Robin Morrison


less is more..

February 11 2006

it seems that everywhere i went today, everyone was wanting "more". after a while, i began to ponder why this is. in the world we live in today, so much is "how much you can get in so little time". here is what i mean..

Society today seems to want something, until that something comes along. Then, suddenly, it's not enough. So, you may ask, "Why is this such a bad thing?" Well, I believe that when all we want is more of all these earthly things in front of us, we miss the bigger picture. It's not necessarily bad to want things or to want more of something. However, when what we want more of is totally earthly, we can't possibly ever have enough.

The only thing we should ever want more of is, I know that this is something I struggle with as well, but I think this is a serious issue.

"Less of me is more of Jesus. Lord, I want it all. Lord, I want it all.."

i'm here...

February 11 2006
So, after much poking and prodding, I have finally joined the world of Phusebox. It will probably consume the majority of my life from here on out..*thanks to the one who convinced me to finally do this*...