Life Blows Up In Your Face

December 16 2006
So I hate being emo, but I really hate everything right now. I hate some friends and family and I don't understand anything. All I really know is I hate Christmas and I want out of da' Boro as soon as I can.


December 14 2006

Ok, so I have been single for quite some time now, I jsut never get on this to change my status or blog.

XC season was amazing this year. The girls rocked and we are just amazing. Senior year has made me realize many things. I am incredible (self confidence is growing I think), the less I care the happier I am, and that I just go to school to sit down. Well that is about it.

BTW, I have been accepted at MTSU and UTC. Hopefully my mom will let me go and allow me to attend UTC.

Regions '06

October 26 2006
So regions was today in cross country, ending most of our teams season. Many emotions going into and out of this meet. Nervous to do the expected, excited to do well, scared to do bad, anxious to get started. The running actually didn't take that long, it is all a blur. I feel as if I skimmed through it. After the race earing 22:03 as I passed through the line made me happy, a personal record by 1 second feels as good as a PR by 22 seconds. And now I am exhausted and my legs want to give up and my feet hurt with ever step, other great feelings of great accomplishment! :)


October 01 2006
I am bored...abviously since my title tells you that and because this is my first blog since August. I leave for Disney World on Wednesday! YAY! My camera died...damnit, damnit, damnit. It is almost my 2 month anniversary with Max, weird? Kind of stupid I know when an insignificant anniversary is? Senior year is great, yet not as exciting as I was hoping it would be. Season only has about a month left of it :'( I ran a great race yesterday according to Coach Salty, but he doesn't realize that my times aren't going down, they are almost the exact same. I am getting really annoyed about that, but at least they aren't going up. That's about my life right now.

Senior Year

August 12 2006

My senior year is going to be the best year of high school! I have good classes (at least a friend in each!), great cross country season, and I have a great personality and attitude going into it!

We Ready...'07!

Senior Pictures

August 03 2006

My senior pictures came in today. I am really happy with them!

Relationships are weird

July 31 2006
Its weird how you'll get a crush on someone, but then you go away for a week and come back home having a boyfriend that wasn't the crush. I don't know if that makes since, but if you know whats going on in my life right now, it should.

Rhode Island

July 25 2006
I leave for Rhode Island in the morning. I am very excited! I still need to pack.

I Survived Brevard Distance Runners Camp

July 23 2006

I just got back from cross country camp last night. It was the best year ever! Here are some pictures...

Max and I were homonus omonused together. Btw, homonus omonusing is when Salty declares two people a camp couple.

Salty squirted everyone with water...teeheehee

The senior girls on the scariest rock ever! (John Rock) Which my camera almost rolled down and off of it...not good!

The whole cross country team on John Rock.

Trying on some crazy hats the night we went to Walmart.

Michelle and I trying to suck out the extra juice out of the ice thingy.

Sam and I practicing for the three legged race. Do I have to mention we lost?

Max and I trying to win the challenge where you put a Mentos in Diet Coke and try putting the cap on as fast as you can! We lost, diet coke in the eyes doesn't feel pleasant!

Hooker Falls!

The last night all the girls slept in one room.

The girls!

The Homonus Omonus couples.

The girls chilling in the hot yub with Salty.

Jessa and Nicky's fortress keeping invaders out of their bed...somehow I managed to get over it while I was sleep walking...

North Carolina is soo pretty!

Prom Dress

July 14 2006

I bought this dress for prom. It was only $20. Please give me your honest opinion.

Youth Leadership Workshop

July 13 2006
I just returned form Youth Leadership Workshop (AKA church camp). It was incredible! It was definately one of the most defining times in my life. I think it has made me a better person and able to change the crazy things in my life.

My Birthday is Monday!!!

July 08 2006

My Birthday is Monday!!! Yay! Happy Birthday to Me!

I leave for Youth Leadership Workshop tomorrow. I am getting excited.

I am for sure going to Rhode Island at the end of the month to run a 10 mile race with my uncle and to see my cousins. I hear Rhode Island is beautiful and that the tap water tastes INCREDIBLE! I am so freaking excited!

Pictures of my family reunion in West Virginia!!!

