Relationship Status



September 23 2006

Phusebox is dead…


July 21 2006

there's like nothing to do on phusebox.

ever since i've found myspace, this place blows.

just like my summer.

nothing to do, friends always busy.

o well at least i'm breathing and have God.



June 17 2006

  • my summers prettyy lame right now.

  • boredom is my new best friend.

  • i'm in a band now, its called "After The Fall"

  • i got a car, i'ts pretty flyy


May 22 2006

I really hate to say it, but Phusebox is getting old to me.

anyone else?

I was bored

April 05 2006



"You know I dont speak Spanish"

March 31 2006

Got back from Florida day before yesterday.

I think I have finally found my sport, and it's Track.

Spring break is almost over.

Lemonade is officially the best drink in the entire world, caffeine drinks suck.

Fixing to go to Wills.

Have a great day.


March 23 2006

Gone To Florida.


February 13 2006

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated in a really long time. I haven't really had anything interesting to talk about lately. Life’s dull currently. But I have to say this snow day is not that dull. I am really glad we had it (besides the fact that I have yet to see any snow what so ever in Rutherford County). And speaking of  "dull" this not feel like Valentines  at all to me. But hey that's just to me. School has been the usual boredom lately. We have a pep rally tomorrow so there’s something. Well I’d have to say I'm out of things to ramble about so I guess I’m going to go. Peace


"Never underestimate my Jesus.
You're telling me that there's no hope.
I'm telling you your wrong.

Never underestimate my Jesus
When the world around you crumbles
He will be strong, He will be strong"

Something New

January 21 2006

Wow. Life's pretty boring right now. Nothing ever happens. I need something new. I think I need a girlfriend idk cus life's pretty lame right now. And I'm not comparing a girl to sheer entertainment. It's just like I said need something new. So I went to one of Blackman's basketball game last night, and we managed a win. Wow Blackman won something. So if any of you have something exciting please let me in on it. I guess I'll be going now. Sham on.


"i'm falling out of style with the current way things are
the things that make conforming hard
i'm falling out of control and you just can't stop me now
i'll fight as long as time allows"

A New Year

January 01 2006

So I hope everyone had a really good Christmas and New Year. I guess I could say mine was pretty swell. I got MP3 player, some shirts, money and such. I guess all around it was a good Christmas. And I must say that this year really went by super fast. I hope 2006 will be a better year. I think it will. And for some reason I'm kind of missing school a little bit. It's just boring at home most of the time for me. So the second semester is here. And that to is another thing that has come up very quick to me anyways. It's hard to believe that we have only half a school year left. Then it's just boring summer again. So I guess I'll be leaving now. Hope everyone has a great New Year. Sham on!


"Convince me
Because I really need your help
Oh convince me
Because I can't see this for myself"

Middle School Memories.

December 02 2005

Hmmm today pretty much sucked. I was sick today and didn't go to school. I basically just slept a little and read some of the sixth Harry Potter. And so far a good book by the way.

Last week me and my mom whent to go get pick up my little sister from a basketball game at the middle school. So I had to go inside and get her. And I know this sounds silly but when I walked in diffrent fellings and emotions rushed through me. Because i haven't been in there since May. And of course i'm now in in high school. But I spent three long years in that school. And sure high school is a lot better in some ways. But I just really miss that place. Everyone was in the same hall. You always got to see everyone. Now in high school everyone is busy and you never get to see anyone. Which to me sucks. So I thought I would just let that out that.

Well Christmas is getting so close I can taste it. And I don't know how you can taste Christmas but o well. So hope everyone has a great weekend. Sham on!


"And I know you know
you touched my life
when you touched my heavy heart and made it light"


November 22 2005

Hope everyone has a great Turkey Day.

-Kinda bored right now

-Reading Romeo and Juliet makes my brain hurt.

-Single and lookin.

-Xanga songs are not working. So that is why Phusebox is cooler right now.

-Music keeps me sane.

-And that's about it

"The noise has broken my defense. Let me embrace salvation."

I did this for no apparent reason.

