January 31 2006
so i think my mum just disowned me as much as she can without kicking me out or anything. oh well.

Stupid, Stupid Michelle

July 07 2005
i forget i have an account on myspace and on phusebox besides my main account on xanga. smart. well. not much to say here. ive been really angry lately and im not proud of it. ive been really happy sometimes and im glad for it. ive been really sad and it just gets to me i let myself be this way. i let these things happen to me when i have total control over them. its my life and i should remember that more.

The Worst Good Concert

June 24 2005
Roosevelts were awesome. but everytime i go to their shows something bad happens:

Taylor (and DJ?) got jealous that me and Karissa were hanging out with Eric so much but he wasnt feeling good about stuff.

Dj and I broke up. i think.

Leslie threw up. and then i started coughing and couldnt breathe. then we started laughing to where we couldnt breathe.

and some other stuff. but thats mostly it. got 2 free cds im gonna go listen to now.

A Rediscovery In a Way

June 24 2005
wow. today i just realized i still have an acc. on phusebox.

so. hi. just found out im going to Oakland.

Roosevelt's concert tonight at 6:30 at new vision baptist. 4 bucks to get in.

yeah. i think im gonna go now...