Hee hee

June 01 2005
Nathan wants to be your friend...
Confirm or deny?

Ice Cream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for ICE CREAM

June 01 2005
I like ice cream......it's tasty!!! And Rachy-poo thinks so too! ;D lata my gangstas!!!


June 01 2005
hey! this is my new site! hope you like it!

just checkin it out!

June 01 2005
hey guys

Just checking it out cause matt told me too. I still am using my other site to so check it out my site



Hello Friends!!!!

June 01 2005
I just met you tonight Nathan(sorry bout that) and I decided to give this a try. It's a really cool idea and I hope other people look into it. Brian you better join now!!!!

-Dana :)

Good times

June 01 2005
Well, it is fun to have something new to mess around with. Especially since Xanga is mostly dried up. MOSTLY. There are gems here and there. Anywho, I'm bored. Are you?

Photo From Casey

June 01 2005

photo from Casey


June 01 2005
hey this is new to me and Ben helped me to become a member....thanks Ben...well i like this...i really don't have much to say so i guess this is all....ttyl


Governor's School for IT Leadership

June 01 2005
I'm in class right now and I'm supposed to be learning ASP.NET but I dont want to. Its not too interesting right now, and I can kind of read what it is. Its like reading french, i can kinda see whats going on. anyways hopefully i can get into it more...i usually do trial and error to figure out what stuff does...i dont think ill have time to figure out with trial and error. oh well. wish me luck-ill update later



June 01 2005
pretty bored right now! haha i have uploaded some pictures...some are from the wedding i went to last friday & some are from where me elizabeth kelsey & julia went swimming last tuesday!! hope ya`ll are haveing a great summer
love you
kayla ;-)

Help Spread the Site

June 01 2005
Help me get more users to the site... Get your friends to sign up... send them to http://phusebox.net/register.php


yay for me!!!

June 01 2005
ok so today i got my first blog site, thanks to the fabulous nathan!!! who by the way rocks my face off! so im not sure how this works exactly but i'm just gonna write some stuff.
so today i went to espanol class (only my second day) and took my first test. i thinki did pretty well. and now i'm freaking out bc i have a tone more homework to do and a learning lab to go to, but i seem to not have the time to do it. no me gusta espanol mucho. so pray that i can get everything done that i need to by monday.
also the DZ's are having a yard sale sat if anyone is interested. ok well i guess that's it for now.

New Remarks

June 01 2005
You can now check for new remarks left on your entries and photos by clicking REMARKS in the menu bar...

This will show you a list of the remarks left on your entires and photos so you do not have to manually look for them on your page.

Anything else that needs to be added? I am still working on the messaging system.


Kansas City Royals

June 01 2005
Ok I know they are probably the worst team in the league at this time but watch out they could end up being the 2003 Marlins of today. The Marlins started off really bad but whenever they got Jack McKeon they became this awesome baseball team. A team that was not over 500 at all and at the basement of the NL East comes back and wins the World Series. The KC Royals fired their manager AND pitching coach. I mean fire the manager but don't fire a pitching coach what did they do. While they were at it why don't they fire the hitting coach. Becuase hitting is equal or almost the smae as pitching. I wouldn't count the Royals out YET!!!

Well well well

June 01 2005
Another cool thing to try! Rock on!


June 01 2005
Is this the Richmond Braves or the Atlanta Braves? I have never seen so many rookies on a roster ever. Just think about it. You could easily come up with a descent team that is in their 1st or 2nd year.
1B- Adam LaRoache
2B- Pete Orr
SS- Wilson Betemit
RF- Ryan Langerhans
LF- Kelly Johnson
C- Johnny Estrada
C- Brayan Pena
P- Kyle Davies
P- Horacio Rameriez
P- Adam Bernero
P- Roman Colon
P- John Foster

Oh yea ..... DAN KOLB NEEDS TO GO!!!

now i think i will go yoddel !!!!!!!

too early

June 01 2005
it is 6:35 and i am getting ready to go to work. how lovely...

last night i even had to make a lunch... all i need now is a juice box. i'll even get to play today.

but it is june! my birthday is this month!

and the birdie my mom brought home, the sick one, he is still alive!

ok ok. i am delerious. it is too early. i am shaking head and typing. and saying this out loud in a funny voice. and eating trix... i am kid ^^^ see juice box and lunch statement above.

ok ok ok. i have to go now. have a great day!

