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November 07 2005

So, yeah, I haven't been writing lately because my sweet loving sister disabled my firewall and 250 lovely viruses came pouring into my hard drive. Sounds like fun, huh? NOT! So, while that is getting fixed, I am forced to use my mothers computer.  So, now you know why I have only written once in the past month.

New video game... well, it's really an expansion pack. Rome: Total War - The Barbarian Invasion. It's alot of fun, if your into that kinda stuff.

Amanda and I have been great, nothing to complain about there.

Hold on, thinking...



I think that's it...

I'll write when I can.



October 23 2005

Wow, it has been a while since I have written. Sorry, just been buisy, I guess.

But yeah, I got lots to say.

Lets see, I went to the Green Day concert, wich was amazing. They actually made you take off all chains, studded belts, and belt buckles and throw them away. I just put my belt on inside out, inside my pants, and I put my belt buckle and my wallet chain in my shoes. I got away with it, but I saw about 50 belts get thrown away, a couple of chains, and 2 really expensive digital cameras. That woulda sucked.

Before the Green Day concert was the Hoover Marching Invitational in Hoover, AL. We lost by 2/3 of a point (I THINK), but we did very well. It was my best run of the year.

On Thursday was Amanda and my three month. We didn't get to do much, but It was a happy day.  She rocks the mullet.

The variety show was on Thursday as well. It was fun. Everyone said it was good, but I have yet to see myself look like a tard in a 70's outfit.

I got a new video game!!! Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. It's fun, but not as good as the original.

Thats about it, I think. I'll add if I remember.



"Word to your mother"

October 06 2005
Good week so far...

Here is a song about bush. I hope you enjoy it as much as me!


I pleadge allgence to the flag of the United States of America,
and the to the republic ( People!! It feels so good to be back)for which it stands,
one nation under God indevisable...(Mosh with me now)

You scrutinize every word, memorize every line
I spit it once, refuel, re-energize and rewind.
I give sight to the blind, my insight's through the mind,
I exercise my right to express when I feel it's time.
It's just all in your mind - what you interpret it as?
I say to fight, you take it as I'ma whip someone’s ass.
If you don’t understand, don’t even bother to ask.
A father who has grown up with a father-less past,
who has blown up now to rap phenomenon
that has, or at least shows, no difficulty multi-taskin' and juggling both.
Perhaps mastered-his-craft slash entrepreneur
who has helped launch a few more rap acts
who’s had a few obstacles thrown his way
through the last half of his career.
Typical manure, moving past that
mister kiss-his-ass-crack, he’s a class-act,
rubber-band man, yeah, he just snaps back.

Come along, follow me, as I lead through the darkness,
as I provide just enough spark that we need to proceed,
carry on, give me hope, give me strength,
come with me, and I wont steer you wrong,
put your faith in your trust, as I guide us through the fog,
to the light at the end of the tunnel we gon’ fight,
we gon’ charge, we gon’ stomp,
we gon’ march through the swamp,
we gon’ mosh through the marsh,
take us right through the doors.
Come on..

All the people up top, on the side and the middle,
come together, let's all form this stomp just a little.
Just let it gradually build, from the front to the back.
All you can see is a sea of people, some white and some black,
no matter what color, all that matters we're gathered together,
to celebrate for the same cause, no matter the weather.
If it rains, let it rain.
Yeah, the wetter the better.
They ain’t gon’ stop us - they can't,
we're stronger now, more then ever.
They tell us "No", we say "Yeah".
They tell us "Stop", we say "Go".
Rebel with a rebel yell,
Raise hell - we gon’ let em know.
Stomp, push, shove, mush..
Fuck Bush!
Until they bring our troops home, c'mon, just..

Come along, follow me, as I lead through the darkness,
as I provide just enough spark that we need to proceed,
carry on, give me hope, give me strength,
come with me, and I wont steer you wrong,
put your faith in your trust, as I guide us through the fog,
to the light at the end of the tunnel we gon’ fight,
we gon’ charge, we gon’ stomp,
we gon’ march through the swamp,
we gon’ mosh through the marsh,
take us right through the doors.
Come on..

Imagine it pourin’, it's rainin’ down on us.
Mosh pits outside the oval office...
Someone’s tryin to tell us something.
Maybe this is God just sayin' we're responsible
for this monster - this coward that we have empowered.
This is Bin Laden...
look at his head noddin’.
How could we allow something like this without pumpin' our fists?
Now, this is our final hour,
let me be the voice, and your strength and your choice...
let me simplify the rhyme just to amplify the noise.
Try to amplify it, times it, and multiply it by sixteen million
people are equal at this high pitch.
Maybe we can reach Al Qaeda through my speech.
Let the president answer a high anarchy...
strap him with a AK-47, let him go fight his own war,
let him impress daddy that way.
No more blood for oil, we got our own battles to fight on our own soil.
No more psychological warfare to trick us to thinking that we ain’t loyal.
If we don’t serve our own country, we’re patronizing a hero.
Look in his eyes, its all lies.
The stars and stripes have been swiped,
washed out, and wiped; and replaced with his own face.
Mosh now or die!
If I get sniped tonight, you’ll know why
‘cuz I told you to fight...

