I don't need another kind of green to know that I'm on the right side with you

February 26 2006

^John Mayer Trio^

There's always something going on in my house....

Wow I havent updated in a long long time. Everything's been pretty weird lately. I got in a car accident a few days ago. My car's pretty banged up and so is my head but I'm just glad that I'm not reallly hurt.

Valentine's day was really fun. Me and Adam ate at Buca Di Beppo and it was amazingly good. =)

Last week Adam suprised me with flowers that were very pretty:

I got my new digital camera. I found a picture in a magazine with it:

Right now Im just not as happy as she looks when she's using it but I'll make sure I look like that eventually =P

All County was Thursday night and Friday. It wasnt half bad. We played William Tell Overature and I had a bazillion solos. It was fun to actually get to have people hear me. But I was still really nervous for the concert.

Its weird to think about how much everyone has changed since last year. Ive changed sooo much but I think it's for the better. But there are some people [okay so I'm thinking of one in particular] that I used to think I would always be friends with and theyve been treating me like crap lately. Why? I don't get it.

On the other hand, Ive still got some pretty great friends. And Cho Cho, my puppy, is still really freaking cute.


Hold me in your freezing arms before we have to go

December 15 2005

^Snow Patrol^

Christmas makes me so happy. So does our Christmas tree:

So do these 2 cool cats <3 :

Mid terms day one are over. I made an 80 on my APUSH test. Mr. Bowman looked sad and it made me want to cry. He is the sweetest man. Why must I suck in his class?!?! And I had music theory *shrugs* I dont really care about that one.

Then a bunch of us traveled to the land of Steak N' Shake and then to finish Christmas shopping.

Algebra 2 tomorrow and then I can leave. YEAH

(I) (Love) (You)

If I told you this was killing me would you stop?

December 03 2005

^The Juliana Theory^

Today has definitely been the worst day all year. Mid state wasted a ridiculous amount of my life. Of course, I didnt make it and Lizzie made all state. I cant understand how I can never beat her at anything. Its the most frustrating thing.

Plus, fights with mom, waking up early, and being all pissy. Yeah I suck at life.


last night we went to Pancakes. And played Mind Trap and more games. I am in love.........with Peanut.

Thats about it.

</3 <3

Is life just a playground?

November 27 2005

^Basement Jaxx^

Happy Thanksgiving [a bit late]. My Thanksgiving break was reallly fun. Tuesday wasssss the Tri-m thing, then to Starbucks, then to Alicia's house.

Wednesday was Adam. We went and saw Rent [I loved it!!!] and we went to dinner and we hung out at his house and my house.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. I stuffed my face! *said in Jarred voice, of course* .

Friday was being really lazy. Then going to my favorite restaurant Marina's with Adam then to my house for some good ole pie and then to Jennifer's to watch Seven. Jen's dog, Newt, attacked Tyler. It was hilarious.He ran down the stairs and jumped on Tyler which ended up pushing him into the lamp above the table. Heh. Silly Newt.


Saturday was shopping, hanging out with Adam, and then to Tylers where we watched Pet Semetary. It was actually a good scary movie.

Today was being lazy and attempting to study for my history quiz tomorrow but thus far, thats failed. Then me and dad sat down to watch the Giant game. It was a greattt game but we ended up losing in overtime cuz of our stupid kicker, Feely. RAWR.

I signed up for the February ACT. Im not ready to grow up yet. This is too scary.

I dont wanna go to school tomorrow! SAVE ME FROM IT!

Youd better stop-and try to think-look what youre doing-oh ruby blue..

November 03 2005

^Roisin Murphy^

That's such a cool song!

Halloween was reallly fun. We went to Alex's house. We had some very good times. Including walking around in the richest neighborhood ever where there was a party and walking around in our costume by all the cool kids. hee. And making a Kroger run for some Starbuck's ice cream [me and Jennifer would die without that] and some pigs in a blanket.Me and Jennifer were big sluts [well, she was a Catholic school girl and I was a movie star.] Adam was Bruce Li. Kelly was some Harry Potter person. Pancake went as Grant [she stole all his clothes], Jordan was a pimp, Grant was himself [or someone who just got off work at Pizza Hut] , Alex was his disco man. And Tyler was:

a mexican ghost. lol. He chased some cars around in that. One almost hit him. It was hilarious. The night was great. We were loud and obnoxious and looked like a bunch of retards and almost died a few times but I loved it =) .

On Sunday me and Adam carved pumpkins. His was the evil monkey from Family Guy. This was mine:

This week has been kinda stressful with school. Damn those practice AP english essay test thingys!But tomorrow is movie night at Pancake's. We're watching Saw and I'm scared already. Im such a pansy.

Granty is 18. Weird. Going over his on Saturday.

So this weekend should be fun. And Ben Folds is coming up!But I'm really jealous of all those kids who got to see Death Cab last weekend. Hopefully I'll see them when they come back.

So tell me how you are. <3

Give me something to laugh about..