Is my clock wrong?!

June 01 2005
I decided to check out the site, add some photos, message Nathan, and BAM it's 2:44 in the morning. How did that happen? I think the internet is like the twilight zone-you get sucked in and don't know how long you are there until it's too late. Like right now. I have to wake up early tomorrow (well, if you consider 9:00 early, which I do!) So, those hours lost in phusebox twilight zone will be hurtin tomorrow. Oh well...at least I am a little bit more informed as to what people do on these type of sites! Hi-Ho Hi-Ho it's off to bed I go.....

Photo From bee136

May 31 2005

photo from bee136

It is me and my siblings... I will be missing them in about one week...

Photo From bee136

May 31 2005

photo from bee136

This is my sister... the one with the shell... and some weird girl... (just kidding)


May 31 2005
I love NYC...althought I wish Nathan could stay here with us, I am glad he gets to go serve God using his amazing talents. And, I am glad I get to visit him!

Photo From nathan

May 31 2005

photo from nathan


May 31 2005
So I have never blogged before, but Nathan wanted me to use this site, so here goes. Tonight I went to Starbucks with Nathan,. Rachel, Jonathan, and Shannon. We played Scene-It. I discovered a new favorite drink in LA. It is the White Chocolate Mocha with Rasberry syrup. Yum. I had one tonight at Starbucks and it wasn't as great as the one I had in LA, but it was still good. Nathan is leaving in less than a week and I am sad. :( Welp, that's about all I have....


May 31 2005

Photo From sarah

May 31 2005

photo from sarah

sarah's poor car after she wrecked it. but she's doing fine! yay!

well i just got back from st. arbuck's with erin and i bought the new kelly clarkson cd! very good by the way! and now i'm bored.

i found out som good news the other night! i'm excited. but i'm not supposed to know about it so shhhh....be vewy quiet.

and as you can tell i'm kind of delusional because i am tired so i shall depart and head for bed. it rhymed. ha.

love you all. say your prayers. thank Him for the beautiful day we had and letting us have a safe one!



May 31 2005
hey! i would like to think stephen & nathan for helping me get this!! hope yall have a great summer
love you
Kayla!! ;-)

what is going on??!!!

May 31 2005
OH MY GOSH!!! i hate being busy!!! ya dig? oh i think you do!!!

dance recital is coming up this weekend!!! yay! if you want to come it is on friday night, saturday afternoon, and saturday night!!! ((if you want to come give me a call or leave a message and ill get you a ticket for whenever you want to come))

but yeah, tomorrow i will be at work from 11 to 430 and dance from 5 to 9!!! thats like 10 hours!!! sadness!

oh well, whatever! it will all be over soon and bigSTUF is right around the corner!


Music Requests

May 31 2005
I have had a few people request music on this site (similar to Xanga)... Well, my first knee-jerk reaction is to say no. However, I will plan on adding this feature sometime in the future. When I do add it though, it will come with a player that will be able to be stopped.

It is frustrating on Xanga when I open up a page and music starts playing that I cannot stop when I am already listening to my own music on iTunes. Just a thought.

I am planning to build in more media functionality including audio (music and more) but that is down the road.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions on how to make things better.


May 31 2005
Messaging is coming. I am working on a messaging system right now. Keep trying to get more people to join to increase the user base. thanks!


Help Get More Users

May 31 2005
I am trying to creat a small user base to do some more testing. Help me get some more users (but do not digg it just yet)... A small registration page is up at:


(PhuseBox Registration)

Friend Entries

May 31 2005
On the friends page in the control pannel, it now shows the most recent posts from your friends. Use this to keep track of new posts without having to go to each of your friend's pages individually.