November 17 2005

… You …
Name…Tanner Duke
Eye Color…Brown
Hair Color…Brown with a little blonde
Height…almost 6 foot
Favorite Saying…to many to type
Fears…storms maybe
Bad Habits…hmmmm

… School …
Where do you go to School…Blackman High School
Do You Like it…sometimes i do a lot
Whos Your Gym Teacher. . .Coach Voss
Whats your favorite Subject…world history
Whats your least Favorite Subject…algerbra
Whats your school Colors…orange and blue
Whats your School Mascot…some dude named dante
Do you play any Sports at your School…im going to run track

… Love Life …
Do You have a boyfriend/ girlfriend…nope
If so whats there name…
How Long…
Do you Love them…
Crushing or Loving…
Have you ever been dumped…yeah

… Favorties …
ice cream…just choclate
food…mexican and chinese
holiday…Christmas, and not just cause the presents
actor…Jim Carrey
actress…Jessica alba lol
hobby…ultimate frisbee
friend(s)…a lot
instrument…some guitar and drums i guess

… Friends …
best…to many. not a certain one
loudest…tanner mason
smartest…will or jon?
blondest at heart…emily

… Random …
Do you like to read…sometimes
Whats your middle name…Anthony
Whats your favorite Movie…star wars
Cursive OR Print…print
Favorite Restaurant…lots
Are you in Love…i dont think so
Do you like New Found Glory…yeah
Funny OR Sarcastic…funny
Pepsi OR Coke…coke
McDonalds OR Burger King…Taco Bell

Less is more!

I would read this.

November 08 2005

Go back...
Before the Internet or the AIM
Before playstation2 or X-bOX
Before the 5 hours of homework you put off every night...
Before you were mistrusted

Way back...
I'm talkin' bout hide and go seek at dusk.
Red light, Green light.
Playing kickball & dodgeball until your porch light came on.
Mother May I?
Red Rover
Four square
Hula Hoops
Running through the sprinkler
Happy Meals
Getting the privelage to sit in the front seat of the car

Watchin' Saturday Morning cartoons..Like Hey Arnold and Doug
Or what about legends of the hidden temple, global guts, double dare, salute your shorts, and who, ARE YOU AFFRAID OF THE DARK!
Who could forget Snick
Or the teenage mutant ninja turtles,and Power Rangers,

Christmas morning...oh how i miss the excitement of looking out for santa christmas eve then waking up to presents...so much joy
Your first day of school
Bedtime Prayers and Goodnight Kisses
Climbing trees
Getting an ice cream off the ice cream truck
A million mosquito bites and sticky fingers
Jumpin' down the steps
Jumpin' on the bed
Pillow fights

Runnin' till you were out of breath
Laughing so hard that your stomach hurt and you almost peed your pants
Being tired from playin' all day
Your first crush...
Rainy days at school meant playing "Heads up 7-Up" in the classroom...remember that???

I'm not finished yet...
Kool-Aid was the drink of the summer
Giving your friends a ride on your handlebars or spokes
Wearing your new shoes on the first day of school
Class Field Trips
When nearly everyone's mom was at home when the kids got there.
When getting high was swinging on the swingset
When $5 seemed like a million, and another dollar a Miracle.
When your parents took you to McDonalds and you were so cool.
When Toys r Us overuled the "mall"

I want to go back to the time when...
Decisions were made by going "eeny-meeny-miney-moe"
Mistakes were corrected by simply exclaiming, "do over!"
"Race issue" meant arguing about who ran the fastest.
Money issues were handled by whoever was the banker in "monopoly"
Catching fireflies could happily occupy an entire evening
It wasn't odd to have two or three "best" friends.
Being old, referred to anyone over 20.
The worst thing you could catch from the opposite sex was cooties.
Nobody was prettier than Mom
Nobody was cooler than Dad

Scrapes and bruises were kissed and made better
It was a big deal to finally be tall enough to ride the "big people" rides at the amusement park.
Getting an inch of snow was a dream come true.
Abilities were discovered because of a "double-dog-dare"
Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down was cause for giggles



November 05 2005

This week has really been absolutely nothing. And when I say that I mean it had no purpose. Nothing seemed exciting at all. The only thing that seems to be exciting recently is Ultimate Frisbee. And trust me it really is. The end of the six weeks is up so I hope I did well on my report card. I think I probably did. It's already the third six weeks! It's going by faster then anything. And one thing that did happen this week. Is that I am now single again. So yeah I guess that's something that has happened. Hopefully next week will be more interesting. So I guess leave me comments. Peace


No wins here.

