February 11 2008

so....have you ever seen someone and you can't get them off of your mind?  and it goes on for a while, but you are way too much of a chicken to talk to them?  and then, for some strange reason, by some wierd twist of fate, you drum up the courage to say something to them.  and then, you start talking to them.  you wonder why you were so scared...and you think it stupid that you waited so long when you should have just gone ahead with it.  because now that you've talked to them, you crave it.  because they are so easy to talk to.  you don't feel nervous around them, even though you think about them constantly.  you have butterflies, but it's not a scared feeling.  you just love being around them and talking to them because you don't have to try to be someone you aren't.  they are....just....like....really cool.  you aren't just obsessed with their looks (like i used to be) but you really are interested in who they are, what they like, and so on.  you get irritable when you don't see them.  time seems to go so slowly when you know that you will see them later.  and then you see them, and this feeling of relief comes over you.  you feel like a little kid.  it's crazy.  this may sound so random and wierd...but i feel like this.  before, i was only interested in this person because i thought they were "cute" but now that i've gotten over myself and talked to them, i am so glad i have.  i...don't really know how to describe it.  it's cool though.


February 11 2008

Soooo yall i am so confused i am really worried about the prom i have been looking forward to this for a long time now but now that it is almost here im not looking forward to it so much well i mean i want to go but  i think that it is going to be boring and  i might not want to go so much anymore. I know there are so many peaple on phusebox that have already been to their first prom and if you could give me a little advise it would really help me out so PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!


February 10 2008

my flickr.

February 10 2008

check out some of my pictures on the web.


I've been randomly checking it but you should check it out.




Old West Gun Fight.

February 09 2008

It is just like an old west gun fight. We are just circling each other waiting for the other to draw, but for me, for me I am waiting on her to draw. I will not touch my six shooter all though I have threatend to. Not even when, or rather if she draws, will I touch mine. I will let her shoot me down. I just pray that she shoots straight like she has so many other times. Hit me in the heart, that is where you started for me, and that is where you will end me. It won't be fast, I will bleed out but I would rather do that then have it quick and swift, not to have any last words. Or maybe we can just stop this circling, stop staring down eachother, stop the twitching of our trigger finger, and work this out. I came into this fight with a loaded gun, it was a waste of my time to put all six in, I only need one if any at all.

Andrew and Chico

February 09 2008

1.What are 6 emotions you are feeling right now?









2. What time did you wake up this morning?
Andrew - well i was kinda up and then i fell asleep again...so when i woke up it was like 9:30 ish

Chico - Same as Andrew but i woke up at 7:30 but got out of bed at 9:30ish

3. How many hours of sleep did you get?
Andrew And Chico - do not know

4. What are you currently doing?
Andrew - thinking and being nervous and doing this survey with Chico, who is a man

Chico - i'm doing this stupid quiz and talking to Mr. Flint (lol)

5. Have you kissed someone within the past week?
Andrew - well ya know.......there was that one time...that i kissed no one.

Chico - never kisses and tells :P

6.Have you told anyone you loved them today?
Andrew - no (Well lastnight.  lol inside joke)

Chico - No not TODAY but yesterday yes

7. Have you ever been in love?
Andrew - i have no earthly idea

Chico - man....yeah :P

8. Do you like anybody?

Andrew - yes siree

Chico - not just anybody :P lol but yes

9. Do you miss anybody?

Andrew - that's a stupid question.  duh

Chico - chico is a man...he doesn't miss people :P

naaa yeah i miss someone

10. Do you have plans for tomorrow?
Andrew - probably...sure why not.

Chico - I go to church tomorrow :)

11. What is the last thing you ate?
Andrew - ice cube...and a waffle.

Chico - WAFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmmm

12. Is there a member of the opposite sex in your life who means the world to you?

Andrew - sure why not.  yeah i guess so

Chico - Chico is a man!!! (lol) yes i would have to say so

13. What are you listening to right now?
Andrew - my fingers hitting the keys...and Chico

Chico - Same as Andrew :)

14. Are you a generally clean or messy person?
Andrew - i am messy

Chico - I am man..i am messy man!

15.Have you kissed 3 people on your top ?
Andrew - on my top what???????  ewwww.

Chico - I am a man! i dont kiss tops! lol

16.Have you ever liked anyone on your top ?
Andrew - um....if i had a top, and i knew who was on my top....and i knew what i top was.................i'd say yes

Chico - WHAT IS A TOP! gosh i am man..i know not what 'top' is

17. Would you currently start a thing with your top ?

Andrew - i do not start affairs with clothing items.

Chico - chico wears top no start thing with top!


18. Do you Love your ex?

Andrew - I have no preferences of letters.

Chico - Chico love pedro

19. Do you find members of the opposite sex confusing?
Andrew - sometimes...but Chico understands me

Chico - Chico is a man!!! nothing confusing for Chico

20. What was the reason behind the last time you cried?
Andrew - Chico hit me with a Calculator

Chico - Andrew slap me with cold hand

21. Is there anybody you wish you could be with right now?
Andrew - no i have every thing i need in Chico

Chico - Chico man! no need anybody...but Andrew :)

22. Are you going to be alone tonight?
Andrew - no i'll be with lots of people

Chico - Chico is man! thats all that needs to be said

23. When is the last time you saw a movie in theaters?
Andrew - uh...a few weeks ago.  I see chick flick.  nasty.

Chico - Chico see movie with andrew..nasty!

26. Is there something you wish you could tell someone, but can’t?
Andrew - no the only person i need to tell anything to is Chico.  but he's already all-knowing.  :)

Chico- Chico no tell nobody nothing! EVER!

27. What're you doing tonight?
Andrew - I dance and singing on stage.

Chico - Laugh at Andrew!


28. What is one thing you can't wait for?
Andrew - when I talk to my metallic friend.

Chico - Chico no wait! get now!

29. How has the week been?
Andrew - rather fantabulous.  I am talking to my metallic friend.

chico - Chico no remeber yesterday...


30. Do you have a best friend?
Andrew - Chico is the shiz

Chico - Chico MAN no need friends..other then Andrew!

bored out of my mind.

February 09 2008

1.What are 3 emotions you are feeling right now?




2. What time did you wake up this morning?
5 I thought I had school today.

3. How many hours of sleep did you get?
9 hours

4. What are you currently doing?
This survey, having a headache

5. Have you kissed someone within the past week?

6.Have you told anyone you loved them today?

7. Have you ever been in love?
Yes... But time changes.

8. Do you like anybody?

9. Do you miss anybody?

10. Do you have plans for tomorrow?
nope, I don't think

11. What is the last thing you ate?

12. Is there a member of the opposite sex in your life who means the world to you?

sure, but doesn't feel the same about me "/ as usual.

13. What are you listening to right now?

14. Are you a generally clean or messy person?

15.Have you kissed 3 people on your top ?
No, their all chicks? weird

16.Have you ever liked anyone on your top ?
not the current top no?

17. Would you currently start a thing with your top ?



18. Do you Love your ex?


19. Do you find members of the opposite sex confusing?
oh yea

20. What was the reason behind the last time you cried?
the notebook

21. Is there anybody you wish you could be with right now?

22. Are you going to be alone tonight?

23. When is the last time you saw a movie in theaters?
About a month ago I think?

26. Is there something you wish you could tell someone, but can’t?

27. What're you doing tonight?


28. What is one thing you can't wait for?

29. How has the week been?
a roller coaster, boys are stupid.

(not all of them but a large portion)

30. Do you have a best friend?

Fresh pressed suit and tie

February 08 2008

Yep, Phusebox is losing steam. Or maybe I'm just not as active with it as I used to be. The latter, yes.


I guess the reaon I don't update is because I SEE most of you daily, if not weekly. If you're not up to date with my goings on... there's a communication problem we need to fix.


I've officaily started planning for my 18th birthday, sent off college applications, got a 22 on the ACT, need to get a drawing of my tattoo so I can get it soon (WOO!!, and start working on the Skitzo 

script (I'm writing the play). Basically I'm living like a crazy person about to graduate high school. Which is what I am. Makes sense. 

I quit this

February 08 2008

I'm done.

I quit loving.

I quit hating.

I quit missing.

I quir hoping.

(^ I quit hoping)

I quit life.



This is gone on far enough.

If you can't man up; don't do anything that has

to do with me.


If you're going to be a panzee


Right now I have so much negative

energy flowing from me right now.

I'd appreciate if EVERYONE left

me alone for the next 3 days.

atleast until I'm just chill again.


February 08 2008

So, there must be a celebation as I am divorcing my life of my internet time.


Left brain.


Rite fear of Hemi's.


Corpse Colosseum. 

(for you)

February 07 2008

"If you're a Bird, I'm a Bird" -My next tatoo ^-^

I can't wait for it.

I'm doing because it's love.


That movie gives me hope?

Sounds weird but even after all that time you know?

Maybe I'm stupid for thinking this but maybe I'll be

fortunate enough to be with someone who will always love me.


It's funny how he found her with another guy

after she knew she didn't love that other guy?

And he told his girlfriend that if she ever came back

he was going to be with her.



But being alone isn't so bad,

I'm really not alone?

I get love.

Just not the kind I want you know?

I know I'm Queer.


It's contagous.


If Love was a battlefeild, then that would explain why we always get hurt, why we always lose?

What a week.....

February 06 2008

So, I feel really tired at the moment! I haven't been feeling all that well so it doesn't help not to get enough sleep.


It's seems like it's been forever since I've posted anything on here so I thought I would do an update. Lets see....I was all this past week. I went to some friends house to make a 1861's ball gown. Do you know why? Because for some odd reason I'm going to a Confederate Valentine's day ball. And should I mention that I'm not a confederate? Well, I'm not. But I'm going just for the fun of it. Somehow last Saturday (the 26th) I called some friends to see about sewing a dress for this event and I ended up spending the whole week at their house!!!! I was only suppose to stay until Wednesday but sometimes things don't go as planned. I had a great time though! We did some really random things. But with the Wuest family, you always do random things. Which makes all the more fun. : ) I love that family!!!!!!