October 19 2005

^Inara George^

That's kinda how I feel.^

Poo Poo day. No, a poo poo week. So here's goes a big insecure typical high school girl entry that I havent written in a long time:

School stresses me out like none other. Im really thinking about dropping down to honors History instead of AP. No matter how hard I study for those friggen tests I still cant make better than a C. And this six weeks in English Im sucking realllllly bad. Ive got a 77 right now. Go me. With the 5 points its still a C. My parents will slaughter me if I dont get my grades up.

Today someone told me I looked pretty and it made me happy until they said "its one of your pretty days." implying that i have lots of ugly days. I hate how I feel like I have to please everyone. I wish I was one of those people secure enough to go to school in sweatpants and some nasty shirt.

Maybe if their werent girls around all the time that are 10 times prettier and smarter and nicer than me I wouldnt feel so bad. BAH Some girls scare the crap out of me. Im just waiting for adam to realize what a big tard I am.

I love high school but sometimes I wish I could just fast forward so I could not go through this whole "im insecure about everything" high school phase.

In other news, the variety show is tomorrow and that should cheer me up. I always like seeing the drama/choir kids dancing. fun fun fun. So good luck to you guys.

And in other other news Maria Taylor [fav. song: "Song Beneath the Song"] and Inara George [fav. song: "Infinity"] are amazing artists.

And thats about it.
           i <3 you

Well she’s not bleeding on the ballroom floor just for the attention. But she sure is going to get it

October 04 2005
^Panic! at the disco^

photo from Toxic_Girl

Fall break is friggen great. I love getting to sleep in til whenever I want. And then I can make myself some awesome breakfast like pancakes or muffins! woot!

Last night a bunch of us went over Kellys and watched the Matrix in her home theater. It was amazing. Im so jealous! It was really fun though.

Tonight Adam came over and ate and watched the Yankee game with us. Twas fun too =)

Ruth and Jordan are away and I miss them. I wish my mom would have let me go with them =(

Somehow, I managed to get myself in drama with people I dont even consider my friends [theyre more of acquaintances, ya know?]anymore. And its because the one that I thought was one of my good friends exaggerated everything I said. Yeah, why does that always happen to me with them? Oh well. Its just diappointing. And they all think I said something I didnt. I refuse to let it bother me anymore though.

Tomorrow I better do something with you. Yeah, you. Or maybe you.

Call me if you wanna hang out guys.

And I wonder if anything could ever be this good again

September 23 2005
^foo fighters^

photo from Toxic_Girl

^ It was amazing. Friggen amazing

She wants to hear she's beautiful

August 29 2005
^something corporate^

photo from Toxic_Girl

Wow look at rain, biotch!

I am waiting for something to go wrong

August 16 2005
^Death cab for cutie^

Oh how ironic. I turn around and see that 3 of my ex "flings" are sitting in the back of the band room: alex, steve, and andrew. Ha.

Alex is back [duh]. Its a bit weird. Okay, no, it's really weird. But Im gonna try not to make it too awkward. We hugged today. So thats getting somewhere, I guess..?

School is good. 2 AP classes scares little ole me, though. But I think they'll be fun ...especially english. Woot.

Fazoli's = grrrrrreat.

Band is good too. I

Heres a thanks for a summer i will always remember

August 07 2005

Summer is over [band camp tomorrow, school next week] so I thought this entry would be all about the amazing summer Ive had.

It makes me think of this time last year....

Nick, Maegan, and Kelly were my best friends.This summer, Ive barely even talked to Nick and Maegan and it used to make me sad as hell. But one day I just realized it was better that way. And I know Maegan reads this and Im sure she'll end up telling everyone what I said and they'll end up hating me anyway but oh well. I dont care anymore.Its retarded to have this thing and not say what I really want to say. I still love Nick and Maegan I just realize weve grown apart and Im okay with that.

So anyway, this has been the best summer of my so far life. The beginning....yeah that kinda sucked.. But if Alex hadnt crapped on my heart [lol] I never would have realized who my real friends were [becuz the ones that really love me supported me and helped me through all that], and I never would have been set up with Adam, who just so happens to be the most amazing person in the world. I cant believe how much Ive changed this summer and its great. =)

So thank you to Tyler who would kill someone for me and I know this. Youve been there for me through everrrrrrrrrything. Pretty sure youre one of the few boys that has seen me cry. I love you, man.

And thank you to Adam for being the sweetest person in the world.

And thank you to Kelly Jo for always being there to listen to me bitch or complain or just cry. I love you!

And thank you to Sara for being my friend since 3rd grade. I dont know how you put up with me for that long heh. I love you too!

Wow Im being pretty ballsy right now. I mean, I talked about Nick and Maegan knowing Maegan reads this and setting myself up for them hating me, and I talked about how great Adam is knowing Rachel reads this and shes "the ex".

I never would have written an entry like that last summer,,,,I'd be too scared to.

So cheers to this summer! I hope my Junior year is as awesome as the summer leading up to it was.

Happy Birthday to You....

August 05 2005
Today is Tyler's Birthday!

Besides maybe this time its different.i mean, i really think you like me

August 03 2005
^Bright Eyes^

So I am now 16. Yay. And I got an iPod. And i got 4 cds today and didnt have to pay for any of them becuz of Hastings gift cards. I got: Le Tigre, Embrace, Eisley and a present for someone. And Sara made me a really awesome mix for my birthday. So thank you, Sara.

