May 09 2006
guess who is the new 3 yr old teacher assistant at Stonebrook DayCare!! oh yeah, thats me!!! hehe I am soo excited about this job! I cant wait to start.


April 01 2006
wow so got in a pretty rough wreck last night. But thank the Lord Stephen and I are both OK. Im kinda bruised up cause I had my leg up in the seat when the air bag went off (stupid me) and something is funny about my ear. and he was kinda sore... but not major cuts or anything. We must have some awesome guardian angels :-) . So yeah, back to school now. EVeryone be thankful for each day, cause it could be gone in a second. <3


March 07 2006


February 24 2006
Danyelle was a really great girl. Shes gonna be deeply missed. Everyone please keep her family and friends in your prayers!! <3


February 02 2006
oh yeah, I practiced tonight 3 hours, then an hour earlier in the day... totaling 4 hours. Thats not even including the hour and a half of concert band, and hour and a half of trio. heck yes. I quit practicing tonight cause I couldnt hold an embochure anymore. How aweomse is that?! I was able to stay focused for that long... go me =)

new semester

January 17 2006
ewwww... sooo much rain today. Walking to classes in rain= no fun.

oh but the classes are....

Harmony II
Piano II
Clarinet Choir
Concert Band (but chances of symphony band now)
Percussion Class
English 1020(again, but online this time so no retarded professor)
College Algebra
Concert Choir
So I have like a total of 17 hours, not too bad... I think I might have forgotten something. Oh yeah Lessons... I think thats it... ok Im gonna go watch Gilmore Girls now!!

2006 wooooord!!!

January 06 2006
yay for a new year!!! <3

Fall 2005 Semester! (very open and honest, be prepared)

December 16 2005

Alright. I am sooo home for the holidays!! I figured it was time to update in case anyone still reads this and enjoys the happenings of my life... Alrighty So I completed my first semester of college almost all good grades... got A's in Harmony, Voice, Piano, Clarinet Choir, Music Appreciation, and Marching Band. Got B's in AT (I was soo greatful for that grade!) and Lessons (not happy with that one). and then there was my D in english (this is what happens when you write papers that dont agree with your professors extremely liberal point of view). 

I've managed to hold together an amazing relationship with Stephen. We've both grown so much this past semester. Before I left to Tech I was struggling with some addictions. I had a drinking problem, and a smoking problem... Im not proud of this at all, but I am proud of the fact that I have overcome all of that. And I wouldn't have been able to do it without Stephen's help. I dont think I can stress how great of a guy he is. The future looks bright :-)

Ok lets see friendships have struggled this past semester. I've changed a lot and therefore I cant really hang out with a few people anymore cause things they say and do go against my beliefs... and a few of my friends I have hardly been able to get in touch with cause Ive been so busy and such. (I know excuses excuses.) ok so what else?

I think Ive written enough. Time to go relax for a while and put up a Christmas tree!!

Oh wait. I got a new clarinet for Christmas... it sounds super!

my sister did that for me... she rocks!

birthday weekend

November 20 2005
Im gonna write in here just cause...

I had a very busy birthday weekend... Friday we had Symposium at TTU so I got to work the clarinets registration table cause Im just uber friendly like that!! fun stuff... then that lasted the rest of the day and got me out of all of my classes and then on saturday I had the last game of the year on my birthday but it was still fun! A lot of my family came down and ate supper with me and stephen and so that was cool....then today went to IMAX in opry mills to see HARRY POTTER IV... it kicked sooo much butt!!!


November 10 2005
 Yeah its definitely been a long time since I have been on here... and wow... this is awesome... a little confusing but awesome... wish more of my friends were on here though... so yeah... life is good other than being sick and having no free time!! <3

Music Major!!!!

September 14 2005
yeah I completely forgot I had this... hmmmm.... so I changed my major to Music Ed... correction Im trying to change my major to Music Ed. but considering its 2 1/2 weeks into the semester, they are trying to not let me... it sucks. I crammed harmony last night and I am almost caught up with the class and now they might not let me do it. I know Thurmond will let me in Clarinet Choir so I am definitely dropping my physics class! Heck yes!!! I hope Barham will let me in Harmony though, everyone says he will but his class is marked closed so who knows..... this is such a mess... give in and just be a music major from the start... cause you'll realize you miss it and how much you love it and all that good stuff!


August 25 2005
oh gracious... college is amazing!! Granted classes havent actually started yet, but just being up here, especially with my boyfriend and one of my best friends is just great!! Me and Rachel are awesome roommates!! Our room is still clean, woooord. Alright this is about all I have time for so yeah =)

Oh dear...

August 21 2005
*deep breath* yeah I'm good, Im ok... Im ready...

So how is everyone else doing?

surprise suppers and ultimate frisbee

August 17 2005
So the past couple weeks I have been planning a surprise get together for alex and stephen and it was tonight! It went really well, a smaller group than I had planned but still, I think it turned out great. Im sooo glad they are home. After supper we went and played ultimate frisbee... actually the boys played while me and mary sat and talked... I

IT never ends...

August 12 2005
hmmm went by band camp to hear a little rehearsal... they sounded really good!!! It was great fun, and I still get picked on even after I have graduated...
Brett picked me up and carried me into the boys bathroom!!!! Quite embarrassing!!!!!!

dreams, worries, and countdowns...

August 10 2005
Wow, things are getting crazy here lately....

The past few nights I have been having these insane dreams. Couple nights ago I had a dream that everyone left for college and no one told me bye, and I was stuck here all by myself!!! thats soo not cool. Then last night I had a dream that well I will keep this one to myself, but I dont think I liked it and so yeah freaked me out. Then I just woke up from a dream tonight that invovled Stephen and Alex and Stephens sister getting in a FATAL car wreck on the way home from Indianapolis! Yeah pretty sure I dont like waking up crying... creepy much?!

Ok also going along with all this I am kinda freakin out about college... I know I will be fine once I get there and get settled in, but right now I am nothing but a million nerves flying around. Im afraid of losing my best friend who is going to UT. Im afraid of actually having to work for my grades for once (yes I know I am lazy and pathetic but eh, I do what I can). Im afraid I will be insanely shy for some reason and not meet anyone... Im just a worrier (sp?) right now... Luckily I have my Rachel :-)

Sooo Many countdowns right now. Stephen gets in in 4 days (well in 40 mins it will be 4 days!)!!! Sarah and everyone else going to UT leaves in 7 days. I leave in 13 days!!!! Ahhh life is just soo crazy sometimes...

The Boy

August 05 2005

photo from ValPal8605

Yeah, so Im retarded... actually Im gonna go with extremely understanding and forgiving. Bottom line, I really really really really like him, and techincally I cant get too mad cause I did the same thing to him. So we are puting all this mess behind us and just forgeting about it :-) . He is such a great guy, my little tomato lol. So yeah things are actually better than before if possible, and hes home for good in what 10 days now? heck yes!!! Oh heres a pic of al, sara, and stephen... hes just such a cutie!!!

photo from ValPal8605

stupid boys...

August 03 2005
and i thought it hurt the first time... stupid boys... remind me of how this feels if Iever decide to date again...but heres the sad part, I am probably just gonna forget about all this and go back to him when he gets home...

Love me, thats all I ask of you...

August 02 2005
you never know....

new.... CAR

July 29 2005
ahh life is going simply smashing. Me and Stephen worked everything out and I couldnt be happier!! He is such a great guy! (And let me just say, Drum Corps does a body good ;-) )yeah, also I got a new car tonight!!!! this is what it looks like except a little different spoiler and its black!

photo from ValPal8605

Its flippin sweet!