I've been thinking a lot about my Grandmother lately. It will be a year on the 28th since she has died. I really miss her right now. I think it's because it's so close to the time that she died that I've been thinking about it so much. I remember going to her funeral. I was fine until that Monday and sitting on the front row of the church with her picture right in front of me. I would have been fine if it wasn't for that. I didn't cry until that day and I haven't cried since. I don't know why but I'm not that emotional. Sometimes I think it would be good if I was one when it comes to things like this. I miss her. I also miss my cousins. Especially Kathleen. Maybe because she is my age. I need to call her. Or maybe she should call me this time. : P 

Song of the Week. "Don't Stop Believing"

February 06 2008
Great song by a great band. Please enjoy "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey

what i need

February 06 2008

i'm in serious need of some new study habits. it's getting pretty bad lately. but i'm going to spend a good while at the library tonight. i just gotta get it all done.




February 05 2008

so hey.  i messed up my neck and it hurts and i can't turn my head.  it stinks.  i, like gen, am tired because i did all the work in my english group.  i was so glad we got to do a reflection and tell him how much work the other people did (or in my case didn't do).  whew.  i have a crazy CRAZY week ahead of me!!!  i'm worried about what worship is going to be like tomorrow....i have to learn 2 songs and have them good enough to perform (for 300 something people!!!) and i'm auditioning for the Wizard of Oz AND i'm worried about the Valentine's banquet!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  (that was me screaming.  i needed to do that.) 

*breathe in.......breate out.  repeat.*

kast thought

February 05 2008

Course of Nature

"Caught in the Sun"

Listen and learn how I feel.



riddle time

February 05 2008

what do you sit on, sleep on, and brush your teeth with?



Soul Fuel

February 04 2008

What I Wish Heath Ledger Would have Known

No, this isn't a 'let's exploit any and all things Heath Ledger' article. I really liked Mr. Ledger, and I'm incredibly saddened for his loved ones - and especially his two year old daughter. He was a very talented individual with an extremely promising future.

Yet despite all these facts, there is a cultural fascination and frenzy to find out what reeeeeallly happened - even if it means complete and absolute disrespect for his family and friends. There are leaked videos and speculative allegations about substance abuse and addictions. It seems as though everyone wants to get to the bottom of this apparent mystery.

Is it really such a mystery? It is truly headline and blogosphere news that despite apparently having it 'all', that 'all' is really quite nothing? And even further, are we shocked and awed that people in pain often turn to the way wrong places to temporarily soothe the seething ache and oftentimes agony of this thing called life?

Well, not to me. Not because I'm some super-genius-I-know-everything-about–life person, but because I believe the Person who wrote these facts down in black and white in the world's #1 best seller of all time. These aren't theories or debatable concepts, because what you are about to read are the simple truths from the Author of truth. They are the warning lights on the dashboard of existence...they are the warning labels on the bottle of reality. Read carefully, and you might find the real secret to a meaningful life:

The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is? (Jeremiah 17:9)

"Beware! Don't be greedy for what you don't have. Real life is not measured by how much we own." (Luke 12:15)

"Everything is meaningless," says the Teacher, "completely meaningless!"

Everything is wearisome beyond description. No matter how much we see, we are never satisfied. No matter how much we hear, we are not content. (Ecclesiastes 1:2,8)

Don't be misled-you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant. Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest decay and death from that sinful nature. But those who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit. (Galatians 6:7-8)

The Bible paints a not-so-subtle picture of life in real and raw terms. The true portrait of existence reveals the wickedness of human nature, the meaninglessness and emptiness of our day to day struggles, and the inevitable consequences when we choose the wrong path. This is what oftentimes drives even the best and the brightest to depression, drugs, and even death. The wicked heart tells the hopeless soul that life will always be meaningless, so why not just live to satisfy our sinful nature?

But there is another way. A way that I wish for Britney and Lindsay and Barry and Owen and Heath and millions of others who feel trapped in a speeding train headed down a dark tunnel.

This way is not a way, it is the only way. Jesus said it Himself:

"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6)

(Jesus asked) - Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me - watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won't lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely and lightly." (Matthew 11:28-30)

Only Jesus can reveal our wicked and deceptive hearts, give true meaning to life, and keep us off a destructive path. He died to set us free, but to get out of the prison of life we have to look out of our dark pit to see His face, then lift our hands of faith to Him so he can rescue us.

Regrettably, it is too late for many people to find these truths, but if you're reading this it is obviously not too late for you. Take your pain to Christ, put your trust in Him alone for salvation - and you'll find the life you were meant to live!

Head: What you need to know about this truth

God's word promises that the human heart is wicked and deceitful, that life is meaningless without Christ, and that we will reap the consequences of our evil actions. However, through a relationship with Jesus, we can be set free from all these conditions.

Heart: What you need to feel about this truth

Feel incredible joy that the prison door of life has been opened and you can be set free to live the life God intended.

Hands: What you need to do about this truth

People do not end up in a depressive state overnight. They are deceived and discouraged time and time again until they turn the wrong direction. Take some time this week to look where you might be allowing deceit in your life, and take some radical steps to run the other way. Examples of deadly deception might be:

Pornography is harmless.
I can quit anytime.
Pre-marital sex is OK if you're in love.
I just have an addictive personality.
Hatred towards people is OK sometimes.
I don't listen to the words.


© 2008 Dare 2 Share Ministries


February 04 2008

hey everybody wutz up oh my gosh i was so glad that school was out two days in a row and the day befor it opened two hours late how awesome is that!!!! I cant wait until summer i am so over the cold weather that it isnt even funny  summer is gonna be so much fun we are planning on going to disney land and then when we get back were supposed to go to chicago pretty much every year the past three years we have gone there and i love it  the city is so exciting when you ve lived in tennessee your whole life! But i am glad that i dont live there  it is all to hectic and noisy it is nice to live in a community that is quiet and laid back. Well i guess i have run out of things to say so i guess ill talk to ya later!!!!!!!!!!

So I figure..

February 04 2008

I really have neglected Phusebox rather severely over the past...

2 years?

So much has happened.

Too much that I can even begin to tell.

But hopefully I can devote more time to this.

We'll see.



February 03 2008

I don't know what i'd do

if i said that i loved you.


I don't know what i'd say

if i could just whisk you away.


I don't know what i'd think

if we worked out every kink.


I don't know what i do

if you said you loved me too.





February 03 2008

I'm Tired! YEAH you heard me i'm tired....not only the kinda tired that has to do with lack of sleep but the tired when everything is going black and white and nothing has meaning anymore.

Laughter has lost its touch, b/c i know 10 minutes after that sip of happiness, it will be washed away with a gulp of unhappiness ontop of every horrible feeling ever known to man.

The smiles of the ones i love has lost its glimmer, b/c i know that small piece of light will be blown away with a wind of sad and hurt.

I'm slowly seeing everything white and black, cold and hot, nothing has color, wormth....

At the moment i'm longing for wormth, color, laughter,smiles..anything to wake me from this so called sleep!


You know something i have been wishing for the past few days....is someone i can lean on, someone i can run to and have them hold me, someone i can yell at (not in anger but hurt) and have them look me in the eye and tell me its going to be okay, someone i can tell my problems to instead of me always helping them,someone to help me push through.

yeah i understand this sounds so selfish its sad. But i've gone so many years with this in my head, i cant take it anymore i guess. And you guys are all so amaZing and i know some of you will be all like You can talk to me anytime...and i know that!

its just....i'm wishing for something more...maybe to get the picture across to someone who doesn't want to see or hear it....


Its like no matter how hard i try to stay strong for someone, i end up wishing for once i could be weak, so as to be held for once.



February 02 2008


is such a strong word


February 02 2008

i finally won a medal at erg sprints. a bronze in the team relay. but it was a good time. i set a new personal record for the individual part.


now i have really bad heart burn. hopefully that's all it is.


i'll update more later.


school is crazy right now.


hope all is well.




February 02 2008

Well I have been thinking a lot lately...I know thats not very common but indeed it is true.  I have been thinking about college and what I am going to do with my life.  Its quite scarry,  I'm not sure I'm ready to go ou into the world all by myself and take on a man's responsibilities.  A couple days ago we had to talk about what we were going to do in school.  I thought off all the times that People have come to me for their problems and asking what should i do.  I thought man I might like going into Psychology.  I know that could be hard but it makes a good pay and I need to go to college so maybe it will be a good idea.  I'm kinda nervous but ohh well I guess I have 2 more years to think about that.  Well maybe less...

anyway I guess I am done but i just thought I would tell you guys what has been on my mind.



Orange enV

February 01 2008
I'm so excited. So I got the orange enV tonigth, and it's so pretty. It's a whole lot better than my old phone, and if you have seen my old phone you know what I'm talking about. I like it because it's so much easier to text on because of the full key-pad. It also takes better pictures than my old phone which I'm happy about. It's just better all around. So I guess my rants over. Oh yeah, my number changed, so if you had my old number just message me and I'll give you my new one. Talk to your crazy people later. ;-)


February 01 2008

Okay so most of you know that i'm sick and if you didn't know...you do now! But tomorrow i have a lot that i NEED to do and at the moment it doesn't look like i'm gona be better for a WHILE! So i was kinda hoping you guys could pray that i get better ASAP!!!


February 01 2008

so...i am different.  if you ask most kids what they do when they're bored, they'll typically say something like "I went outside" or "I read a book" or "I ate something"....but not me.  If you ask me what I do when I am bored i say "Make Cheescake" or "Learn a new song on the guitar!"....

so lastnight i was bored so i made some cheescake...which is scary because i don't know what they'll taste like.  and this morning, i was once again bored, so i picked up my guitar that i haven't played in 3 months and learned a song.  i am random.  and i like it.  :)


January 31 2008

...gosh.  it's really frustrating me that it isn't snowing and it's not raining, it's like icing.  it sucks.  i am not a big fan of snow, but if something frozen is going to fall from the sky, it needs to be the white stuff.  :P


January 31 2008

so...here's a cool quote from a book called Eclipse. you kinda have to read it to understand. but i sorta like it. 

"...You know how much you mean to me.  I'm sorry that it's not in the way you want, but that's just how it is.  You're my best friend.  At least, you used to be.  And still sometimes are...when you let your guard down."

Love It

January 31 2008
The most amaZing song ever! Carmen sings it WAY WAY WAY better but its a good song.


January 31 2008
I'm getting married in 100 days!

Song of the Week. "The Best of Me"

January 30 2008

Hey I just found this song like this week and I can't get it out of my head...I think the begining is really catchy. I imagine it would be an extremely fun song to play for both drummer and guitarist. Ok well please enjoy this song "The Best of Me" by The Starting Line.


