A million ways to be cruel

May 26 2006

So Travis and I have been dating for some ten months now. Pretty sweet, I must say.

Last night I took my first shot. It was pretty nasty. Afterwards I had a coke and rum to kind of hide the flavor. I'm not sure, but I don't think drinking  is my thing.

First day of summer and that kicks ass.

Kaytie is moving to England and Robert is moving to Germany. I hate that so so much.

Spastic, a little.

Kaytie and I are totally holding a lingerie party. Skanky panties and bunch of girls hopped up on sugar will be pretty coo, indeed.

Alright, I'm done.

I'm gonna tear you ass up like we just got married.

July 27 2005
Corey= Out of the picture
Travis= Current crush

So here's the low-down, fool. After that car wash I called Corey pulled a "What the fuck is your problem" and then basically said there was no chance in hell for us to get back together. I'm sorry. Good-bye.

Actually I was much nicer about. I almost cried.

I don't care to go into much detail on what's going on with Travis. Let's leave it at this: =D

School starts in one week, one day. Actually, I'm looking forward to it. I'm so excited to be meeting new people. My list of friends has steadily deteriorated since school ended. And I've had absolutely no interesting in rekindling things.

We laughed off the quick tricks, the old men with limp dicks

July 16 2005
I had a car wash today. Ran into Corey. Not good.

And if you don't love me, let me go.

July 11 2005
Band camp started today. It's not a rough as I thought it was going to be, but, then again, today is the first day of many. I'm going to have man arms by the end of this. We did basic things, in the morning. After lunch, we put on our make-up...Wow. We look cheap! After the make-up, we started working releases. I'm thinking we're going to turn out to be a fairly decent, if not astounding, colorguard!

Other than that, there's nothing really to report.

I ran into one or two of Corey's friends, today. I hate that so so much. I know who they are, and I know about them, but I don't know them. I assume it works the same way We end up just watching each other, and not saying anything, which is probably the worst of it all.
Speaking of Corey, I haven't heard from him in almost a week. He's out of town with his family, and I trust that he didn't bring his phone because of roaming charges.

Peace-out, my brotha from anotha motha

To start things off with a bang...

July 10 2005
Well, things have been interesting over the past few weeks. I'm finding out more and more how much I don't like my friends. I used to like them all very much, but somewhere along the line, they changed. Or maybe I did. Either way, they don't hold the same appeal to me, anymore. I miss the times when we weren't worrying about what guys thought of us. That's alter's so many people's personalities. I made a friend at the start of the year, we'll call her Caity because that's her name, who was smart, very smart, and funny. She was quick witty and intune with who she was. She didn't do anything to please anyone, yet everyone was happy with her. She dressed modestly so at first, you didn't realize how pretty she was. I met her almost a year ago. If you were to look at her now the only thing you would notice is her beauty. She's lost her spark. I think she started acting stupid and ditzy for attention from guys, and now it's become a part of her. She can't turn it on and off anymore. The switch is stuck, ya know? Her sense of humor is lacking. She doesn't make jokes, but she does laugh at them. She always seems so blank. Her modesty is dress has disappeared completely. We went to the movies the other day and she had on a black belly shirt. I'm not talking an inch of skin between your shirt and pants, this was above her navel. From the other end, you got cleavage. She looked like a whore. I hate saying that, but it ws the first think I thought when I saw her.
The people I like best are the ones that know themselves. The ones who think. The observers.

Alright, done with that.
What a great first entry, right?