The Masters Series

August 13 2005
OMG! Today was amazing! We met soooooo many famous tennis stars! I'll start at the beginning. First we arrived in Cincinnati at 9 am. We got there an hour before the first match so that we could look around and stuff. Lana and dad ate and I ate a banana as we watched some guys warm up. One of them was sooo hot. It ended up that those two guys would be playing in the match we watched. We cheered for Gilles Simon (a really hott guy from France) who ended up winning. I was happy for him since he is like 11 seeded and really young. He looked about 19. Later while outside Centercourt I went up to him and asked for his autograph. He seemed really shocked and said (in French) that he did not speak English, lol. I'm so mad I didn't get a picture cause he was hott! haha. Next we just waited around so we could get player autographs. I didn't think that all the top guys would be there but to my surprise everyone but Nadal and Agassi were there. I got tons of autographs on my program. Some of the people I don't know but here are the ones I got:
Andy Roddick (omg, he is sooo hott in person), Jonas Bjorkman, Juan Ignacio Chela, Tim Henman (amazing!), Alberto Martin, Ricardo Mello, Tommy Haas, and Sebastien Grosjean. Here are some people who I saw but didn't get autogaphs: I stood about 2 feet away from ROGER FEDERER and we watched him practice but he wasn't giving autogrphs. Lleyton Hewitt was there but I don't think I saw him, Justin Gimelstob was there, and I saw Thomas Johansson. It was like the best tennis related day ever and I cannot believe the people I saw. I'll have pictures up soon. I only have them of Roger Federer, Andy Roddick, and Haas mainly. My camera wasn't working during the first match or I would have a picture of Simon, who is now on of my favorite players but I can't believe he couldn't understand me, haha. Well, I'll talk to everyone later!
-Dana :)


August 12 2005
the 2 hour day was fun. Tomorrow we go to the Masters! Tennis that is. OMG! I hope I see Roger Federer or Andy Roddick or Nadal. I would just die! hehe........

-Dana ;)


August 08 2005

You are a genious! Or you cheated. Well, congrats
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This quiz was really fun. I esp liked the last question and got it right. I better have being from KY. haha. Anyway, you all should take it!
-Dana :)

yo again

August 07 2005
Michael Buble is beautiful!


August 07 2005
Happy Friendship Day guys and gals!
~Dana :)


August 07 2005
Lana, I swear I will never talk to them again. At least not the little one. I cannot take this and I'm tired of his little dirty mouth. I am so fuming right now and if Alex doesn't say somehting back then I won't ever talk to him either. I've absolutely lost it!

-Dana :)


August 05 2005
You scored as Hermione Granger. You're one intelligent witch, but you have a hard time believing it and require constant reassurance. You are a very supportive friend who would do anything and everything to help her friends out.

Hermione Granger


Remus Lupin


Albus Dumbledore


Severus Snape


Harry Potter


Ron Weasley


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Lord Voldemort

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Hey friends. Well. Nothing much is going on. Just thought I'd drop by and say hey. So hey!
-Dana :)

p.s. I forgot, I'm not joining Republican club again. Reason 1, Jared is the new leader and I just think he is ignorant and his ideals are so ugh. Reason 2, I never really was Republican. I was just in it cause Lana was in it and she was my ride home. I'm actually a Right-Winged Independent. And I'm really hoping that I can get a teacher to form an Independent club. It would be fun, lol. You all should so join. ;)

Road Less Traveled By

August 02 2005
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth

Then took the other as just as fair
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear
Though as for that, the passing there
Had worn them really about the same

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet, knowing how way leads onto way
I doubted if I should ever come back

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence
Two roads diverged in a wood
And I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference

Robert Frost

OMG, I love this poem. It is so lovely and deep. Anyway, Texas is hot as usual. But I love it still. Dallas and Allen are like the best ever. There are so many upscale stores here and I love it so much. Tomorrow we are going to this awesome little village, it looks really French and there's a Dior and everything. I love looking at all the clothes even though I could never afford like anything, haha. Well, I'm gonna go guys. Hope your all having fun where ever you are!
-Dana :)


July 31 2005
yo friends, I'm in Dallas, TX right now at my uncle Bill's house. I don't get back until the 8th though but I wish I was there to see everyone. I love Texas! I like the weather best because it's hot but it's not humid. So you don't feel sticky the whole time, lol. Well Bye friends and I'll talk to you all later!
-Dana :)

Hey again....