"The worste is over and you can have the best of me, we got older but we're still young we never got over this feeling that we won't give up" 


January 30 2008

Well another season of american idol is starting and i am siked i absolutely love that show and i am definately glad it is on again.

               Our prom is coming up and i am not sure if i want to go.first of all i think it might end up being a little boring and truthfully i might rather go bowling or something, Second of all i dont want to have to walk around in those shoes and that dress i am not shure please help me make up my mind


January 30 2008
okat guys i dont seem to be getting very many messages from you guys and i hope you guys oh yeh and GIRLS i hope you will take this as a HINT and start talking to me!!!!!!!!!!


January 29 2008

So....I havn't blogged in a while.....prolly cause I have NOTHING to blog about. So I'll rant (which isnt really blog cause people like to read blogs and not rants.) All I ever do know is rant! Gah. NEway, is my life really supposed to be that interesting? People ask me what's up and I say nothing and then all of the sudden I'm selfish and all this crap. I don't talk about my life because IT IS NOT INTERESTING AND THERE IS NOTHING TO SAY!!! Some people *coughmegancough* can't grasp that concept. Just because I'm the most apathedic person on this planet dosn't mean that I'm selfish (cause that assumption really dosn't make sence at all.) So....ya. The rant fire is dieing. So I leave with this:



1.absence or suppression of passion, emotion, or excitement. 2.

lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting.


Their is nothing wrong with being the above.



And also a cool tidbit from the song Moving On:


"I've lived in this place and I know all the faces. Each one is different, but they're always the same. They mean me no harm but it's time that I face it, they'll never allow me to change. I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong. I'm moving on."

long time

January 29 2008

haven't updated in a long time... but it seems like I do that a lot. Very busy lately with work and school.


Short rundown on what has gone on since last update

Finished a semester, had decent grades

Christmas Vacation, went to NH, lots of snow, busted my ear up pretty bad from a jump on a sled (currently my profile pic)

Started a new semester, fifteen hours this time

Closed on Big Springs, glad to get that one out of the way, huge house, still have a few things left on it though

Current, Closing on the last house in Jamison this week, lots of work but I think that I will get this one completely done this time.


That's what has gone on recently. Will try to update more for those who care... 


January 29 2008

Seem closly related

January 29 2008

I asked, "This is gonna kill me? Are you sure?" She said, "Yes.

"Well I guess I am gonna die" -some one of some importance (I think)


"There is a difference in switching to auto then pressing a button, and staring down the sights into the eyes of the person and putting a bullet in his heart" -someone else (why I am going to become a sniper)



I love life.

January 28 2008

I love the smell of orange blossoms on a warm summer breeze.

I love watching a beautiful sunset.

I love the feeling of grass between my toes.

I love the sound of the ocean massaging the coast.

I love tasting the sweet nectar of the columbine flower.

I love standing on a big rock and feeling it strong beneath my feet.

I love climbing a tall tree to see above all the others.

I love swimming in a brisk mountain lake.

I love watching a volcano build a new mountain.

I love to feel the mist from a high waterfall. 

I love to see a new person being formed.

I love you.

Things Are Looking Up...

January 28 2008

so yes.. it has been a few months since i have actually wrote anything on here... and much has changed...

well since the last time i put anything on here it was November i'll just start with December...

Exams sucked as they usually do...

Christmas was alright i guess.. i only went home for about 3 days.. and then i went to North Carolina to be with my dads family.. it was definitely hard cause it was the first holiday without my uncle.  but it was really good to have the whole family there.  i didn't really get anything major for Christmas...but i didn't ask for anything so i'm not disappointed at all...


after christmas i came back to Knoxville to work.. it was great being here.. i love my job and love Knoxville...
New Years was a ton of fun.. i  hung out with tons of my friends and a few from home came up here to celebrate with me so that was awesome!!!


since my last semester at UT wasn't going great i decided it would be best to take a break from there so i'm going to a local college up here in Knoxville for the semester to get back on track and figure out what i really want to do.. so far it is going really well and it seems to be a great decision...


things are actually going really well for me right now... my life seems to be getting back on track.. i have great relationships with my friends.. there is very little drama in my life.. school is going pretty good.. my job rocks and even better i met a guy that is really cool and really good for me... so hopefully it will work out.. i'm just going to see where it goes from here but whatever happens happens... i'm pretty satisfied right now so yeah...


one thing that was really cool was this past month me and my friend rachel went to see this band play... and then hung out with them the next night.. they are TOTALLY awesome!!!! they are from Nashville (my home town!!!) they are The Running... they have a myspace so i know their music is there and i think its on itunes as well.. but its really awesome stuff and they are totally cool too so thats awesome.. i also met the band that played after them too.. they are also from Nashville.. Inglewood is their name... they are hilarious and have great music as well....and they have a myspace as well...


but anywho... thats pretty much everything that has been going on with me... oh my brother decided on a college to go to next year... looks like he'll be following my sister to Auburn University... which is cool.. i know he'll be happy there....


well till next time,



oh another cool artist: Kate Voegele...

best song so far-- Kindly Unspoken... awesome lyrics!!!!!


peace and love!




January 27 2008

Gender? girl

Age? 14
Where do you live? in a house

Only child? no
Have any sisters? no sisters

What about brothers? yeah i have one
Do you like your name? it's kinda wierd, to be honest
Are your parents in love? i would think so, yes

Who is your favorite family member? i don't have one really

Do you live in a house or trailer? a house

Are you straight,gay,or bi? i am straight...but that question is gay.  lol

Who are 3 of your best friends? Grace, Tyler and way too many more like Megan and Keri and Hallie and lots of other people

Yes or No

Are you in love? Yes
Do you want to get married? Yes
Do you want to have children? i don't know really

Do you have any pets? a few

Do you drive? not yet thankfully

Can you drive a stick? no i can't drive at all, silly!

Can you swim? sure
Ever been drunk? no thanks

Have you been arrested? a few times!!! lol j/k

Ever had detention? no

Ever been Suspended? NO!


Do you use birth control?um no this is an odd survey.

What color shirt are you wearing? a brown one

What are you wearing? clothing
What color of underwear do you have on? uh go away.

Have you ever been punched? yeah a few times

Ever been in a fight? verbal, not physical

Do you smoke? naw dawg
Drink? water, yes 
Do you like to read? of course!

Favorite book? Twilight and New Moon and Eclipse

Favorite Movie? the Princess Bride

Favorite tv Show? Gilmore Girls
Favorite band/singer? i don't know that's hard!

Favorite song? i don't know i don't waste time on stuff like that

Do you like cheese? i love cheese!!!!

Have any nicknames? actually, for the first time, YES
Do you like broccoli? sometimes
Fav alcoholic beverage? i don't know

Fav. non-alcoholic beverage? white grape juice!!!

What superhero would u be? .....spiderman.

Dream Car? something that runs.

Have you ever stolen anything? i don't know probably
Do you lie alot? not really.
When was the last time you lied? i don't remember...it's the past, let it go.
Who did you kiss last? ain't never kissed nobody.

Who was the last person you called? i think grace

Last person to call you? i dont know

Opposite/same gender
Hair color: whatever's cute
Eye Color: green, but that's unlikely
How tall? a few inches taller than me, actually, i prefer over 6 foot.

Redneck or Prep? it doesn't matter.  just cool

Whats the first thing you notice? eyes and hands

Do you make the first move? not typically, but it looks like i'm going to have to pretty soon
Money or love? Love, DUH
Looks or Personality? personality, but don't get me wrong.  they can't be ugly or something 
Would you kiss on the first date? probably not.  maybe on the cheek
Beyond Random

Where are your keys? i ain't got no keys, homie 
Most overused phrase? what's poppin' homie and dangflabit

Are you married? no i don't think!  lol
Name someone you love: i love the world........ ;)
Who is your #1? i don't have one
Who is your #2? seeing as i don't have a number one, do you think i would have a number 2????!!!!???? (gosh you're stupid.)
Can you roll your tongue? i dont think so because i've tried.
Can you whistle? sadly, no.

Can you blow bubbles? yeah i can

Why did you do this survey? i'm bored and i think they're fun...and i have a lot of time to waste.

Did You enjoy it? it's not over but i've enjoyed most of it, thus far.

What did you do first thing this morning? breathe

Do you like Bush? whatever...sure

Do you believe in God? uh yeah

What should you be doing right now? um nothing.

What do you wish you were doing right now? i don't know

What time is it? like 1:45 ish

Are you glad this is over? sure whatever
What are your plans now? going to valentine's banquet practice and then church and then seeing some cool people and eating. ;)

You know you love them :P

January 26 2008

Gender? female

Age? 14
Where do you live? Dickerson (aka Dickson)
Only child? No
Have any sisters? Yes, i would have 2
What about brothers? Yes, i would have 2
Do you like your name? pretty much yes
Are your parents in love? No, that would be why they are divorce

Who is your favorite family member? They're all cool.
Do you live in a house or trailer? House
Are you straight,gay,or bi? i'm Straight up STRAIGHT baby! lol i'm so tired :P
Who are 3 of your best friends? Tyler,Carmen,....yeah thats it lol

Yes or No

Are you in love? Yes
Do you want to get married? Yes
Do you want to have children? Yes, and i call them Kids not 'Children' Children is so...harsh lol

Do you have any pets? Yes
Do you drive? not yet
Can you drive a stick? seeing that i cant drive yet how could i drive a stick..you need to think more
Can you swim? Yes
Ever been drunk? nope, i'm a good kid :)
Have you been arrested? no, again i say i'm a good kid :P

Ever had detention? No, i'm homeschooled
Ever been Suspended? How can you be suspened from your house? seeing that i do school in my house, manily my room..that would suck being sespended from my room!!!


Do you use birth control? NO, get out of my life you creep. lol (thats for you Emma :P lol)
What color shirt are you wearing? Brown and it says "Sweet and Chocolatey" lol oh so true ha
What are you wearing? Jeans, shirt, sweat-shirt,
What color of underwear do you have on? Get Out Of My Life You Creep *lol*
Have you ever been punched? Yes
Ever been in a fight? not really

Do you smoke? No
Drink? Nope
Do you like to read? Yes very much so
Favorite book? I have many favorites
Favorite Movie? i like to many to have a 'favorite'

Favorite tv Show? Gilmore Girls
Favorite band/singer? again like the move, i like to many to have a 'favorite'


Do you like cheese? Yes, lol sorry thats a little random
Have any nicknames? Yes many
Do you like broccoli? Yes
Fav alcoholic beverage? uhmmm i'm not a drinker like you might be!

