October 18 2006
eeeekkkkk!  my 18th birthday's coming up!!!


June 13 2006

wow..so it's been awhile.

let's see... this summer is going by pretty well.  i have a job. my brother and i are surveying culverts (those pipes under driveways and such) throughout the county.

i received the battalion commander position for this upcoming year at blackman! and i'm the rifle team commander.

in rifle we got 2nd place for the league comp. and 3rd for the tournament.  we're so gonna win 1st next year!  and i got two 1st place medals for prone  :]

i guess that's 'bout it.   ya'll chill and relax.   ttyl


February 25 2006

our military ball was last night. i had to call some commands and give a toast. and i thought i did quite well.  it was pretty good other than i don't really dance, but it was nice talking with jordan and nik again


November 08 2005

one of my good friends, katie, was hurt last week.  she got kicked in the face by a horse.  and well, it was pretty bad. but God watched over her and she's alive-thank goodness!!

she's going through a tough time because her nose and left cheek bone are crushed, and she told me that she's not the prettiest thing to see right now.  so if you could just pray for her and her family that'd be wonderful. 

thanks and have a great day


October 20 2005

well my birthday is tomorrow, but i'm gonna be on a competition.  and i think it's gonna rain, but i have the coolest b-day cake...it's teenage mutan ninja turtles!!!   


October 13 2005
fall break was great.
rifle comp tomorrow...hopefully that'll go well.

nc the friday

October 05 2005
I'm going to north carolina this fri. w/ my youth group for this retreat. it's gonna be awesome, we get to go white water rafting, skateboard, repelling, paintball, and tons of other fun stuff! i'm so ready.


September 24 2005
--fall break is right around the corner--


September 22 2005
blaze bash tomorrow!! woot woot!

--but i doubt if we'll win our football game..lol


September 18 2005
Stearns, KY.

we tried our best, but still no trophy, hopefully we'll have better luck next time. boy, it sure feels great to be home though


September 14 2005
today wasn't my day. but these days shall come and go

this weekend our comps at sterns, ky. like a 6 hr drive.
well, i'm off to bed.

lady blaze you know!

September 11 2005
so we went to riverdale yesterday to compete against them, smyrna, and siegel.

and our females did awesome!!!!!! we got 5 trophies!!!!!:
1st overall
1st CCR (Cross country rescue)
1st OC (Obstacle course)
2nd Rope Bridge
2nd Map Reading

our males got two trophies but i don't remember which ones. but they did great

now off to see some of my best friends get baptized!! have a good'n


September 07 2005
i get to leave school early today! but not early enough, i'm only missing 6th period. The lady raiders have a comp. against eagleville today...my former school 2 years ago. i'm starting to get nervous, but hopefully that'll go away.


September 04 2005
this morning was awesome! 2 of my friends came to know Jesus Christ!!!!! i'm sooooo excited.. wow i'm like jumping for joy. I've waited sooo long for this to happen and it finally has, God has answered my prayers!


September 04 2005
i don't watch the news that often, well any other tv really, but lately i've found myself stuck to the screens about Hurricane Katrina. and all of ya'll should know it's just a horrible disaster.

so if you could just take a minute or two to pray for them it would do some good.

thanks. and i hope you are having a wonderful weekend


September 02 2005

i'm so ready for this weekend


August 30 2005
school's out for the day.....::sighs::: yes

thank goodness

August 29 2005
man, one of my friends was in a wreck today...Thank goodness she's okay!!! God works in many ways!


August 28 2005
school is so caotic....is that even a word? lol


August 22 2005
"Leadership is action not a postion."
-Donald H. McGannon