October 31 2005

Ok well this week was quite bland. I would have to say nothing real big has occurred this week. School is going swell I suppose. It's actually going by pretty fast if ya ask me. I mean it's already the freaking last week of the second six weeks. It seems like last week I was scared of going into High School. Now it's just starting to seem quite normal. We had a Pep Rally this week and of course the freshman didn't win the spirit stick. The seniors did as usual. And speaking of "winning". Our football team did not win one single game. We are lost all ten of our games. Yeh we are not good this year. And of course Riverdale won like every game. So Jon, Will, Josh, Joe, and I are starting an Ultimate Frisbee league. It is going to be amazing. You might think Frisbee is stupid but its actually quite fun. I guess that's all I did that was fun this week was practice Frisbee with Jon. We are getting better by the day. So today I and some neighbor friends went into this field. We traveled at least three miles. We went through woods, field's, hills, rock cave things and everything. Fun stuff it was. So this weekend went by fast. And I don't feel like going to school tomorrow. But I know no one does. So I guess that's about it. My fingers are tired so I'm gunna leave. Peace



October 24 2005

Well let's see this week was ok. This week at school on Friday we had the "Trail Blaze". But I didn't go. And neither did any of my other friends. So Friday night I went to the mall with Lindsay and Myriah. I had a good time. We went into a lot of different stores. Like Spencer's, Chucky cheese, and other places. So then on Saturday I went to will's. He had his swim team come over for a "Spooky hay ride". It was fun. Jon will and I played a lot of Ultimate Frisbee. One of the best games in the world I might add. Yeh we did other stuff I just don't feel like typing. So I'm out. Peace.


If you read this leave a remark.

October 16 2005

So let's see not much has happened here lately. Nothing has been really going on. This weekend went by fast and boring. The only thing that has really happened is that I'm fifteen now so I guess that's good. I'm not quite sure when I'm getting my permit though. High School is going good I guess. Our football team has not won any games. And we suck really badly. But yesterday the freshman almost won the spirit stick. Which is surprising because the freshman never participates and usually does nothing? So well I guess that's about it. Cya



October 09 2005
Hey guys well this has been a crazy week. Jon, Will and I went to laser tag in Nashville. And it was pretty fun. One time Jon came after me and I started to run and I ran straight into a wall. It didn’t hurt that bad it was kind of funny. So then after that we played in the arcade and did some air hockey and stuff. And then we left. And the rest of this week all I did was go to the neighborhood and do not much of anything. So on Thursday I had to go to my grandmas and spend the night. My mom wanted me to because my grandma is ill so yeh. Then on Friday I got picked up from my grandmas at like 6 o clock. And when I got home I walked inside and as soon as I did I heard "SURPRISE!" And it was Jon, Lindsay, Myriah, Will, Drew, Tanner Mason, Becca, Mandy, Lizzie, Kelsey, Harrison, and Johnny. And the reason they were all there was because I had a surprise early birthday party. I have to say it was pretty fun a little random but I had a good time. So all the guys spent the night and the next day they left and I went shopping. And this morning we over slept for church so that stinks. Well sadly fall break has ended. Now it’s back to the drama and loads of homework. Peace


Fun week

September 23 2005
Well this week was pretty cool. We had a whole fun week I guess. Each day we had to do different things like wacky Wednesday and stuff like that. Pretty much the only thing I did was wear a suit one day. And a bathing suit another.Today was actually pretty fun. We had Booths and food (I got awesome Chinese). A pep rally, Talent show, and Mr. BHS. So it was all pretty cool. There was no work wat so ever today so that was defiantly good. So after school. I went home and went to the movies with Lindsay my recent girlfriend for anyone who does’nt know. And we saw Cry Wolf it was actually pretty good. I jumped a couple times so that is saying something. It was a really good time and now im here typing. And I would like some comments so give em. Cya