Fav. non-alcoholic beverage? Water
What superhero would u be? is TinkerBell a suberhero lol

Dream Car? i dont really DREAM about cars but i like jeeps and some trucks
Have you ever stolen anything? chocolate when i was like 5.
Do you lie alot? No
When was the last time you lied? Who knows
Who did you kiss last? OH MY GOSH! i've never been kissed cant these stupid quizes get the picture!!!!!!

Who was the last person you called? ...Lilly..i think
Last person to call you? Lilly

the opposite/same sex

Hair color: Any
Eye Color: Any
How tall? I don't care
Redneck or Prep? neither lol
Whats the first thing you notice? hair
Do you make the first move? It depends
Money or love? Love
Looks or Personality? Personality
Would you kiss on the first date? It depends

Beyond Random

Where are your keys? seeing that i CAN'T drive i have NO keys.
Most overused phrase? 'pretty much' and 'sounds like a party'
Are you married? No
Name someone you love: Jesus
Who is your #1? Seth
Who is your #2? Sarah
Can you roll your tongue? no :( i've tired, trust me
Can you whistle? Yes
Can you blow bubbles? Yes, who cant thats the real question
Why did you do this survey? b/c i have no life :P

Did You enjoy it? sure why not
What did you do first thing this morning? looked at the celling
Do you like Bush? sure

Do you believe in God? why yes, do you?

What should you be doing right now? studying for spanish :) hee-hee but i'm not!

What do you wish you were doing right now? Riding horses

What time is it? 10:15ish pm

Are you glad this is over? Yes
What are your plans now? Talking to people on myspace :) fun i know


January 26 2008

I went to my first meeting for People to People today. It was three hours long and I was extremely hungry, so I thought it was never going to end. I had Keri by my side, and I met some potentially cool people, so it wasn't all that bad. I'm even more excited about going to Europe than I was. There is a total of 46 people going. 46! That's a whole lot of people. Keri and I thought we were going to be the only freshman, but we are the only two people from Dickson. Yay, go us! My mom told me that I couldn't spend my whole time talking to Keri though because I need to make new friends. But I can do both at once. There are some really tall people in our group. I felt really short. Everyone seems pretty nice so far, so that's good. So my day was pretty good, how about all of your's?


January 26 2008

so i went to see an AWESOME movie lastnight!  it was sweet and romantic, but at the same time, HILARIOUS!  those are my favorite movies.  but anyway the movie was 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl.  She makes me cry.  I cry in ALL her movies.  and yeah, i cry in like, every movie, but i just love her movies for some reason.  oh and one reason i was crying was because the guy in the movie, James Marsden or whatever....well he's really hot and i was crying because of that.  lol.  grace was laughing at me and i found it quite mean, because one day she's gonna be crying and i'm going to fall on the floor in hysterical laughter.  but anyway, the movie was really cute and i loved it.  well, there was this one quote that i loved so much!!!  it was funny.

"Wow, I feel like I just found out my favorite love song was written about a sandwich."

(i feel like that a lot :P)

i cost $4,120!!!!!

January 26 2008
Natural Hair Color:
> [] Brown - $100
> [x] Blonde - $50
> [] Black - $15
> [] Bald - $5
> [] Other-$75
> Total:$50

> Eye Color:
> [] Brown - $50
> [] Green - $75
> [x] Blue $50
> [] Hazel $100
> [] Other - $15
> Total so far:100

> Height:
> [] Over 7' - $200
> [] 6'8? to 7' - $175
> [] 6'0? to 6'7? - $150
> [x] 5'5? to 5'11? - $75
> [] Under 5,,4 - $20
> Total so far:175

> Age:
> [] 50 to 56 - $175
> [] 46 to 50 - $150
> [] 41 to 45 - $125
> [] 31 to 40 - $100
> []26 to 30 - $75
> [] 21 to 25 - $50
> [] 19 to 20 - $25
> [x]0 to 18 - $100
> Total so far: 275

> Birth Order:
> [] Twins or more than twins - $750
> [x]First Born - $320
> [] Only Child - $250
> [] second born - $150
> [] Middle child - $100
> [] Last Born - $100
> [] third born - $550
> [] fourth born - $300
> [] fifth born - $400
> [] sixth born -$215
> Total so far: 595

> Drink?
> [] I did once - $400
> [] Only Holidays - $250
> [] Sometimes - $215
> [] yeah - $200
> [] only weekends - $300
> [] Every other day - $50
> [] Once a day - $15
> [] I live from the bottle - $Bankrupt$
> []back to $ZERO
> []No (not any more) - $600
> [x]no (never have)-$850
> Total so far: 1445

> Vision?
> [] perfect vision $400
> [] need or have glasses/ contacts but don't wear them $200
> [] No correction $100
> [] Glasses $50
> [x] contacts $25
> [] Surgical correction -$100
> Total so far: 1470

> Shoe Size:
> [] 13+ - $300
> [] 12 and a half to 13 - $250
> [x] 11 to 12 - $600
> [] 7 to 10 - $500
> [] Under 7- $450
> Total so far:2070

> Favorite Colors (two):
> [x] Green-$750
> [] Red - $600
> [] Black - $650
> [] Yellow -$475
> [] Brown - $300
> [] Purple - $225
> [] White - $400
> [] Aqua - $350
> [x] Orange - $300
> [] Blue - $300
> []Pink - $100
> []Other- $500
> TOTAL: 3120

> Did you use a calculator to add it all up?
> [] Yes $0
> [x] Nope-add $1000
> [] some- $750

> Final Total:4120
> REPOST WITH TITLE: "I cost $ ______

Tn Mafia Jug Band

January 26 2008

Sooo... Today I went to see the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band with our friends the Randolphs. It was awesome(well, for me it was). It was a very long drive there(about three hours) and so we stopped at Ruby Tuesday to eat.  When it came time to order, Billy decided he wanted his hamburger medium rare. I tried to tell him that that was a bad idea, but he was like "No, it's great, just a little bit of pink inside, and well done on the outside" Not so on this one. When it came out, he took a bite of it, looked at it, and I'd swear his eye twitched a little bit. He turned it around to show it to me, and it might as well have been raw. He was okay with that, but when some "Juice" started dripping out of it, he about had a conniption. I said "Hey Billy, you know what that juice is, right?" "No, what is it" "that's blood, Billy" "No way! Dad, what is this juice?" " That's blood, Billy".  " Gross!". So after that, he was a little more solemn. After awhile he was like " Hey, can I have your fries?" He had given up on the burger after two bites.  About an hour later, we finally got there, after having to stop and ask for directions from Ellie Mae Clampett. The show was great, except for when the P.A. went out, but they just sang louder. After the show, I went up and talked to Leroy Troy for a minute, and he said "Do you pick a banjer?" "Yes sir." "Well I'd like to hear you sometime, What's your name?" "Daniel Pitts" "alright, you come back to another show sometime." Then we were given the tour of the facilities by the guy that runs that venue( long story why we even wanted a tour). We were still being shown around when the band was packing up, and Leroy saw me and said, "Daniel, come here a minute" so I followed him back into their dressing room, and he said, "Carry that banjo for me will ya, I want to hear you pick." So I carried it downstairs, and I played a couple of tunes. Then Dan Kelly(world champion fiddle player) said, "You play the fiddle, right( I had asked him a bowing question a little earlier). I said I did, and he handed me his fiddle to work on that lick he was showing me. So, all in all, I had a very eventful day.










Friends by Bette Midler

January 25 2008
Oh, you got to have friends,
the feeling's oh so strong.
You got to have friends
to make that day last long.
Had some friends, but they're gone,
somethin' came and took them away,
and from the dusk 'til the dawn
here's where I will stay.

Standing at the end of the road, boys,
waitin' for my new friends to come.
I don't care if I'm hungry or cold, freezing.
I got to get me some.

'Cause you got to have friends.
Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba.
"Oh, that's the favorite part of my voice, you know.
I really like to get up. Hm."
Oh, friends.
"Thank you."
Oh, friends, friends, friends, friends.
I had some firends, oh, but they're all gone, gone.
Somethin' took 'em away,
and from the dusk 'til the dawn
here is where I'm gonna stay, you know, oh.

Standing at the end of a real long road, Jack,
and I'm waitin' for my new friends to come,
and I don't care if I'm jungry or freezing, freezing cold.
You gotta, you gotta get me some.

'Cause you gotta have,
"you gotta have friends. I'm telling you. I am speaking 'cause I know. It's going too fast. We're all going too fast! I'm trying to tell you to slow down! They're hard to come by! Those friends are hard to come by! I didn't have many friends, you know. But, things are getting better now. And I think it's gonna be okay, 'cause I have a couple now."

you gotta, you gotta, you gotta have friends, friends.
You gotta, you gotta, you gotta have friends, friends

dancing all the way...

January 25 2008
The past week months I've really realized how much dance is important to me. I mean, I've always known I loved it, but it's the one thing that I could be good at. Some people are great at singing. Others writing, drawing, acting...me dancing. My only down fall is that where I take dance I feel like I'm being held back in the class I'm in. It seems like a lot of the people in the class really don't care. Sure they like hip-hopping, I'll give them that. But I just feel that if that's all you want out of a dance education, then you should just go dance around in the streets. If you take dance classes full time- especially if you participate on a dance TEAM, you should give a darn and at least have an iota of talent. I know that sounds harsh, but you honestly haven't seen some of the people in my dance class. Even though it's totally cliche-ish, dance really does let me express my feelings. It's one of the very few times I can just be myself and not care what others think - well to an extent. Even when I feel totally crappy, I take five minutes to dance, and I can't help but have a huge grin on my face. But back to the whole point of this. I just don't feel like I've learned a whole lot the past three years I've been dancing. I guess I have learned that I can't be shy and that I have to go full-out all the time, but I want to learn technique - lyrical, jazz, ballet, open, contempary. I love hip-hop, but I can't spend my whole dance career shaking by butt. And honestly, I really don't have the money to go to a fancy dance school. So basically my dilemma is that I just want to learn more. Broaden my range of skill. I'm not getting that, and I WANT IT so much.I just don't know how to get it. I really believe I do have tons of potential, and I'm not just trying to sound conceited. I've had to teach myself most of the little technique that I do have by watching dance movies and others dance. So yeah, if you have read all of this, thanks for listening to my rant on dance. Maybe someone will hear me and help me get my dream.