Nathan is cool.

May 31 2005
well heres the new site...


May 31 2005
i know i know...i need to upload some photos...maybe i'll do that later today when i'm bored out of my mind...but for now i must go eat lunch!


May 31 2005
so i have got this site up and going with post and pictures and all the other stuff! i have to say there are man ways that phusebox is a whole lot better than xanga. nathan it is amazing to see how good this look and how far this has come along within a couple weeks. This is defintly a good idea! GREAT JOB!

School/Class Searching

May 31 2005
I added school and class searching. Update your profiles...

Profile Keyword Searching

May 31 2005
I have now added profile keyword searching so you can find other users that have the same interests as you, like the same music as you, etc... just click on any term in that profile and receive results of users with that same term in their profile.

Initial BlogIt System Now Functioning

May 31 2005

photo from rachael

BlogIt Photo System in the works right here. I like this photo.

All a user has to do is hit [blog it] under any photo (and eventually content) and it will instantly create the code and send the user to the new blog form. The photos automatically are given proper credit and are linked back to the original site.

Users can basically write reviews or comment on a photo in their blog rather than posting remarks if they wish.


guess you got to run sometimes...

May 30 2005
i had to get out of my house today... yet another drive down my favorite road, making frequent stops to take pictures---that is until a giant red bug would fly at me... or if a peacock would randomly come out from nowhere and scare me. i guess eventually i am gonna have to find a new road because i will run out of shots.....i think i found my own "therapy" (no, this is not a me ditching God guys! i just simply like to take pictures---it makes me happy), and if it is rainy outside there is always chocolate milk, starwberry cake, or chocolate chip cookies.

a week....


tomorrow i will be working on the same things that i did today... stupid lap top is all i got to say about that... i know, i need a mac

now i get to spend some time with my buddy Jesus. so i hope everyonehas great night!

Front End

May 30 2005
The front end for the user pages is pretty much complete for now. I need to add a few more features to the group pages, but then it is on to making the control pannel more user friendly and adding more account options/features...

again, let me know if you see anything that needs to be fixed.


Update on Liz

May 30 2005
Hey everyone,
I went to the hospital this afternoon to sit with Liz's family for awhile. When I arrived Chris' brother, Willie, shared great news with me. Liz had made a huge step forward!! They were able to get her off the ventilator and she was talking! I was able to go back and see her. When she saw me at the door she said, "Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" I was overwhelmed with joy to see her so alert!!! She is known on the ICU floor as the miracle woman!!! God is so great! We visited for a few minutes. I told her that everyone had been praying for her and she said to tell everyone thank you. She actually ask me how Rick Driver was doing. I had ask her to pray for him and was amazed that she would think of him after the week she has had. That is an example of what a wonderful and thoughtful person that she is. She may get to go to a regular room tomorrow and then it will be a week or so before she goes home. Please continue to pray that her body will strengthen day by day and that she will not try to do too much too soon. Pray for her boys and her husband, Chris. Thank you for your faithfulness to pray!
Kathi Hamby

sunny days

May 30 2005
well this is my first post. thanks nathan for setting me up an account! good luck with it all. i hope you get it all worked out!

well last night the mystery gang spent the night at my house and we went swimming and just hung around the house acting stupid as usual. and then we woke up and went back to the pool and then went to camino real and then went back to the pool. we were there for a long time. and then i came home and had a nice dinner with my parents and my brother. and now i'm writing my first post!

i have to work tomorrow. and by the way, working at the Y is 1,000,000x's better than Jason's Deli. i love it.

love you guys and have a great day!

Group Walls

May 30 2005
The group pages now have group walls where users that are members of that group can post about anything.

These group walls are fully editable (but only by group members)... meaning anything can be deleted by anyone else in that group...

Eventually, private groups will be available so that not just anyone can see a group page if it is private. This would be like a protected group, only joinable by invite.

Within a group page, users will be able to see the most recent entries and photos by people in that group.