July 03 2006

Cari and I swinging

Hot Tub Fun!

My cousin made this for our Grandpa...teeheehee

Nick and I eating...or at least I am...

Me Jumping in the pool.

Nick and I seran wrapped my arms to keep me from scratching my poison ivy (which was everywhere!)

My brother's wife achorying (?) my

my brother being silly

Me mini golfing.

Nick and I sleeping together...its West Virginia...they accept that

reenacting this picture taken when we were 4 months old...

Caleb trying on my swim suit...Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (song)

The Pardy at da pool!


June 24 2006

So here are my summer countdowns...

Today is the first official day of Dead Period (2 weeks where we can't have contact with our coach...therefore no mandatory practices!!)

2 days till I leave to go to West Virginia for a family renioun! (very excited to see my cousin and go on many adventures)

16 days till my seventeenth birthday

22 days till the team leave for cross country camp...a bunch of fun minus the running.

Now I feel like leaving pictures of last summer activities...

rafting in West Virginia

Eating chinese and playing with the chopsticks with my CRAZY cousins.

Cross Country camp in Brevard, North Carolina...beautiful!

I am nausiated after this one!

June 21 2006
I walk down into the kitchen and I see my parents talking. The first thing I hear is, "I hate this bra." My stepdad in reply says, "Maybe Emily will like them." At that point I should have turned and walked back upstairs. But being my hungry self, I made my way towards the cereal cabinet to have my second dinner. The phone rings and my mom answers is, leaving my stepdad and I alone to our dinners. We started to talk about women being able to shoot a rifle well and then he brings up the uncomfortable part saying, "The only problem have with women in combat is what do you do when you have to change your pad and you are in the middle of combat?" That is when I quickly finished my cereal and ran upstairs. Talk about uncomfortable and awkward!

The Devil's Den...Hell for short

June 20 2006
So today's practice was named the Devil's Den, Hell for short. It was awful. There was much pain, anger, tears, and questionable words shared. I almost cussed out someone on the team. She did something really rude and selfish, but I had Cara holding me back. But she has history of past offenses like this. Well now I am really sore and really tired!

Nothing is keeping me from going to UTC

June 18 2006

I am going to UTC. Even if my mom doesn't even have faith in me that I will be able to get scholarships, a job, and get my times in cross country down. She fucking told me I'll be going to MTSU becuase I can't get a job, I won't be able to get scholarships cause I am too stupid (basically), and that I am not fast enough to run in college. I have to bring my time down a minute and I will be running in the 19s. That is good enough in most colleges. I hate how they aren't supportive. This is why I want to leave Murfreesboro sooo bad. I am sick of my parents. Right now I hate them for never pushing me in acedemics until it is too late and telling me I am not that great of a runner. I am really pissed off at them right now.

And seriously, who wants to go to a school (MTSU) and be in athletics where you can make the team, easily, but there isn't even enough money to have Men's soccer??


June 17 2006

Looky what I made!

The world around me is hooked up

June 12 2006
It's official, the world around me is hooking up. There was Beth, then Megan and Jackie, now Kaitlin and Baillie. The only ones left on the singles list is seems is Nicky, myself, and Nick Lachey. Its cool that there is not significate other for my right now, but it kind of sucks hearing about it all. I am happy for them all, but I can't help think of the loneliness and asking the ohh so popular question, "What is wrong with me?" Maybe I just want someone to fill that empty spot in the pit of my stomach, the one that can't be filled with food, or that vacant corner of my heart which even the best of friends can't even get close to touching. Maybe I would like someone to be with where I can test my new strength I think I have that I didn't the last relationship. Or what if I am so shallow that I just want a boyfriend because it seems like that is the thing to have? But then again I think of all the heartbreak that follows and God knows I have had too much of that lately.

The Good Ol' Days

June 09 2006

So my friend, Sarah, and I went out to get something to eat and to hang out for a bit. Then we had to great idea of going back to the school we met at, Mitchell-Nelson Elementry. We reminised about the good ol' days in 6th grade. Well, time for pictures...

We used to hang upside down all the time in 5th and 6th grade.

This is Sarah

We used to play 4-square all the time, that was the game to play. BTW, that is the 4-square we are lying on.