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November 09 2005

im back.
but im not good at phusebox. i always forget its here. oh well, christmas is soon. and it was 82 like yesterday? where is the snow?



September 06 2005
going awayyyy. =)

hm i dont know if i like this so much?

August 12 2005
this is kinda boring to me now. no one ever remarks and i always forget to come check it. so i think im done with phusebox for now..=)byee.


August 10 2005
school tomorrow. im excited to find out about who is in my classes etc. but kinda dreading next monday. ive still got like 50 pages in the great gatsby. and im just kinda...watching a raisin in the sun? haha-have a good first day =)

i think this is the hottest summer ever.

August 05 2005
i like it alot. but it gets so hot upstairs and then at night its like below zero up here, so who knows. im going to dye some sheets today with amara and tina. that should be fun. i cant believe school starts next week. thats insane. oh well-ive had a good summer. a little less eventful than i though, but still it was good all in all.
bye =)


August 02 2005
TEN Random Things About Me

10. i think one day, the world will come together, and be one country. at least i hope.
9. i think there should be no republicans nor democrates.
8. i really wish i could lose weight. im stuck.
7. i plan to stay in murfreesboro all my life. unless i go somewhere else for school.
6. i get annoyed when kids do things in class just to get the teacher to tell them to stop (aka bang on desks with there pencils, talk really loud to each other, throw things etc) its like a huge annoyance and i dont know why
5. i want to be a psychiatrist
4. im allergic to motrin
3. i like boys who smell good (who doesnt)
2. ive never really been in love yet.
1. i got my braces off in 5th grade, which is kinda early?

NINE Places I've Been

9. and ive lived in murfreesboro my whole life. (my parents too. we dont travel much)
8. gatlinburgggg. i love the haunted house there
7. stayed two nights in a hotel in new jersey
6. cedar point in ohio
5. north carolina, i went white water rafting
4. mississippi to my aunts house
3. flordia many times
2. washington dc
1. new york this past spring.

EIGHT Of My Favorite People(no order)
9. my sister. (strangley enough, my life wouldnt be the same without her)
8. morgan freeman (because he is the best at telling stories)
7. mark wahlburg. (because he is going to have my children, well ill have his)
6. angelina jolie (i want her lips as my own, well sometimes, other times they might get in the way?)
5. macy (because she always listens)
4. lauren (because she wears her panties on the outside of her jeans)
3. amara (shes the coolest asain i know)
2. kristina(because she likes its roughhhh)
1. my mom (because she knows everything there is in this world to know)

SEVEN Ways To Win My Heart

7. can remember things
6. makes me feel comfortable
5. holds my hand while he drives
4. will actually talk to my parents like people, not executioners (whoa spelling)
3. calls me just to say goodnight.
2. doesnt make fun of the music i like.
1. being really outgoing so i can get to know you easily (although sometimes i dont mind an adventure)

SIX Things That I Want

6. an ipod mini (this too, i agree with carly) i want a lime green one
5.the boy at digital planet
4. to have a shopping spree where everything fits perfectly.
3. a makeout sesh (i agree with carly on this one)
2. my hair to do what i want it to do
1. to take all the calories out of mexican food, and then it still tastes just as good!

FIVE Things I'm Afraid Of

5. gaining a large amount of weight when i have children.
4. never finding anyone to spend my life with.
3. getting a ring stuck on my finger for good.
2. drowning
1. all rodents that are on the loose

FOUR of My Favorite Items In My Bedroom

4. the green light on my dresser
3. my bedddd
2. my stereo
1. johnny depp on my wall


3. when you see someone in a movie and you KNOW they have been in another movie but you can think of it. at all. for the life of you.
2. going places alone, like shopping.
1. the radio, sometimes, too many commercials

TWO Things That I am Thinking about Right Now

2. i missed real world!

the pictures from the old camera

July 30 2005
turned out soooo cute. its got like this dizzy look to them. and everyone in the picture looks very pale, we all kinda look like ghosts. its so weird. but im in love. and i paid the extra dollar for them to put the white borders on the edges. i think im gonna do that everytime. i really like that. anyway-i saw devils regects for the second time today. that movie is so sick, but so good. i really want the soundtrack. anyway-im at home tonight, i gotta stay here with my sister. my parents are out till late.
love, cailsey

new picture of my hair

July 29 2005
yeah, there is a picture on here, it looks kinda rough, but thats alright

my hairr?

July 29 2005
is very dark. i didnt expect it to be THIS dark. but i mean, i will get used to it (and post a picture sometime) but right now i gotta go babysit. again. at least i have the weekend off. and some days next week.
love, cailsey

so i have this film...

July 27 2005
that needs to be developed. its in this really old camera i got in an antique store for 5 dollars. only i bet the pictures will not turn out because it doesnt have a flash. but we will see.
love, cailsey

its so hot.

July 26 2005
but i love it. the summer is by far the best time of year. well i do like fall. and snow. but the summer is best. yes? mmhm. well today was good. i had to babysit, but thats over and now im cleaning. (i got in one of those clean moods, hope you understand) and tonight, well i dont know yet.
always, cailsey


July 24 2005
haha, im still trying to figure out how to work this thing. ive been at my dads all weekend, so i havent been online. but thanks for being my friend! this is a cool place, i just, i have no idea yet what to click on to make this work?
always, cailsey

so this is cool?

July 18 2005
i saw alot of people have these now. so i will too i guess. be my friend?