy it now while its here
And then your chance will come to hate the freshman next year

Ahh..we play BLACKMAN Friday!

Pretty sure, we beat the shit outta the OHIO team..who i might remind you are ranked above us in the nation!..mm yea..good game though..they are a pretty good team..

NO school tomorrow..

driving my daddy to Tullahoma to an eye appointment..boo!..hah


Lovin' that number 73!


August 19 2005
Pretty sure we play SIEGAL TONIGHT!


Im doing so much better..thanks everyone for praying for me!

I may not go down in history
I just want someone to remember me

But if I will love then I will find
That I have touched another life
And that's something
Something worth leaving behind

I'll probably never dream a dream
and watch it turn to gold
I know I'll never lose my life
to save another soul


Ranked number 3 in the nation...and most likely to win state again

Lovin' that number 73!

Very depressed

August 06 2005
I have realized how much he means to me, he's my everything and i don't think these feelings will ever go away..never. And yet, I don't want these feelings to go away, never. These are feelings i can deal with, and i love them..just like i love him.

No matter what happens in my life..he will always be my number one Love of my life..never will that change. I would absolutly love to spend the rest of my life with him..oh yes i would..

I love him dearly

I love him so much, this will just take some time to heal, and i know eventually it will be the same..

but, i love him

Woah My My
I'll see you on the other side
If I make it
And it might be a long hard ride
But I'm gonna take it
Sometimes it seems I don't have a prayer
Let the weather take me anywhere
But I know I wanna go
Where the streets are gold
Cause you'll be there

*i miss him*

July 30 2005
I miss him so much!..

Got my license, i already have my car, so now i drive..my first drive was to Sonic last night at 10..:-)

I just saw him yesterday, and he did get to tell me happy birthday..but i miss him...so much.

Birthday was yesterday..very nice..the only thing that could, and would have made it better would have been if Matt could come..:-(

I love him

Birthday Wishes!

July 26 2005

Thanks so much for the comments..ehh?


Only 3 days left til my 16th birthday..oh yea!

And tomorrow i start band camp..oh yea..it's gonna rock..like woah!..Mmm..i get to see Matty..fantastic!

Have a wonderful day


ps. Party at my house Friday!..
Call if you want to come..you should know the number..haha..cell phone though


July 21 2005
Hey guys..been a while..well today is the 21st, that means only 8 more days til my 16th birthday!..so excited

Lifes fucked up right now!.. My parents hate Matt, yet, i love him..Why can't they see my side of this whole thing..mm don't think they can...He's my world and im NOT letting anyone else come between that..never..

well, my bestest friend Morgan is coming over tonight to celebrate my birthday a little early, b/c she won't be here on my actual birthday, she will also miss my party..sad i guess..

I have major plans on my birthday..besides the dreaded band camp..oh well..hopefully i can send it mostly sneaking around and spending it with Matt..mm yea..sounds good..well

Have a good day love,


i love him...

July 15 2005
Hey guys..thanks for the comments..


Only 14 days left til my 16th birthday..so you better get me somethin good!

Only 10 days left til freshman camp, and 12 days til 3-day camp!..I can't wait to see my friends..and hopefully my boyfriend too..b/c he might have football camp!..oh i love him

im not having a very good week..at all. I miss my baby so much, it's killing me.

I love him so much!..here is a poem that he sent me, it's so sweet!

Your first smile
took my breath away
made everything worth while
each and every day

I can't control
that your the one
or that you make my soul
shine like the sun

if we last
and never fight
forget the past
And find the light

I'll close my lips
so i never lie
I'll give you a kiss
and try not to cry

your love is full of grace
and very true
there's a smile on my face
as long as I'm with you

that way you walk
with such style
the way you talk
always with a smile

nothings wrong
when I'm with you
i belong
and this IS true


So yea..nothing much has happened lately..My baby turned 18!!!..im so happy for him..not much longer til we go back to school..and im excited..imma be a Junior!!..and i can't wait til i can see my baby again! and talk to him again..i miss him so much!

Happy Birthday!!!

July 08 2005
so today is my baby's 18th birthday!..

mine is in 21 days..i will be 16!..heck yes!..

and yet, band camp is edging closer..with only 19 more days til 3 day camp, and 17 til Freshman camp!..not too far away..