Next Up: Group Invites, Member messaging, and Blog It...


Icecream Trucks

May 30 2005
Question: Why do icecream trucks always sound like they are sick... almost like the cassette tape that they are playing through those speakers have been stretched or the tape player is running out of batteries. And does anyone else find the "icecream man" to always be kind of creepy?

Current Bugs

May 30 2005
Here is a list of things that I need to fix/do:

+ fix the time posted problem
+ add group creation capabilities in control pannel
+ redo the photo upload to resize photos at a lower resolution to save on space/bandwidth
+ add more features to the group pages such as group posting, group wall, and invitations.
+ design a default user profile photo
+ better layout for some of the control pannel pages
+ more options for the user page (hide/show/move modules)

let me know of anything else.
plus, I will be starting to allow a few people to sign up as beta testers, so if you want an account, let me know. email me at nathan [at] phusebox [dot] net. (format it like a noraml email address... i write it that way on web pages so that i do not get spam).



May 30 2005
wow nathan this is amazing! i'm so impressed! keep up the good work!


May 30 2005
I have now added support for groups on PhuseBox. The first group is the The PhuseBox Elite. I have not yet programmed the ability to add your own groups yet (or remove yourself from a group).

BUT, the group page allows you to see the group members and random photos from those members in the photobox.

I will add better group support later, and add the ability to create your own groups.

I will also be working on a better friends page in the control pannel that will allow ytou to see your friend's most recent photos and entries without viewing their page.

Once again, let me know if you find any bugs or if you think of features that might be good to add.



May 30 2005
So I was look through this magizine bible i found in my closet and saw these facts. take a look at them. they are pretty interesting.

1) More than 40 % of teens talk to family and friends about religious matters while only 40% talk politics- National Institute of Media and the family

2) 74% of online teens use AIM! - Pew Internet & American Life Project

3) Avertising revenues @ MTV are roughly 1,000,000,000 a year. - Businessweek

4) Teens watch on average 21-22 hrs of tv a week. - American Acadamy of Pediatrics

5) 9 out of 10 top-selling video games contain violence -Children Now

6) More than 50% of teens live is houses where the TV is on during meals - Kaiser Family Foundation

7) About 2/3 (or 66%) of children's bedrooms have a TV - Children Trend Database

8) 1/3 of male seniors binge drink -CTD

There were many more but they were really lame. Hope you enjoy - Stephen

...and we're back

May 29 2005
i forgot just how much i love those girls!!! my accountability group was so much fun! i think some of the most fun times a girl can have is driving around with the windows down, a few friends, cheesy music, and cell phones/brushes to sing into! the waiter at camino thought we were iNsAnE! and the people of murfreesboro got the pleasure of us singing to them... fun times!

minority report is a strange, but good movie

i don't have to work tomorrow *dances*

that's all the news for now

have a great night!!!

The Lord's Prayer: Glory to God (Matthew 6:13)

May 29 2005
so just got back from applebee's and listening to michael w. smith and writing this post and yoddeling. NOTE: If you don't get the yoddeling thing it is a long story that i will save for another post! so church was good today and i decided to add some tidbits to this post for all the people who slept in (NATHAN!!!!)

1. its our duty to plead w/ God in prayer - Matthew Henry

2. three things that are God's
a. Kingdom
b. power
c. glory

3. The KING is....
a. all powerful
b. all knowing
c. absolutly free
d. all wise

4. God is in control no matter what, but we must hang on to faith! - Dean

5. All power is God so why don't we rely on God- Dean

6. The glory belongs to God for FOREVER!!! - Dean

7. We should be motivated by a great God NOT a great need - Dean

8. No matter what we should pray that God would be glorified - Dean

chirping, barking, and faires....oh yeah, and boredom

May 29 2005
*sigh* it is only 4:15...so long until accountability groups.

i came home to the bird chirping like cRaZy and the dog, of course barking... always barking, that ricky...

the money fairy left me a gift!!!