Song of the Week. "The Joker"

January 25 2008

"Some people call me the space cowboy some people call me the gangster of love"


Great song. Please enjoy "The Joker" by Fatboy Slim 

Seven By Revis

January 24 2008

It’s all over
It’s all over now
The seal is broken
Creatures spoken now

I hope you come up
To heaven right now
It’s all over
It’s all over now

Can I be changed
Or am I the same

It’s all over
It’s all over now
No room for hiding
We’re children fighting now

And I hope you come up
To heaven right now

It’s all over
It’s all over now
Can I be the same

The rain is falling
The rain is falling now
Today we’re leaving
Our souls are calling now

The stars on his right
Holding seven right now
The rain is falling
The rain is falling now

Can I be changed
Or am I the same

[Repeat Chorus]

The same
Can I be changed

more like her

January 24 2008

''She's beautiful in her simple little way
She don't have too much to say when she gets mad
She understands she don't let go of anything
Even when the pain gets really bad
I guess I should have been more like that


You had it all for a pretty little while
And somehow you made me smile when I was sad
You took a chance on a bruised and beaten heart
And then you realized you wanted what you had
I guess I should have been more like that


I should have held on to my pride
I should have never let you lie
I guess you got what you deserve
I guess I should have been more like her


Forgiving you well she's stronger than I am
You don't look much like a man from where I'm at
It's plain to see desperation showed it's truth
You love her as she loves you with all she has
I guess I should have been more like that


I should have held on to my pride
I should have never let you lie
I guess you got what you deserve
I guess I should have been more like her


She's beautiful in her simple little way...''



January 24 2008
well...i cooked supper.  GO ME!!!!  for those of you that know me, you know that i can not cook AT ALL!  well, i guess it's not really cooking...i made grilled cheese and soup.  yum.  but the soup was from the can.  and my dad 'taught' me how to make the grilled cheese because i didn't know how.....so.....i guess i didn't really cook anything.  oh well.  still exciting, huh?  lol


January 23 2008
so i got a new 2tally awsome backgroung with dinosaurs all over it AND a new song. it is "unwell" by matchbox 20 and it is my theme song. Really, if u listen to that song, it practicaly IS my life. so....have a great life!!!!(no sarcasm intended)

how sad flow the streams

January 23 2008

"How sad flow the streams in the valley below

How to prove that I love you, I never will know.

You say that you love me, you say you are true,

But among all your fine words are lying ones too.

Although I have sworn that I love you, I know

That you will not believe me, and so I must go.

I thank you for moments of joy we did share,

And I hope that your luck will be better elsewhere."

--Author Unknown


January 23 2008

hi my name is dylan jones i am very silly and i like women AlOT.

For any women out there who might want to take a crack at me my number is NOT 4 you to see!!!

So call me if ya wont tooooooooooooooooo

say goodbye to the sexy man!!!

So its been a while

January 23 2008

I know it has been a while and all since I have posted a thought.  I know you guys are dieing to know how I have been...actually you probably dont care and will not take the time of day to read this. 

Well i have been pretty good.  Disapointed in somethings and then exited about others.  :) :) 

  Schooling is going alright...not the best but hey im not even half way through the quarter.  

   I guess I am about done

welll actually no

here are a few songs i have recently discovered and I think that you  should look them up ;)


"Teasing to Please" by Cute is What We Aim For


"All the Same"  by Sick Puppies(I think)


"Letter to Me" by Brad Paisley


I really thought there was going to be more but the ones that i was going to put up were a little older but i realized that i liked them a lot. 


sad day

January 22 2008

i know this may sound silly, but i am kinda sad that heath ledger passed away. i hate it when young people die. it really just breaks my heart. like my cousin and ellen... just so much life that wasn't able to be lived. i know God has a plan for taking people young but that never makes it any easier on those that loved them. i hate that for his family and friends. and lets be honest, '10 things i hate about you' was a freaking awesome movie. 


anyway, hope all is well with you remaining phusers :-) have a great night! 

Random but thats just me

January 22 2008

Okay so whats up my people.

Life has been... kinda crappy, i'm not gona lie but I've had my friends to help me. I would have to say last weekend was, in a word 'Odd' b/c i was with people that dont really like me for who i am so i was kinda scared to see how they would treat me. But it went okay so that was good.

Ha so most of you dont really know whats going on in my life, i'm not sure Carmen even knows all of it. Its kinda hitting me hard not having someone with me all the time....a sister someone to talk to no matter what. And you guys are amaZing but no one can really take the place of Lane, so yeah it pretty much sucks.

On a happy note i'm gona get to hang with my friends more this month seeing that i'm in the Vday show at my church. I have this stupid, boring, put you to sleep song but hey i'm sure it will be fun :)

Well now that this boring random post is over i hope you get back to your fun life :) lol Message me or something i never talk to people anymore and its kinda boring + sad.



I am invincible as long as I am alive.

January 21 2008

How can I not stop where I am at and look around me for the good.

I see what is happening to me, where I am going but I am not there yet. I see me in the future, the future me is on his knees screaming at me to stop but the screams are nothing to my deaf ears. I must learn by doing it is all I have ever known. It is what I am still taught. I must screw up myself to get it right. Never to be done by others examples. What do you want me to say. I am stupid? yeah I am. What do I want to hear? "Austin you are better than that?" No because I have told myself countless times. God can't help someone who doesn't want it. God can't be there where he is not acepted. Even if he when he is there I push him to the side and tell him the same thing I have told all who have tried to stop me. "Go away, I will learn for myself." I have told myself that. Even now admitting it is not hard. It is like admitting that a train is coming and I am standing on the tracks, it does nothing to talk about it. It does me nothing to see thousand others die before me, I must learn for myself that trains are a little stronger than me. I must kill myself to live. Do not tell me I am mortal, as far as I am concerned I am still alive. So far, I am invincible.  



January 21 2008

This is a Valentine's truth survey. So dont lie:

1.Do you like anyone?
i guess

2. Are you a flirt?
occasionaly around certain others

3. Are you a player?
no. that's mean.

4. Would you get back together with any of your exes?
i don't know because i've never had anybody to be an ex

5. Have you ever kissed anyone on your top friends?
i've never kissed anyone, nor do i have a top friend list, so i can't really answer that Q.

6. Do you want a valentine?

of course, who doesn't.

7. Have you slept over at the opposite sex's house?

8. Do you prefer group dates or single ones?
i don't really know, since i've never been on either

10.Small kisses or makeout sessions?
well, i wouldn't really know, now would i, but i would definitely say not makeout sessions because that could lead to not good things.

11. Do you like watching movies?
heck yeah!

12. Any plans for valentines day?
sadly no. probably a present or two from my parents. woo-hoo. some chocolate and flowers maybe. a real party for one!

13.What's the best valentines day present for a girl?
anything that is sweet and that will make them feel special.

14. For a guy?
i'm not a guy, so i don't know. do they even really like gifts?

15. Are you single or taken?
single, sadly...


January 21 2008
Apparently, I don't think much.

super duper

January 21 2008

This is a Valentine's truth survey. So dont lie:

1.Do you like anyone?

2. Are you a flirt?
i have to say yes

3. Are you a player?

4. Would you get back together with any of your exes?
i am single and i have been forever...so i have no exes.

5. Have you ever kissed anyone on your top friends?
i don't have a top friends list, but if i did the answer would still be no.

6. Do you want a valentine?

yeah very much

7. Have you slept over at the opposite sex's house?
yeah but the person was not there

8. Do you prefer group dates or single ones?
well i haven't been on either but i think group

10.Small kisses or makeout sessions?
um gross.

11. Do you like watching movies?
i love watching movies!

12. Any plans for valentines day?
not yet.

13.What's the best valentines day present for a girl?
flowers...and of course, chocolate.

14. For a guy?
well i'm not a guy so i wouldn't know.  wow, i'm such a good valentine, eh? 

15. Are you single or taken?
i'm single...

fun i know

January 21 2008

This is a Valentine's truth survey. So dont lie:

1.Do you like anyone?

2. Are you a flirt?
i suppose..lol i dont know

3. Are you a player?

4. Would you get back together with any of your exes?
I dont have any 'exes' as you would say

5. Have you ever kissed anyone on your top friends?

6. Do you want a valentine?
sure why not

7. Have you slept over at the opposite sex's house?
i have slept over at my friends house and he was a guy if that counts lol

8. Do you prefer group dates or single ones?
never been on either so i wouldn't know 

10.Small kisses or makeout sessions?
lol sorry thats just a funny question :P

11. Do you like watching movies?

12. Any plans for valentines day?

13.What's the best valentines day present for a girl?
i personally like chocolate :) haha

14. For a guy?
whatever they want :] i dont know

15. Are you single or taken?
i would say taken


January 21 2008

HEY i got a song on my profile!  cool.

"Sometimes love isn't fireworks...sometimes, love just comes softly..."

-Love Comes Softly

Song of the Week. "What Do Ya Think About That"

January 20 2008
So have been told a lot this song reminds people of me. I guess it kinda does describe me. I will be the first person to tell you I don't care what you have to say about me. But if you are going to be say something about me, be a man and say it to my face. That is all I ask. So for those of you who like to tell people how to live thier life...don't waist your breath on me. Listen to the last line of the song...I like.

Cloverfield (sorta)

January 19 2008
Kay, so this thought was gonna be about how i went to see Cloverfield and it was good but sad, but instead im gonna write about my youth minister you is in ICU. Apparently he had a heart attack on tusday and didnt tell anybody so when he finally did yesterday, it was bad. He's having open heart surgery soon, so im going to cry now.


January 19 2008

Well i got my braces off.... and im lost with out my braces.. dont get me wrong my teeth are cool looking.. but my braces were cool also.. my teeth are pretty cool but big.. i know this is pointless to you all stuck up kids on here but i like my teeth and i dont care... teeth teeth

 i have beef between my teeth it would be boss... if i had floss... i have scrumb between my toes it tastes good on my gum... my head iches really bad it would be nice if i didnt have lice....

Crazy long

January 18 2008

I don't normally post blogs like this but I am going to give it a try.

