hi, me again. so....

April 05 2006
Yeah, so tomorrow I have the exit comprehensive test for nursing school. Pretty big deal ya see, but strangely I haven't been too stressed about it. But I am sure I will be tomorrow. I get 2 chances to pass it. If I fail it tomorrow, I get 10 points deducted off my final grade in this particular class and if I fail the second time I'll be out of the program, so...PRAY,PRAY,PRAY! That is, if you don't mind 'cause that would be amazing!! peace and love :O  )

tests done, spring break!

March 10 2006
well I took my critical care test yesterday and I have a good feeling about it! Thanks for all the prayers you cool people. I've been pretty sick this past week and haven't been able to study much so it's all God's grace that got me through this week. Glory to HIM! oh yeah, and its my birthday today too. :)


March 08 2006
passed the test today!!....one more to go tomorrow. :)


March 07 2006
Hey all, this is Matt...not Sydney. I got a comprehensive online test that I have to take for school tomorrow and a critical care test the following day, so I'm asking for prayers from anyone so inclined to pray for a student masquerading as a dog. If I don't pass these comp tests (which there are four of them) I basically get kicked out of the program --->BUMMER

a lonely dog

February 24 2006
sometimes it's lonely being a dog. Life is hard when your a pup...oh the sorrow. I love you all.


February 22 2006
well, i'm writing a post to see if anyone still checks to see if i write posts, so here it is...
a post

Photo From InHim

September 24 2005

photo from InHim


I am a blogging dog

June 30 2005
ok...it is 4:45 in the am and my human owner type person is at work. i obviously have just been laying on the couch and and watching tv. jasohfowheohsdfoihoweohfohoawefo ;ihwefniooawefo;ihafoihwaefo;ihawefo;ihjwaefo; ihawef;iohwaefioncaweiohaweoihfawoehfo;hawe...... i have nothing to share with this microcosm of a cyber world so bark off

It's two in the afternoon and I'm still sleeping

June 10 2005
Hello my dogs. Well basically I stayed up until four in the morning hanging out with Matt and Jason and Caleb playing Revenge of the Sith...Star Wars or something like that. Whatever. Well I went with those guys to Foster Falls in Tracy City to go rock climbing. We rode in Jason's Jeep and I got to hang my head out of it the whole time. It's fun because I'm a risk taker. So while they were climbing I was tied to a tree on my leash but, being of superior intellect, I chewed through my leash and made my escape. Matt was somewhat unhappy but I don't know why...thought he'd find it funny heeheehee. So it was a good day and I'm still worn out. Well here's a stock update----NYSE and NASDAQ and AMEX all down on the afternoon....recommended stocks--energy companies namely oil companies. Go buy a Hybrid car you humans!
Miss you Bethany

I am the best canine rock climber ever!

June 06 2005
Hi. This is my first time to blog. I don't know what blog means but it rhymes with dog so here I go. Right now I am, well I'm biting my leg, but my master is watching a rock climbing video where a blind man, a paraplegic, and a BLE ( bilateral lower extremities) amputee are rock climbing spires in Utah. Those dudes are impressive. For a dog, I am a pretty good rock climber too. I got sweet scampering skills. And of course, I only climb free solo which means I use no gear. Duh! I'm a dog. So anyways, bark.

this is my ride

June 04 2005

photo from sydney