Band Band Band. Pre camp started this week. Its much more fun coming becuz your a section leader and you get to help people rather than having to go only to be corrected the whole time. Its fun. But the music is really awesome even though tonight I pissed myself off a whole lot cuz I totttttttttttally sucked. Oh well.

Tyler's birthday is this Friday!

And I cant think of anything else to say. So...yeah thats all. Life is good.

We were walking there and i had tangles in my hair but you make me feel so pretty

July 21 2005

My hair is in pig tails and I feel like a little southern girl heh.
"I shall never grow up, make believe is much too fun"

Last night I went to see Amanda and Grant play at a concert. They were sooo good. And then me and kelly and tyler just left and ate and went to the square and talked.
"we were walking downtown, my favorite part of town"

Its sad how lyrics can describe everything. Man, I am a dork =) .
"I am at a loss for words here"

Discovery Center was extra tiring today. Its really hard chasing an autistic 4 year old around for 3 hours straight....But hes still adorable. Like, today he said "i want to go over your house. I want to go over Katie's house." I was like "awwwww i love you!"

I cant believe we have our first band practice this Tuesday. Where did the summer go?!
"Heres a thanks for a summer I will always remember"

You should make the rest of the day really fun. Yeah, you. Right there. *points to you*
"Its been a bad day and all i wanna do is look at you and know im okay." [hasnt really been a bad day, just a long one. im far tooo happy lately to actually have a "bad" day]

Here it comes at last and my heart beats faster than the train in my mind

July 18 2005
^Shout Out Louds^

So I got me a boyfriend. =) And he came over for dinner the other night and the family loved him. woot!

And I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and loved it!

And Im doing another 3-5 year olds camp at the Discovery Center. Theres 10 of them. They are really friggen cute. Im soo excited about the rest of the week even though it sucks that I have to get up early.

mmm I love the Shout Out Louds. There album is awesome. They are kinda like the Shins but, in my opinion, even better.

So everything is great yayayayayay

i love you. so

Call me (call me) on the line
Call me, call me any, anytime
Call me (call me) my love
You can call me any day or night
Call me

and we'll hang out.

I'm crazier now than i've ever been =P

July 11 2005
^Ima Robot^

Mmmm life is great!

On Saturday I hung out with 2 of my best friends: Kelly and Tyler. We went to Kid's Castle:

photo from Toxic_Girl

photo from Toxic_Girl

Whoever wrote these was a good dude cuz they made me laugh. =P

photo from Toxic_Girl


photo from Toxic_Girl

=) Yeah, that's a boob! lol

After that we went to Chef Wangs; funn stuff. I was reallly effing hyper. Heh And then we went to Sonic and got some ice cream and then to Kelly's house to play some pool/death pool heee. I

It's always better when we're together

July 09 2005
^Jack Johnson^

mmmmm another great night. I could definitely get used to this. =)=)

Yesterday me and KC drove again. We went to Applebee's and listened to JackFM and Relient K and realized our teacher's a lesbian. Fun times

=) Don't let that smile fade =)

July 06 2005
^This Day and Age^

Jason's Deli + Marble Slab with Katherine Clarie = Love. [driver's ed. driving today].
I drove in the pouring rain for the first time. And I drove to Woodbury. And let me just say, KC did wonderful!

I got a really cute shirt, Garden State and Mean Girls at Target

Am I good enough to belong in your reverie a perfect girl?

July 04 2005
^Sarah McLachlan^

Happy 4th of July!

Tonight = fireworks at MTSU with the family, Kelly, Tyler and Calvin. If you are there, definitely call my cell so we can go hang out and watch them together. Hey, Sara are you going?

My uncle and grandma are here now. Tis fun. Yesterday they all went to this concert in Nashville Sarah was playing at but I didnt want to go. So I actually had some time to hang out with a friend. I went over to Andrew's new house. And we watched Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Holy shit that movie was awesome. Ahh it was soo good! It was fun hanging out with him too.

Kelly is home now! Woot! Im missed her! You dont realize how much you love people until they leave you [even if its only for 2 weeks]. Im sure Valerie can relate, heh

Dear Diary, My life is a complete fiasco. The dashboard show is this weekend and I can't even fit into my sister's jeans anymore!

July 01 2005
haha ^Cheap Sex^

I've given up on one group of friends. They just dont get me. And no matter what I say, itll be wrong. And I get way too easily annoyed with them. So..yeah.

I've never been "set up" before. But I am now. It was really suprising to find out that a certain someone actually is interested in me. I dunno. But I refuse to tell who it is. You'll all just have to sit and wonder who the lucky boy is [haha]. Cuz I dont even know if well end up going on a date like he claims he wants to. Maybe, maybe.

My Uncle and Grandma are coming in today. It should be fun. But I know that I probly wont be able to go out every night like I have been all summer becuz my mom will want me to spend time with them.

Driver's ed is soooooooooooo boring. Its such a waste of time. Oh well, at least I have Katherine-Claire