So today is going to be like a really long day but I am expecting it to be pretty frigging good. Weight lifting in football which is awesome in itself cause I get to show off my huge muscles. Then I am going to walk to the hospital at about 4 after school. So late because I will be working out late so I can get bigger and I am going to take a shower there. Like I said then I will be walking to the hospital which is pretty cool I love to walk. There are some pricks on the road though. Wednesday I walked there and this trucker laid on his air horn and kinda scared me but it is cool I am sure he got a good laugh out of it, I don't mind people being happy if it is at my expense. I will hang out there for about an hour and a half, then I am going to Elizabeht's house to hang out with her family which will be pretty cool. I really have never seen her WHOLE family. I have meet her mom, dad, smallest sister, her big sister, and two brothers...I get confused with names though. I hope I really don't embarress myself though. Oh well if I do. Then I begin the long ride home. I hope everyone else has an equally exciting and good day...wait no I don't. Just go do...whatever I don't care. lol  

Spilling Over

January 17 2008
Have you ever been really happy, but then feel hollow inside at the same time. Like one second you are trying so hard to be happy, and for a little while it works. But then you remember what's been nagging at you all day, and you can't help but break down. For the past couple of days that's how my life has went. All day today, I was on the verge of tears, and then when I got home I couldn't take it anymore. I just completely broke down, and I don't really know why. I guess it's just a mixture of things. It's been building up the past couple of days and I just couldn't let it go anymore. I'm like a robot walking to classes and doing homework and tests. Putting on a happy face, just trying to get through the day. It seems like no one's paying any attention to me. Even though there's lots of people were I sit during lunch, I feel lonlier than ever. I changed table so I could get to sit with both of my two best friends, and now I don't even get to talk to either of them really. That's really my fault though. Hardly of the people talk to me. I guess it's mostly my falt though because I don't say much. I just kind of sit there. But if I do try to talk, I can feel the tears coming on. The only way I can keep from crying is to go into my box and cover myself. I just can't take it anymore. I don't know what to do anymore. By the time I got home I just wanted to crawl into a hole and sleep for a month. Maybe then things would be better, and I wouldn't have to constantly tell myself I can make it through the day. Then just to go home and cry myself to sleep. Mostly right now, I just need some prayers. Hoping things will get better. Hopefully......


January 17 2008
go read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer RIGHT NOW!!!  they are the most awesome books EVER!!!!!!!  you can read them over and over and over and over and over (literally) and they never get old.  well, that's my rant.


January 17 2008

This argument will help any of you debate a POWERFUL argument against any agnostic or atheist. 

So I've been having this extensive debate with an agnostic, and I thought you guys might like this argument.  Not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome :-).
But I do want to say it wasn't my original idea, I read it on a website, but at first it didn't make sense.  After a while it did, and I will say I got a firm grasp on it, and was able to even add some extentions of my own to it.
So here it is :-)

The universe is without purpose or reason, because it either always was without reason, or spontaneously generated without any intelligent design behind it. It continues in its existence without purpose, but entirely based upon random occurence: thus evolution, a belief system that argues for abiogenetic origin, a random compilation of materials that just so happened to form the first cell, and then evolution itself, a random set of genetic mutations that slowly produced the apex of this accidental sequence of reactions SO FAR, humanity.
Thus, the very fabric of our universe, is random chance.
Even more importantly, the composition of your brain, my brain, and every human person's brain, is a product of this random, disorderly universe, from random chance evolution.
So every person's thinking apparatus is the product of random, reasonless material.
Thus, how can you presuppose that your reasonless brain can bring you to reasonable conclusions? How can we assume that we can even come to rational conclusions, when this universe itself, and the compostion of the thing through which you are trying to come to rational conclusions, your brain, is completely irrational itself?
It makes no sense to think that your brain, which in a materialist view is just that, nothing more than material, can somehow magically surmount the disorderly, strictly material universe in which it lives, and start making rational, immaterial conjecture.
If you do believe that, you're trying to say that your materialistic brain is immaterial in nature (higher thinking) because you're saying that the brain can somehow analyze and deduce things that our outside of the very matrix in which it exists, which is complete DISORDER and IRRATIONALE.
Your brain is material, and random, purposeless material at that, existing in a purposeless universe. It lacks the very capacity to even perceive logic and order, because the universe from which it randomly evolved is completely devoid of such concepts, and thus is the brain as well, in that it has originated from said universe devoid of reason and rationale.

A main rebuttal to this would be "well people perceive their existence, and through perception of their environment, create logical order from such perception."
No, this still doesn't follow because what is perceiving, the brain, can't perceive logic and order because, for one, there is none in the universe to perceive, and secondly, it is the strict material object created from said disorderly universe, thus completely lacking the ability to perceive order by the very nature of its composition.
In short, this rebuttal is simply a misunderstanding of the argument, because it adds no new information to the premise.

And your example about the behavior of evolved humans is of no consequence, in fact, in reinforces just what I said.
In order for humankind to perceive logic and order, to logically deliberate science and our surroundings, or, as you said, to make proper decisions about the best survival of the species, we have to first have the capacity to think orderly, logically. And if our brains our simply randomly evolved material from a disorderly universe, we shouldn't even be able to pick an "ideal mate," or anything of that sort. And even if we thought we did, there'd be no way to tell, because the thing we're using to make the "good mate" decision, is itself incapable of rational choice. In fact, the statement "rational choice" would itself become an oxy-moron.

Quite simply, to think that your brain can think rationally and orderly would have to point to an ordered, purpose driven, universe, and of course the only way to have this would be if Someone intelligently designed it, and more specifically, designed the brain, allowing it to think on terms with the rational, orderly universe that shares in its Ordered, Rational Origin.

In my recent boredom.

January 16 2008

I have redescovered one of my all time favorite movies (not including Forrest Gump and Princess Bride) Tombstone. I love most western movies I think. Any ways I have watched this movie about 3 times in the last few days...Yes bored I know. This is a great movie and it baffles me to find out how many people really have no idea what I am talking about when trying to quote the move. "I'm your huckleberry." I think that if I could be anyone in that movie I would be one of three people...yes it is that hard to decide. I would either be Doc Holiday played my Val Kilmer. He was the fastest in the west at that time and well a drunk but even when he was drunk he had his witts and speed about him. He was also a well educated man being a doctor. Now note I would not like to be a drunk or die of lung disease like he did...I have seen it happen in real life an it is not an enjoyable thing to go through but none the less Dr. John Henry "Doc" Holliday "He was the most skillful gambler, and the nerviest, fastest, deadliest man with a six-gun I ever saw." -Wytt Earp.

    Which brings me to my next and 2nd in ranking of "wanting to be" Wytt Earp. His reputation preceded him everywhere he went. He was called many things from "Kansas law dog" to "American Legend" Either way you put it and no matter how he tried he could not escape his fame and infamy of his Colt. I would not enjoy the fact that my brother died infront of me, but I would however enjoy being this great fighter even if he did do a lot of it for revenge in the end he got what he wanted and stood his ground for what he faught for. 

    The last is known as a deadly gunfighter, deadly outlaw-"and the fastest gun in all the West, the quickest ever known." Although that must not be completly true because of his early death due to Doc Holliday in a draw. I idealize Johnny Ringo, the amazing cowboy, because not only was he an amazing fight with a gun but he was very educated and knew two languages fluently. There is just something about being an outlaw during this time that sounds fun. This quick draw was infamous for being the most deadly man in Texas and all the West until he and his cowboy gang had a run in with Wyatt Earp and his companions in a Arizona town known as Tombstone. There was only one fight Jonny Ringo did not win...and that is all there ever has to be. ]

    So yeah those three people, men, fighters, outlaws, lawdogs, and fasinating people are and always will be the people I could see myself being if I lived during this time. I absolutly love the movie Tombstone and as far as being historically correct it hits the head of the nail. So I would recomend it to anyone. Please enjoy the movie if you do decide to watch it, and if you do decide to watch it, I am sure that you will enjoy it.  



January 16 2008
I just wanted to say that if it rains in the middle of the night and washed all the snow away, I'm going to be very, very upset. It's already up to almost two inches at my house. And the roads are completely covered. We don't get much traffic because I live really far out, so if doesn't rain then we will have the most snow in like five or six years. It's even still snowing pretty hard here. That's probably one of the only things I like about living in the middle of nowhere and having lots of creeks near your house. It's always colder so we get a lot more snow than the people who live in Dickson. Which is good for me. ;-) 

How much do you know?

January 16 2008

How much do you really know about me? Whether you are my good friend are not, how much have you picked up about me from my thoughts? My best friends probably know a lot of these things (or should).


1. I am terribly afraid of the dark. And even though I can't sleep very well with noise and light, and can't sleep at all without it. I can sleep pretty much anywhere but my own house without light. I actually can't sleep anywhere else with light. I still take a running jump onto my bed because I'm always afraid something is in the hallway or underneath my bed.


2. The exception for the above is that movies put my right to sleep. I don't really know why, but that's just how it is.


3. I love to read. I love love love love it and books.


4. My favorite food is chicken. Any kind. Baked, fried, parmesean, soup, strips, nuggets. You name it, and I probably love it. My favorite fruit though is watermelon. I've even eaten a whole watermelon by myself. I didn't feel to well though.


5. I cheered for six years, and I tried out both years for the middle school, but sadly didn't make it. I didn't cheer because my made me. I absolutely love it, but I'm hesitant about trying out for school this year because I'm more into competitive cheerleading, and you just don't get that at our school. I wish they did compete.


6. I love being in, taking, and looking at pictures. Photography is my thing.


7. In third grade, my house blew up from a gas explosion. Ironically, at the time, I wasn't worried about my house. I was worried about all my pageant and cheerleading trophies. Shady, I know.


8. When I was little I was the pageant queen of the family. I have tons of trophies from pageants. (I also have lots of cheerleading and random ones.) I actually have two trophies almost as tall as me.


9. My blonde/gray/white streak is natural. If you know me well, then you know I don't like it to be mentioned very often. The color actually goes onto the side of my forehead.


10. Of course, if you are my friend you should know my birthday - March 8th.


11. Even though it's dorky, I love Disney Channel.


12. I'm really not as shy as people think. Most of the time, if I don't talk I'm either embarresed, don't like you, or am very mad.