"it feels like a flood in my head"
^^^that was me singing to the music i am listening to...

if i could do anything right now, i would want to sing out the top of my lungs and hang out the window of your car...

but i will settle for dancing here... or sitting, either one...


well, my fans, that is it. i hope you have a GREAT day!!!

New Comment System

May 29 2005
I now have programmed a working comment system. I am calling comments "remarks" to be a little different from the other sites. I still have not formatted everything like I want it ffor the remarks, but it works as is.

I will slowly format everything and build a more solid structure to the whole system. Right now, the site is only 2 days old, so cut me some slack if something is not working to perfection yet.

*** EDIT: And now you are able to leave remarks on photos ****

leave a remark if you read this so I can start testing it. If you find any bugs, let me know.

question for nathan

May 29 2005
hey is my password my usual one for my carla sn? b/c i can't log into it...
if not, will you set it to it please? thanks!!


May 29 2005
So welcome to stephen's new page! i hope all of you are having a blessed day! so i was think what could i put on this post (my 1st of many) lets see!!!! I just think i will yoddle. ttul- Stephen

new little blog thingy

May 29 2005
well hello! i'm over at sarah's and nathan set me up on his new blog thingy...yeah, its cool.

so, this is my first entry...its pretty cool.

i guess i'll write some more later...bye!

_bekah boo boo boo boo boo boo boo

Friend Network

May 29 2005
I have completed a working friend network. It is still a little rough, but it is functional. Now, whenever you wish to add someone as a friend, a request is sent to that person for friendship. Once confirmed, the users share a friendship and they show in each other's friend box.

Next up: Comments (not looking forward to this one) and Blog It

More Work Ahead...

May 28 2005
Tomorrow, I am going to try to work on a better friend network system that would require a request to be made for a friend connection to occur. I think I finally have a system in my head that would work perfectly.

Also, I need to add support for comments on the blog entries. While this is not too difficult, it is just time consuming and that is why it has yet to be done.

New Profile Features

May 28 2005
New profile features are now active. Add to your profile in your control panel...

name, email, website, interests, etc...

Coming Along...

May 28 2005
Well the site is coming along nicely...

I ahve some really great ideas for more features... I just have to find some time to work on them. Eventually, adding a friend will require confirmation from that person.

I am also working on a system so that people can still keep track of other people's blogs on other sites (like Xanga, livejournal, movabletype, typepad, etc.) through RSS/XML.

Plus, I have an idea for a feature called "blog it" that should be interesting...

I still need to do a lot of work on the back end control panel for each user. I still do not even have a profile option or a nice login... a work in progress, i guess.


May 28 2005
test test test this is cool nathan!

my brother nathan is cool

May 28 2005
my brother nathan is cool. he came up with his own bloging site. that's pretty nifty if i say so myself. yup yup yup. everyone else should join and be cool like me. by the way my brother is still working on it so it's not to its full potential yet. and for those of you who haven't seen my car, it's in my photo box!>>>>>

Finally... The URL

May 28 2005
Finally the URL is now pointing to the site... PhuseBox.net.

I am slowly adding features to the site. I just added the ability to edit or delete entries.

Also, the photo upload now creates a random string of digits so each filename is unique.

The friends network system is coming along as well. You may now add/delete friends if they have a page on PhuseBox. It will even check to see if they already exist on your friends box.

wakey wakey time for bakey

May 28 2005
i just woke up... and yet again i am drinking chocolate milk. congrats to nathan for working on this site!!! good job! i love saturdays for the simple reason of being lazy and watching movies... my mom and i are probably gonna watch ladder 49, which is an awesome movie! ...i may go to cedar hall's gradutation, but i decided to be selfish and let that solely depend on if will calls and gives me directions. *evil laugh* have a GREAT day!!!

chocolate milk

May 27 2005
i am sitting here at the moore home... drinking chocolat e milk. i love chocolate milk. it is yummy. the smart dog just entered the room... i bet the dumb one will enter shortly as well-- and she will bark at something

first post

May 27 2005
this is the first post... ever... on a PhuseBox.