Come along, follow me, as I lead through the darkness,
as I provide just enough spark that we need to proceed,
carry on, give me hope, give me strength,
come with me, and I wont steer you wrong,
put your faith in your trust, as I guide us through the fog,
to the light at the end of the tunnel we gon’ fight,
we gon’ charge, we gon’ stomp,
we gon’ march through the swamp,
we gon’ mosh through the marsh,
take us right through the doors.
Come on..

And as we proceed to mosh through this desert storm.. in these closing statements, if they should argue, let us beg to differ.. as we set aside our differences, and assemble our own army to disarm this weapon of mass destruction that we call our president for the present.. and mosh for the future of our next generation.. to speak and be heard.. Mr. President.. Mr. Senator..

Can you guys hear us? Hahaha...

Fall break!!!

October 04 2005
So, yeah, it's fall break. Fun times.

Last Friday, we played Smyrna High, and lost... 27 to 17. It's all good though. Saturday, we went to Chatanooga (sp) and lost by .3 points to Cleavland. That was pretty disappointing. I really didn't think that they played better than us. I guess it sounded better from the front though. Sunday, Amanda.. Monday, Amanda... Tuesday, fishing with David... then, Amanda... Gotta love fall break!!

Well, Thats it... and I smell from mowing the yard, so I'm going to run. I'll talk to you kids later.

I don't have a title this time.

September 28 2005
Yeah, this entry is titleless (sp)...

Anyway, Amanda came over today and ate supper with me. The last twenty minuites she was over here though, she talked to Germani on the phone. Then, when she got off, my mom said she had to leave. Then, when I was walking her to her car, I asked her if I was interesting, and she said... "your fairly interesting."


I am trying to think of something else to say.. but nothing really interesting pops into my head...

OH! Open house went well. The choir sounded nice, so, yay.

I guess thats it though. I have had a pretty boring week.
Later guys.


September 23 2005
Pretty sure I had THE best time today with Amanda. We chilled from 3:00 till around 10:00. It was loverly. Thena got a lil mad at us though... even though we were NOT doing what she accused us of.

I am very happy that we did not have a game tonight... and I am glad that we do not have a competition tomorrow. I am just dreading the practice from nine till twelve. I shouldn't be mad though, becasue it's 3 hours of my weekend instead of 15.

Ray Ray comes home tomorrow!! That does make me happy. Can't wait... lots of stories to share.

Tuesday went well. The MTSU Honor Chior was fun. I got to sing in the quartet on "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." That boosted my ego... untill today when I heard Weston Wax sing Georgia on My Mind. That made my choral ego crash and burn.

:Sigh: ... I guess thats all for now. Not much else to write about.

Stubbly Stubbs

Hendersonville, Coldplay, and earrings...

September 19 2005
Alright... let me touch on my weekend and my Monday... and maybe even tomorrow.

1. Saturday (Hendersonville Golden Invitational) - First, I would like to congradulate(sp) the color guard and percussion. You guys worked so hard for those trophies. Color guard got best in class and best in show, and percussion got best in class and second in show. The horn line recieved second in class and second in show. I can't say that I am happy about the rankings, but I am proud that we did our best and that the majority of us weren't sore losers. I know that I made some mistakes, but they are all fixable. I just have to try harder, just like everyone else.

Over all, the practice, the show, and the bus rides were fun. If I could take back one thing, it would have to be that I wasn't concentrating enough in practice. I think that if we had all gotten our act togeather, and worked even harder than what we did, we would have pulled it off. But, once again, I am proud of our best.

2. Sunday (Coldplay) - :SIGH: Coldplay... that was fun. I went to the concert with Rebekah Minor. She picked me up around 6ish and we got to Starwood around 7ish. She is alot of fun. Evan is a lucky guy.

I do believe that I smelled of marijuaina(sp), cigerettes, and beer when I came home. There were 5 or 6 kids smokin' some green and everyone else was smoking cigerettes and drinking. It was pretty disgusting.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that the Coldplay show was the best concert I have ever seen. I did enjoy Blink 182 more, but, It wasn't like Coldplay. The Coldplay concert was... I don't know... easier to listen too. The songs were great, the lights and screen show was amazing... I just couldn't find anything to complain about.