13. When I'm mad or sad or embarresed, I look down and cross my arms. If I have my necklace on, I play with it.


14. Sadly, I've never had a boyfriend, but right now that really doesn't bother me.


15. I love stuffed animals, and I have tons of them in my room.


16. My hair is NOT naturally straight or soft. It gets that way from an hour of straightening every day. Sometimes, it's still not straight enough to wear down. That's why my hair is usually in a pony tail. My hair is actually really wavy when it dries.


17. I love traveling, and I plan to travel my whole life. I've been to about the same amount of countries outside of ours as I've been to states.


18. I wear my heart on my sleave and take everything literally and personally.


19. I hate anything with a gritty or squishy texture. I get sick to my stomach by just having ketchup on my hand and having to wipe it off.


20. I didn't learn how to swim until I was about nine.


21. Even though I don't think I'm very pretty at time, I'm obsessed with mirrors. I can't walk past a mirror without looking into it.


22. I'm extremely self-concious about my hands and nose.


23. Even if really good at something or I know the answer to a question I won't say I am or do because I don't want people to think I'm a know-it-all. I couldn't stand people saying I was smart or talented in elementary school.


24. Although I act like I'm embarresed when teachers pick on me, I really love the attention. I often change how I act to fit into the mold that people think I am.


How many things did you know about me? Did you know any of them? What are some things you think your best friends should know about you? You may be surprised to know just how many facts people don't know about you.




January 15 2008

Hey guys wats up I think Phusebox has a problem and he is known on this site as That One Hippie Kid i mean i dont even know the guy and i already know that he is gonna be a problem for this website i am not trying to be mean or anything but its pretty bad if i dont know him and i immediately just dont like him.But he has been messaging me and like writing cuss words and everything else i mean this is a christian website 4 crying out loud you dont go and just cuss at somebody you dont know 4 a comment that they left about one of your thoughts ANYWAYS i gotta go and if any of you agree with me dpnt be afraid to write your opinion about this entry

                             SEE YA


January 14 2008


Even if it is at my expanse...

Wow. I have not done anything on here in a very long time.

January 14 2008
I'm working at jim and nick's... Don't really have too much to say. Just trying to enjoy life. Just got back from a ski trip. It was sweet. But yeah. That's about it.

Song of the Week. Courtesy of Red, White, and Blue.

January 13 2008

Ok so what happened to the American way? "We'll stick a boot in your a** it's the American way"? This is a very contraversial topic but I am going to dive head in and try to swim. We sent troops over there to fight a war, which we did. Now listen real quick. I am all 100% for killing the everyone who was involved in the planning, and had anything to do with the attack on America. But this war is no longer in Iraq. It is needing to be faught in Iran, where we are currently being threatend, and Afghanistan, where Bin Laden is believed to be. Instead we have our military men acting as police officers, which is not what they are first and foremost trained for. 

    Another question, Why the heck is our military such panseys? I am almost ashamed to want to enter into our Army. What the heck is up with our battleships complaining and whining to our government when a speed boat threatened to blow them out of the water. You know what should happened when someone threatens our military, or our country, or for that matter any innocent lives? They should have a quick and swift bullet in their head. Or in this case our battle ships, which did nothing, should have fired on the threatening ship. Say that the boat did fire on our ship, while we were complaining about this we would have a torpedo heading for us and then we would not have a chance to do anything. Then the people who are saying oh we have to wait until we are fired apon would be saying why didn't we do anything about this earlier. If we wait until we are fired apon that is too late. We hardly need to wait until we are given a mean look, that is when action should be taken, especially in a time of war. It is a lot easier to ask questions when people are dead. 

    I say that we stop having our fighting men turn into polic officers and let them do their job and get out. Now I am not politician or military man but as a teenager in America and in the world at this time I am forced to ask these questions. Rome did not become a great empire by sitting around and having meetings, they did it by killing everyone who opposed them. Same as the Egyptians, which I might ad were around for over 3,000 years. So they did something right. I am not saying that we become Natzi, I am just saying that we assert ourselves as a nation. Yes blood will be spilled but you better believe I would rather do something that is a little wrong to protect the entire nations good. If that means we shoot first then ask questions fine, at least then we won't have to worry about speaking Chinese in a few years.


What are your thoughts? 


Please enjoy Toby Keith's "Courtesy of Red, White,and Blue. 

Sorry for being really late.  


January 12 2008


So have you ever had one of those days were its good but bad at the same time. You want to be happy but something always brings you down. Well thats what today has been like.

Okay so now i have a question. Say something big happens to you and your life will never be the same, and this something that happened is not a good something. And say you have forgiven this person that made this bad something that happened and changed your life, but everytimes you think about them you get all down and upset. Its not like i can change what happened and you know me, i live life and things happen as they happen if i cant change it i dont worry about it, I pretty much just go with the flow when the time calls for it. But this one thing that i know i cant change bothers me, and even if i could change it i dont think i would b/c this person is no longer someone i want to ever speak to again...i know this sounds so stupid and there really isn't an answer to my stupid question that i still haven't gotten around to asking. Well i'm just gona ask it anyway and see what you smart people can come up with.

How do i let it go? How do i say "i dont care what you did to me and how you messed my life up its over i dont care what you do or say to me anymore!"?



January 12 2008
So I went to go see The Bucket List today with Keri, and it was really good. It was kind of sad though because Morgan Freeman's character dies from cancer. But overall the movie was really good with lots of happy, sad, and funny parts. You should really go see it because it will make you want to live every day of your life to the fullest.

haha lol

January 12 2008
hahahaha so i went to the driving range (that's at a golf course.) yesterday and there were these 3 really REALLY cute guys there.  when they saw me they had this look like "what is SHE doing here....with her manicured hands and her prissy clothes"....and then i hit the ball.  and they had this new look like "o my goodness she's good" and then they didn't stop watching me.  i thought it was funny.  lol

The New Year

January 11 2008

so for those of you who dont know, i'm transferring to MTSU next year. theres really not much to say about whats been goin on. break was enjoyable but now its over and its back to classes. speakin of which...heres my schedule:


8-9:50 design I

10-10:50 Psychology



9:30-10:45 college algebra

12:30-1:45 English comp II


so thats about it


whats up in your lives?

Is my future with you?

January 11 2008
So within the next few months I am going to have to make a decision that will really effect my life forever....ish. I really want to apply for West Point and if I plan on doing so I must decide that before my softmore year...and well that is not so far away. I really like West Point and it is a great collage but I am not sure if that is what I want. After graduating I will have no higher rank in the Army than if I too ROTC at ASU. But West Point is incredbily profound. That is what I am leaning towards. West Point is also in New York though. So it is a really long drive to visit my friends and family. Aaron put it this way though. "If you are going to college for the state you are in then you are probably not going to learn now are you?" So I mean I would be leaving a lot of my friends behind but after those four years I could come back a 2nd LT. and well kick some tail. This would also be very helpful in running for president. My uncle Ron went to West Point and so did my Aunt Mary's Cousin...not really my aunt but that is what I call her other wise known as mocha. So overall the perks are much more overwhelming than the cons but I think that we all know Austin Mathis. He has to screw something up before he can learn from it....or do it the hard way first. Maybe it is a character flaw but that is the way I am. Obviously the smart thing to do would be to go ahead and try to get the goveners recomindation but like I said I am Austin Mathis and that is not how I do things. Right now though if people were to ask "Austin where are you planning on going to college?" I would reply "West Point" I think that it is probably the smartest choice. After graduating I would go into the Army's Speacial Forces unit, not Rangers but the other unit. Many people would refer to them as the Green Baretts but I talked to one and they said they hate being called that. So I call them by there actuall name Speacial Operations. So maybe in about 9 years people will be calling me commander Mathis...that is what I would like to accomplish by then...and well it is possible so...I guess it all just depends on what my desteny holds for me...or fate brings me to...what the box of chocolates has in it, as Forrest Gump would say. But now I will say Good Day to you and in a few years I will tell you that I am not at liberty to dicuss my missions thousands of miles away. Commander Mathis out.

Soulmate (last thought)

January 11 2008

Incompatible, it don't matter though
'cos someone's bound to hear my cry
Speak out if you do
You're not easy to find

Is it possible Mr. Loveable
Is already in my life?
Right in front of me
Or maybe you're in disguise

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I'm on my own
If there's a soulmate for everyone

Here we are again, circles never end
How do I find the perfect fit
There's enough for everyone
But I'm still waiting in line

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I'm on my own
If there's a soulmate for everyone

If there's a soulmate for everyone

Most relationships seem so transitory
They're all good but not the permanent one

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I'm on my own
If there's a soulmate for everyone

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told
Somebody tell me why I'm on my own
If there's a soulmate for everyone
If there's a soulmate for everyone


January 11 2008

so yea man, how's life?

I figure I'd say hi while I was on here,

and tell you guys that I think you're amazing.

I miss all of you,

so I haven't been around much.

I'm finding myself a job,

because I've been talking to this social worker about emancipation.

It's really not that Big of a deal, I'm working super hard in school, and I'm selling a bunch of my stuff.

I seriously am Happy.


Oh and I was up at like 3 o' clock last night and I heard a song by natasha beingfeild called soulmate and check it:

"Someone Longs for someone to hold,

who KNows how to love you

without being told

Somebody tell me why I'm on my own

If theres a soulmate

for everyone?"



I'm so glad I'm Independent.

June 12 I should be in Mexico,

But in Febuary I'll be in Indiana for Three Days

May I'll be in Florida for Srping Break.

I'm Livin the Good Life.

photo from

Dreams- Inconsistent Angel things

January 11 2008
Does anyone out there think satan is allowed to get into your dreams and mess with your head? Is there anything in the Bible to support or refute this?

I really do.