Sunday i leave for Kentucky..i will be back on Tuesday..short but satisfying vacation..

i lovelovelove you


so i don't know anyone..so what?

June 28 2005

well i randomly went around asking random people to be my friend..i'd just like to make new friends thats all..

Well Matt is still in Florida til about Friday..

Only 1 month and a day til my 16th birthday..

Only 10 more days til Matt's 18th birthday..

here are just some more random things about me

1.im in love with the most wonderful guy in the world.
2.Matt is the first person i ever let get close to me.
3.its only been a year since my grandpa died.
4.and im still hurting.
5.i miss playing softball already.
6. i ride my bike everyday for about 4 miles
7.i don't want to go to college.
8.i want to be a pediatrician
9.i still have something Katie Sanders gave me in 7th grade
10.i want to get married..soon.
11.when im alone i tend to get depressed.
12.i miss matt..a lot
13.i just got a new cd.
14.i love my black flip-flops from Old Navy
15.i don't think i want to leave high school.
16.it scares me to think im becoming independent, but yet, it doesn't.
17.i don't have a job.
18.my life is fully based on my happiness..not the happiness of anyone else.
19.i've never been cheated on.
20.but, i've never cheated on anyone either.
21.i want to move out..soon.
22.i want to live with Matt.
23.i want to parachute..but you have to be 18.
24.i've never smoked anything in my life.
25.after my grandpa died from smoking, i swore i would never do that.
26.i have a bunch of Justin Timberlake and Josh Harnett pictues all over my walls.
27.Matt's picture and our first date movie ticket is on my touch-lamp.
28.i kiss his picture and tell him i love him everynight.
29.i can no longer play softball
30.The Amityville Horror actually scared me..so bad.
31.my room is dark blue.
32.i have two beds in my room, with double-windows and roof outside my windows.
33.i don't wear earrings a lot.
34.my favorite sport to watch is football.
35.Riverdale football kicks ass.
36.the band isn't so hot..
37.but we have a lot of fun.
38.band camp is actually pretty cool, if you think about it.
39.i don't want a big wedding.
40.matt is my first true love.
41.and hopefully my last.
42.i love him...a lot
43.i used to want to work for NASA..lol
44. now i want to work for Vanderbilt Hospital.
45.i love to watch disney shows.
46.my favorite is Lizzie McGuire
47. i don't miss Cason Lane.
48.I miss the people though.
49.I miss all the friends i had that go to OHS now, that never talk to me..
50.Katie Sanders was the first friend i made at Central.
51.i met my best friend Morgan on a softball team.
52.next summer, we are goin cross-country for vacation.
53.up until last summer, i hadn't seen my aunt in almost 10 years.
54. she had lived out of the country for 20 or so.
55.She just moved to Utah Monday.
56.She came form Japan.
57.Her daughter can speak 5 languages.....and she's only 5.
58.Fall is my favorite season because of the colors.
59. i don't know who i am sometimes.
60.I can be a real bitch sometimes..and not mean to be.
61.Im sorry.
62.i've been out of the country before.
63.it was weird.
64.im one of the youngest people in my class.
65.i have finaly found someone that i can truly connect with and be myself without worrying about what he will think of me..
66.I am who i am..no one else.
67.And he loves me for me..not something im not.
68.Matt is the sweetest, most romantic guy i've ever and will ever meet.
69.He tells me the only thing he can compare with my beauty is the stars.

Sorry i haven't updated in a while..here ya go guys!

June 19 2005
Hey guys..thanks for my little comments or whatever they are..lol..anyways..yesterday i went down to Manchester for my friend's sister's softball tournament..Morgan and i went and waded in the creek and walked upstream for about a mile..found an arrowhead!..lol..

Matt and i recently celebrated our 5 Months together!(on the 15th)..im soo exctied about that..

Only 19 more days til Matt turns 18!..(imma get him something good too!!)

Band Camp is only a month away..Boo!

On the 29th of July..i will be offically 16..and can drive my beautiful car to school

JuNiOr year is gonna be soo awesome..so many good things to come..

Have fun and be safe..i will update next week maybe..if i get enough comments!..

Have a good day love