Speaking of Blink 182... I think I am growing out of them. I mean, I still enjoy to listen to them, but they are just too immature for my tastes now. I am kinda leaning towards the Coldplay, Enya, Jimmy Eat World kinda thing. I don't really know though... so, don't get your hopes up.

3. My earring - Yes... You heard me right. I finally talked my parents into letting me pierce(sp) my ear. I got a stainless steel stud on my left ear. The only bad thing is, I had to agree to keep my hair shortish untill I moved out. It's all good though.

4. M.T.S.U. Honor Chior - Tomorrow... I do not have to attend Siegel High School, for I am going to be at Middle Tennessee State University, singing with the rest of the Chamber Chior, as well as chiors from all over middle Tennessee.

so, have fun at school...

Untill next time,

:EDIT: Happy two month Amanda! It has been great!

My Friday....

September 16 2005
Yeah... don't you hate it when you get a greater punishment than what you deserve. You know... like when you might deserve a punch in the stomach, or a slap on the face, but you get a kick to the groin... Yeah... pisses me off too.

Band is band... long and tiring. I wish we had another week to prepare for the contest on Saturday too.

The other parts of my day were great. I got to see Amanda for the majority of my "off time" from band, and I got to eat Subway.

Well, I guess thats all. I'm going to go to bed and get my beauty sleep.


Dude... 4 days of band... then Cold Play

September 14 2005
Okay, more like 3 days of band... but still... it was 4 yesterday. I had a 3 hour practice on Tuesday, I will have 3 hours tomorrow, then about 6 on friday, then 8 or 9 on saturday, wich is a competition in Hendersonville. I am excited about Saturday, but, I'm not too hyped about tomorrow and the day after. I guess we need it though. I do need to learn those last 10 or so sets. Well, it's not that I don't know them it's just that they aren't imprinted in my memory yet.. lol.

Then, on Sunday, COLD PLAY!! Yes!!!! That will be fun. I am VERY hyped about that.

But what makes me sad is that I am going to have like zero Amanda time. I reeeeeally want to see her some time before next weekend. I could friday, but no, Mr. Rhody had to schedual a freakin practice... gurrr. I think I might be able to see her next Wednesday, wich is a day after our two month. That would be cool. But still, it's not this week and that makes me sad.

Anyway, Thats all I got for now.

Peace-out homie!

..... Jaw bah-me ham!

September 11 2005
Oh yeah... thats Laotion. If you really want to konw what it means, find me at school.

Last night I went to Starbucks and Hastings with Amanda and Christina. It was quite fun. I learned random Laotion words and phrases. I also had a venilla(sp) latte(sp)... I need to learn how to spell... wich was yummy.

So, on Friday, at the game, someone moved my bass bone and didn't load it on the trailor so I didn't have an instrument untill right before we went on the feild. Rhody was going to drop my grade, but, I don't think he is becasue it wasn't my fault.

Yeah... thats all I got right now.. I'll talk to you kids later.



So yeah... i finally got internet in my room!!

September 07 2005
Yup, you read it! I so freakin have internet in my room!!!

Long day... mostly cause of Krista.

Wow. I don't have alot to say now, so, I'll go. I will most likely write later.


Short entries...

August 31 2005
It sucks to not be trusted by people... especially by those who you need to trust you the most.

Rachel comes home for Labor Day weekend!!! I'm happy. I love my sister. I can't wait.

I don't have a whole bunch to say, so, I'm gonna go.


Its all good...

August 24 2005
So, yeah... My dad is home, and he is okay.

Thanks for all the sympathy everyone.

Anyway, school sucks. It's boring as crap.
Choir is fun though. I bump and grinded with James.. hehe. Band was good too. I love the show music.

Yay for Amanda. I heart my chipmunk!! We went out tonight to Starbucks and then to city hall. When we got to city hall, we went to the courtyard and just layed in the middle of it. It was so beautiful outside and her arms were comfortable... lol. I had a great time. I don't know how someone could be so fun to be with. She does it though.

I am so at home listening to Tempered Steel. (for all you non-band people, Tempered Steel is like the most awesome song you will ever hear!!!) Lately I have been listening to music like this and trance/techno. I

Parties, white roses, and heart attacks...

August 20 2005
Today was interesting. To start things off, it was Rachels "going away party" just for family. That was okay, besides the argument between my grandmother and the rest of my family. Today was also my one month with Amanda. That went well. I gave her a white rose and she gave me a picture of us. I fell asleep in her arms. It was the best feeling in the world. Anyways. Also, my Dad has had a heart attack, so if you could everyone keep him in your prayers. That all pretty much sums up my weekend.



We so scored a field goal tonight! Yes!

August 19 2005
We actually got 3 points aginst Riverdale.... YAY!

Band was great. We rocked the mullet as uasual.

