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A MTSU Christmas

December 25 2006
so apparently this Christmas is dedicated to getting all decked out in MTSU apparel... not that I didn't ask for some of it. :) But its pretty exciting... next year could be awesome!


December 01 2006
2 weeks... aka... 14 days until my 18th birthday 


November 01 2006
I think I'm getting sick!

Garden State

October 22 2006
Watch Garden State... see how Zach Braf's character feels in the begining... numb to everything?

thats how I feel right now....

a constant state of nothing.


October 18 2006
I'm going to MTSU.


September 18 2006
is UT knoxville really as crowed as I've heard? 


September 09 2006

Heck yea way to go XC Girls...keep up the great work!


September 05 2006
My grandma died on Thursday night, and the memorial is today. 

If you don't chew big red... f-- you!

August 13 2006
go see Talladega Nights.... its sooo funny...  of course thats if you like Will Ferrel type humor.

Lady in the Water

August 03 2006

Go see it...its the best movie I've seen in theaters in a very loooong time.
It will blow you away...but that is of course you have to be into M Night's style of movie... I mean he is all over this movie... he wrote it, directed it, produced it, and acted in it.

Bat Country

July 31 2006
Last night... I was on my way to Ben's house... I was walking
because his house is two streets away... and I saw this bat flying
around I was like awesome... I love watching bats... but it started
flying really low... I just continued to walk... then suddenly the
thing dive bombs me!  It scared me to death.... to make things worse I
had to walk back that way on the way back home so I had to walk near it
again... so there you go...

"We gotta get outta here... its bat country!" 
         -Johnny Depp in Fear in Loathing in Las Vegas

great movie

July 29 2006

              Yay! Pulp Fiction!


July 28 2006
so I am going caving!  Im excited!


Its good to have connections

July 24 2006
This is my almost set in stone schedule for next year:


July 23 2006

one of the best bands that made the best night of my life.


July 21 2006

its my last day at the beach..... what am I doing sitting at the computer!?

July 19 2006

I love the won't ever take it from me!


July 17 2006

currently in Nags Head NC looking threw my 3rd stoy window of our condo at the ocean which is only about 300 ft away.  So much uncle's hair is longer than mine... :) We watched the Big Liboski (sp) last night like my entire family was squeezed in this little room to watch it.  It was great.  I am have a great time. I'll get back to you in a couple days.  by that time Im sure I will be completely sick of everyone.


July 08 2006
Loved it.

going to see it again today with MK.


June 29 2006

Watch this video, it shows POTC ride and its addition of Jack Sparrow... it also includes Johnny's reaction to his animatronic self.