July 27 2005
I have to wake up at 9 am tomorrow :( So that means I'll get about 6 hours asleep since I took a nap today and won't fall asleep until about 3 am, haha. Anyway, here are the classes I'm taking next year. Will anyone possibly have any classes with me? By the way, I hope that most of the people from our last year english will be together!

I'm taking:
Drama I
Advanced Honors English II
Advanced Honors Chem.
Advanced Honors Algebre II
Latin II Honors
AP US History

I'm excited (because I'm a dork, lol) and that means that I will be able to see everyone again! I'm really really excited about Model UN which will be a total party next year, haha. Not that it wasn't this year. Huh Lauren? lol. Well, guys, I need to go read some more Harry Potter. Onlt about 150 pages left! YAY!
~Dana :)


July 27 2005
I have been busy in and out of the hospital all week. I hate the hospital!


July 19 2005
This week has been great. Even if it was really short. I didn't get to see everyone though and I'm sorry about that but it had to be cut short because my grand is getting surgery. It was nice seeing Lexie, Aimee, Margaret, Brian, Cameron, Sonia, Lauren, and everyone else! 'Mean Girls', against all odd in my mind, is actually a really fantastic and riviting movie! Everyone should see it! Well, have fun friends!

-Dana :)


July 12 2005
Food is a really good thing. Hehe. I really like food. I love the taste of it. I love ice cream and chicken. I am addicted to bread! I love loads of kinds of breads. hehe. I like rice too. I love couscous! My diet pretty much consists of carbs and water. Good thing I play tennis or else I wouldn't be able to work off all those carbs, haha. But it's all good, yo! You know something I miss. I miss dunkaroos. The ones that were vanilla. They were soooooo goood. Haha. Well, I'm gonna go now. I'll be seeing loads of ya on Sat. Happy Birthday Lauren!!!!!
-Dana Yo!


July 10 2005
The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return!
-Dana ;)

London Terror....

July 07 2005
It is sad and sick what this world has come to. Terrorist try and convene terror in their victims. But London, poor London, who just found out that they were chosen to host the 2012 Olympics, has shown strength. They have let these people know that they will go on, yes they will be sad and many lives are now changed, but they will not let these evil people get what they want. Thus far 37 people are reported dead and over 700 wounded. There are now threats on Denmark and Italy as well. Tony Blair is now back with the members of the G8 summit and that is going back to normal.

Best feeling

July 05 2005
The best feeling in the world is seeing someone, or thinking of someone, who totally takes your breath away and makes you melt inside.

-Dana :)

Wimbledon Championship

July 03 2005

photo from dana_the_best
Roger Federer, the number one seeded male tennis pro in the world, has won Wimbledon for the their time in a row! Venus Williams won yesterday for the Women's Championship.

Live 8

July 02 2005
Go to my xanga to read my rant about the Live 8 concerts that are going on around the world!

War of the Worlds

July 01 2005
We saw War of the Worllds today. It was totally awesome! Way better than the book. The book did help me understand everything, even with the movie having a different plot. I was able to understand why the aliens were their and why they, along with their tripods, died. It was really good and I suggest everyone see it! The "kid" who plays Tom Cruise's son though really isn't 17, to my disappointment. He's actually a 23 year old guy. But either way he is really hot, lol.

*Roger Federer is in the Finals at Wimbledon! Hopefully he can take the win for the third year in a row! OOOhhh I hope sooo! I was so nervous this morning because I missed his match and I had to look on to find out the results of his match. As for the other semi final match, it was delayed for rain. But I bet Roddick wins that. I would be so great for Roddick and Federer to once again be face to face in the Finals. Esp. if Federer can beat Roddick again! Oh how nervous yet excited I am! Well, I should go now. Buh Bye!
-Dana :)

Photo From dana_the_best

June 29 2005

photo from dana_the_best

It's me and KC!