Tomorrow is mine and Amandas one month. I am getting her a _________... wait, I can't say that. She reads my site. LOL!

But yeah, Rachel's going away party is tomorrow too... as well as Al's Halo/birthday party. I have to find time to do all three. I'll be good.

Yeah, anyway, I am so tired of writing to you people, so, I am out like a light bulb... (that was so freakin corny...)


Say it ain't so... I CAN not go.

August 15 2005
I know those are lyrics to a Blink song, but, thats the way it is with the Green Day concert. It got postponed. One of the members of the band became sick. I just hope that they perform on a day that I don't have band. With my luck, they would make it up on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Anyway... today was pretty cool. I already have a report though. That blows.

Thats really all, so, I'm out.

S I E G E L... let's go, Siegel!

August 11 2005
YAY FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! And yay for many many friends!!! hehe.

Thats all. cause I'm tired.

P.S. I don't really have school spirit... I just couldn't think of a better title.


August 09 2005
Band camp... days one two... were freaking tiring. Marching for three hours at a time isn't too fun. But, it is fun playing ultimate fresbee for an hour and a half. I played two games after lunch and after supper. YAY!

Anyway, we have three songs learned, music and drill, so, that kicks butt. Marching is sooooooooooooooooo fun!!! The only bad part is the heat and the fact that Mr. Rhody only gave us one water break tonight. A whole freaking hour and a half of no H2O... That sucked.

I have resorted to eating two meals a day instead of one, because band is so demanding. Yes, I may get fatter, but, I'll just cut back afterwards. That way, I will become thinner again.

Anyway, I will let you all go.

Have fun not being at band camp.


In world news tonight, Germany has surrendered to the allied forces today seeking a peace treaty.

August 05 2005
So, the battles of world war three are over. I'm guessing nobody won. Krista came up to me today seeking a peace treaty, so, I forgave her. I guess things are back to normal... or as close to normal as they can be.

I said alot of mean things... so did she... so did her friends... so did mine. But, there is no need for that anymore. Wepons have been laid down, white flags brought out, and gun shots and bombs no longer fill the night air.

So, yeah. In other news, pre-band camp is over... and my ass is sunburned. Next week it's nine till nine. That blows. But, I don't really mind it too much.

Tomorrow... AMANDA TIME! lol. I'm going to hang out with Amanda for a while. Then, sleep... alot of it.

But, yeah, that is really all I have, so, yeah...

Okay, for anyone who cares... this is a correction to Kristas version of me.

July 31 2005

I am NOT arrogant. Yes, I came to band with a hicky the size of a half dollar on my neck. NO, I did NOT brag about it. Everyone who I talked to about it asked me who gave it too me. I told them when they asked, but I didn't do it in an arrogant way. I have talked to alot of people about this. They have all said that I didn't brag. They all admitted that they asked me who gave it too me. To name a few : Courtney, Owen, Kathrine-Clair, David, Molly, Tyler, and Calvin. Krista claims that I was arrogant about it and that I was showing it off to as many people as possible. Yes, alot of people saw it, but, NO, I didn't show it off. They asked what it was... so I told them.

All the people that I have spoken with have all told me the same thing. They have all said that I seem happier, but thats the only way I seem different. They say that I have in no way become more arrogant. They say that I seem happier because I am no longer with Krista. They have all said that Krista brought me down... that she treated me like crap.

Alot of people have also told me what they think of Krista and how she is treating me now. About how she is telling lies about me and how she is treating me badly because she is jealous.

SiegelHornDude: she's being over dramatic because she's not with you anymore and is jealous of amanda

culture shock 14: i think she seems very jealous that u have moved on so quickly of what u have shown me

i am tenpenny: i like the girl, she's always been nice to me, but i dont get why she says youve changed... other than being pretty happy you havent changed at all!!

kingred13: Krista is acting immature, like you two broke up and now she has to be a bitch to you like it's some unwritten rule, but wasn't she always like that, even when you were still going out with her? And what is all this about you showing off your hicky? You didn't. You told people who gave it too you or what it was when thy asked.

Three tacos: amanda is pretty cool
brettrocks89: hmmmm, krista seems to think that she is a bitch... thats what she said. she has never even met her
Three tacos: Amanda is awesome
Three tacos: I don't know why she would say that

CRANBERRYjuice55: sounds like krista needs to get more of a life
CRANBERRYjuice55: sorry.. that was mean
CRANBERRYjuice55: but it's just.... that's really dumb to be mean to people just because of your jealousy
CRANBERRYjuice55: of which you're in denial of


Anyway, I would like to say that this entry wasent a dis to Krista, its just a warning of lies to everyone else.

If you disagree with what I have to say, IM me ( brettrocks89 ) or call me if you know my number, or talk to me at school or band.

Later, Brett