January 10 2008

Prayer for a friend, by Casting Crowns

Lord, I lift my friend to You

I've done all that I know to do

I lift my friend to You

Complicated circumstances have clouded his view

Lord, I lift my friend to You

I fear that I won't have the words that he needs to hear

I pray for Your wisdom

oh, God, and a heart that's sincere

Lord, I lift my friend up to You

Lord, I lift my friend to You

My best friend in the world

I know he means so much more to You

I want so much to help him

but this is something he has to do

And Lord, I lift my friend up to You

'Cause there's a way that seems so right to him

But You know where that leads

He's becoming a puppet of the world

too blind to see the strings

Lord, I lift my friend up to you

My friend up you You

Lord, I lift my friend to You

I've done all that I know to do

I lift my friend You 

hitch hiking

January 10 2008

so i wanna write my down my goals, but i havent put alot of thought into it yet. but i need to. i need to cause i feel like that will help me get into this new semester. so we'll see whats up. definately do that by tomorrow.


now for the hitch hiking. so ryan and i went hiking sunday through tuesday. it was alot of fun. half the trail was covered with ice, but that just made it more interesting. but the last day we were a 5 1/2 mile hike from the car if we took the trails, but we were a 2 mile hike from the road, but if we walked along the road it was another 8 miles to the car, which toatled 10 miles, double the other option. but we knew it was supposed to rain, and thought it would be fun to hitch hike, which isnt uncommon along the appalachian trail. ryan did it over the summer while he and some friends were up that way.


so we make it to the road and start walking, and walking, and walking. and every car that passed going the way we were headed we would stick out thumb out, but they just passed us up. it's not that heavily of a traveled road, at least not this time of year. during the summer it's heavy with traffic with people going in between gatlinburg and cherokee(the indian reservation where everyone goes to gamble). we went for four hours and no one stopped to give us a ride. i wasnt too surprised cause i mean, when was the last time you stopped to pick up a hitch hiker?


so we decided to cut up the side of a hill cause it would cutt off two miles of our walk. it was a 500 foot vertical climb that we had to do on out hands and knees. the brush was so thick we could barely move. it was fun. we found an old muscle car that had run off the road. kinda cool. we made it to the top. walked about 500 more yards and decided to sit down and eat lunch. we had just about had it. about to decide that hitch hiking wasnt going to work. we had already walked almost 7 miles that day, which, if you remember, is more than what we would of had to hike if we took the trail.


we had been counting cars and i told ryan that by the 100th car, we would be picked up. we were sitting there eating on the side of the road enjoying the view and every time a car would pass we would stick out our thumbs. i stuck my thumb out when people were passing the wrong decision, but i thought they would feel nice and take us back, cause it was only a few miles back up the road. like, 3 or 4.


and what do you know, this guy in a covertible stops and offers us a ride, but he wouldnt take us back up the road, even though we offered him gas money. i lost it. i went hysterical. it was so funny. ryan was mad cause we were up to about a 100 cars. he was going on about how we were going to have to wait for another 100 cars. but then, about 15 cars pass and on car passes and then... they stop about 40 yards up the road. we ran to the car and they helped us put our bags in the car and gave us a ride.


they were an older couple and there friend was in the back. there friend had to be about 95 and he was from alaska. it was pretty cool. they were nice.


well thats my story.


my classes should be ok. i'm excited about my poli sci classes. should be cool. i need to buckle down and study this semester. i had a great semester grade wise last time around. i just need to be dilligent. there's another work i wanna use, but i cant think of it.




January 10 2008
[Jay Z:]
Yeah, what you critics said would never happen.
We dedicate this album to anybody, people said couldn't make it.
To the fans that held us down till everybody came around.
Welcome. It's here.

Last summer we took threes across the board
But by fall we were a cover story "now in stores"
Make us poster boys for your scene
But we are not making an acceptance speech
I found the safest place to keep all our old mistakes
Every dot com's refreshing for a journal update

So long live the car crash hearts
Cry on the couch all the poets come to life
Fix me in 45

So long live the car crash hearts
Cry on the couch all the poets come to life
Fix me in 45

I can take your problems away with a nod and a wave
Of my hand, 'cause that's just the kind of boy that I am
The only thing I haven't done yet is die
And it's me and my plus one at the afterlife
Crowds are won and lost and won again
But our hearts beat for the diehards

So long live the car crash hearts
Cry on the couch all the poets come to life
Fix me in 45

So long live the car crash hearts
Cry on the couch all the poets come to life
Fix me in 45

Long live the car crash hearts
(Long live the car crash hearts)
Long live the car crash hearts
(Long live the car crash hearts)

Long live the car crash hearts
Cry on the couch all the poets come to life
Fix me in 45

Hehe... Woo!

[Jay Z:]
Young F-O-B.
Let's go

boredom should be illegal

January 10 2008

1. Hi my name is...... Carmen

2. Never in my life have I...... yelled at an old man
3. The one person who can drive me nuts is.........some bryan kid in my english class

4. High school........is not that bad, actually

5. When I'm nervous........i hold my necklace and/or tap my fingers

6. The last time I cried was.........lastnight

7. If I were to get married right now my wedding party would be at....SHOGUN
8. My hair is....sadly ugly

9. When I was 5..........i was a child. and in like 1st grade

10. Last Christmas........was fun.  i got a camera!!!  AGAIN! 
11. I should be....unafraid of talking to one certain person, i can talk to anyone else with no trouble whatsoever.

12. When I look down I ......usually run into a multitude of things.

 13. The craziest recent event was....i don't know.

14. If I were a character on 'Friends' I'd be...Pheobe

15. By this time next year......i will be out of mr. Trondsen's class!!! THANK THE LORD

16. My current gripe is......i am a chicken.  dangflabit.

18. There's this girl I know who...is a girl who likes a guy

19. You know I like you when...i tell you i like you duh
20. If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be......YOU
21. Take my advice...don't be scared to talk to someone that you want to be friends with.  you might miss a chance at an awesome friendship.

22. My most wanted item is...does a person count? lol
23. If you visited the place I was born...you would be visiting a hospital

24. I plan to....talk to my cool friend that i haven't met yet.  lol

25. If you spend the night at my house...it would be a miracle

26. I'd stop my wedding if....i tripped walking down the aisle and landed on the flowergirl who threw the basket of rose petals at the ring bearer and the ring flies off the pillow and hits the groom in the eye so in his state of dilemma he flails his arms around and smacks the first bridesmaid causing a domino effect on all the bridesmaids and the last one lands in the groom's father's lap.  LOL
27. The world could do without...a lot of things, but definitely not me!!!!!!! lol
28. I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than...shop at gap, old navy, kirklands, or any of multiple shoe stores.
29. Most recent thing I've bought myself...um...i don't really buy stuff.

30. Most recent thing someone else bought me...a sweater

31. My favorite blonde is...um............probably daniel

32. My favorite brunette is...steele

33. My favorite redhead is... i'll have to say all my redheaded family and kaelynn of course
34. My middle name is...well, that's for you to not know and me to not tell you.  surprise!!

35. This morning I...woke up, against my will.

36. The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are...children

37. Once, at a bar...i met this guy named enrique and we stole his brother's car and tried to jump the border but we hit a squirrel and fishtailed into the rio grande and it took us to baja california so we looked for a taco bell and we found one but i wasn't hungry so we drove up to canada and we ordered some sweet tea but they looked at us like we were idiots so we ordered a biscuit but they dont know what that is either so we left and we drove back to new york to ride niagara falls but little did we know that's not a rollercoaster so we drove BACK to our little bar and enrique fell asleep, leaving me alone in the stolen car with smushed squirrel on the front to go wherever i please, so i went to england to meet the queen who arrested me for stealing a car.  but a lot of that wasn't in the bar, so really i just met a guy named enrique. (REMEMBER THIS?)
38. Last night I was...at church and camino

39. There's this guy I know who...is the most coolest person i've ever known, but the problem is, i don't know him.  i just know of him.  :)

40. I don't know...why i'm being a wimp 

41. A better name for me would be...carmel or something

42. Tomorrow I am...going to school.  fun

43. My birthday is...uh.....fun?  nov. 22

44. What I really want for Valentine's Day is...a valentine: my metallic oceanic mammal???  lol (inside joke)

45. I am allergic to....you...and my brother


January 10 2008
So I know this is not what most people are saying right now but I need to gain about 25lbs...that is going to be my goal to be at before the football season starts...if I can get to 175 I will be unstopable...I know I will probably not gain 25lbs in less than a year though...so maybe I will get to 160 or 165.

&hearts; loverly

January 10 2008

well...i have nothing much to say.  but, i'll just put a line up from and absolutely awesome song.  here goes.

"...We don't need to we got everything
We need right here
And everything we need is enough
Just so easy
When the whole world fits inside of your arms..."

-jack johnson BANANA PANCAKES


January 10 2008
I'm gonna take a Holiday in Spain.

peace, :), and &hearts;

January 09 2008

what's up my people?  i am having a wonderful week!!!  this is really random and pointless and i was hoping i would say something meaningful, but nothing's coming to mind right now.  lol

all i have to say is

"let love find you...don't look for it."


January 09 2008

ok i  am back i had to switch classes when i am not at home  i log on at school(i know i am so freakin dedicated!!!) just kidding!! But anyway i like this site alot more than myspace because  most of us on this site are christians and  that is kinda comforting to know!ANYWAYS i am glad my friend  showed me this website so PROPS TO HER!!!!! but life 4 me is pretty good right now except that school is back in i mean school is ok to socialize with your friend but that is basically all its good for to me.



January 09 2008
hey my peeps!!! i know i havent said anything for a while but im cathing myself up right now.So XMas 4 me was awesome  but the best thing about it was the 2 week break !! I got a dirtbike a bunch of clothes and dvd's oh yeah i wanted a 22rifle,but i dint get it oh i have 2 go

Made it through...

January 09 2008

So we made it through the hard and fragile time. The time where anything was easier than what we did or will still have to do. But let me ask you a quick question, "Is the reward for what you do worth the pain to get through it?" Our football coach says this in a different way. He talks about the championship and how we want to win it and how great it will be, he tells us that if we want to win then this is what you have to do to be a championship football team...and he is right. We have to sweat and we have to shed blood. Nothing in this world comes easy. It is like what the Barenaked Ladies say in the song "Falling for the First Time"

"Anyone perfect must be lying, anything easy has its cost
Anyone plain can be lovely, anyone loved can be lost"

So never hold too tightly to anything unless you are prepared to lose it because anything can be taken away in an instant. That is why when you go through the more fragile things you in your life you must learn to have a soft but firm hand. So these past few weeks have taught me a few things. This blog seemed to drif places... 



January 08 2008
I've got so much growing to do.

been a while

January 08 2008

it's been a while since i've written on here. i just got back from a 3 day hiking adventure. i'll write about that later. but i got to hitch hike for the first time. i'll write about that too.


i'll also write my goals for the semester/year like i did last year. i like doing that.


school starts tomorrow. eh. i dont know how i feel. should be good though.