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New Job

May 20 2006

i got a new job at fuji. it's weird.. being the only white person... but it's really fun working there. crazy busy but fun.

As For Soccer...

May 01 2006
i think im still out. this is very disappointing because i have a fondness for the game and hate that i cant play. this is really all i have to say.

oh, and that my trip to florida was amazing.

surgery par duex

April 21 2006

so i might have to get surgery on my knee.

might have to.

i think i've met my surgery quota for this year.

with that car wreck and all.

no more surgeries!!


looks like i'm done with soccer for a while.


April 19 2006
yesterday.. during soccer.. i ended up playing an offensive position that was terribly confusing. and in the midst of playing this offensive position i think i twisted my knee. yikes. it pops constantly now and it's quite annoying. 
also, to my delight, my ipod is already fixed.

hm. that was a boring entry.  i think i'll add to this later.


April 14 2006
okay. so i lied. i didn't break my knee. but this morning it sure felt like it. anyway. i'm getting my ipod fixed. pretty stoked about it. it's one of those old school ipods haha. it's retro fabulous.

and why is there not an edit button on the blog entries. it drives me nuts! i need an edit button.. ooh... just kidding..

= love

Leninade is real
i didn't make up although if i did i'd be the coolest kid on the block. wait.. i'm the coolest kid on the block anyway

this can't be good

April 14 2006
i think that i broke my knee. or seriously injured it. and i'm not exactly sure how. 

Dave Matthews Band

April 13 2006
yeah, so i got tickets to dave matthews band who will be making an appearence not only at bonaroo (along with death cab for cutie, bright eyes and ben folds to name a few) but starwood on august 16th.

i got actual seats. not grass pass but real seats. aghhh i'm so excited! they aren't promoting an album so that means this tour is going to be what can only be described as amazing.

at long last it's clashed it's colossal masses

April 12 2006
i think i might quit soccer.

and go play D & D or something that requires less physical skill.  or something.

Letters From Sven Bronski

April 10 2006
comment on this.. a little feedback would be cool. it's an article from my youth newsletter written by some kid named Sven Bronski. and i found it to be exceptionally interesting. anyway, read it and tell me what you think. (i was unaware we had a youth newsletter..)

Tell Me All Your Thoughts On God

"I'm going to ruffle some feathers with this. So please disregard any fallacies you stumble across, we Germans have a history of being fallacists (and I'm fully aware that I just made that word up).
Back in the day, back in elementary level Sunday school, the Sunday school teacher was pretty adamant on teaching the miracles of Jesus. That's what I remember about Sunday school anyway. I remember the stories about Jesus' powers to alleviate the ailments of the lame. He could make the blind see, He could make the deaf hear  and the paraplegics walk. Pretty impressive.
Well, it got to be that these stories were told so much- and I heard them so much that I really didn't question their authenticity. And where I came from, you didn't question God's authenticity. No one ever did. I didn't question God and I accepted those kindergarten stories as truth.
But then I grew up. And I questioned my faith. I questioned the Church. It suddenly dawned on me taht nothing I was taught in kindergarten was logical. None of it made sense. How could anyone relieve someone of an ailment they were born with, maybe a loss of one of the five senses, to suddenly be made well again?
During my grandparents' time, people were dying left and right of tuberculosis. Today there is a plethora of incurable diseases (tuberculosis doesn't fall under this category. Riampcin cures it.) I thought about one idea, one possible answer as to why that sudden turmoil. Jesus wasn't around to perform miracles anymore, hence crises such as the AIDS pandemic in Africa. But miracles weren't performed only in Jesus's day. So that panacea of an answer didn't work.
In the old testament, miraculous things were abundant. There was a burning busg, horrendous plagues, the death of a giant and oh, the birth of the universe. These would all fall under the category  of "miracles". But why... why are there not such miracles of grandeur being performed today? And I wonder- did any of those "miracles" really happen?"

mmk  there you go. i thought it had a point...

It's a lucious mix of words and tricks

April 09 2006
i should be writing a screen play right now but.. this is more importantI think I'll go home and mull this over
Before I cram it down my throat
At long last it's crashed, its colossal mass
Has broken up into bits in my moat

Lift the mattress off the floor
Walk the cramps off
Go meander in the cold
Hail to your dark skin
Hiding the fact you're dead again
Underneath the powerlines seeking shade
Far above our heads are the icy heights that contain all reason

It's a luscious mix of words and tricks
That let us bet when you know we should fold
On rocks I dreamt of where we'd stepped
And of the whole mess of roads we're now on

Hold your glass up, hold it in
Never betray the way you've always known it is
One day I'll be wondering how
I got so old just wondering how
I never got cold wearing nothing in the snow

This is way beyond my remote concern
Of being condescending

All these squawking birds won't quit
Building nothing, laying bricks

Hold you glass up, hold it in
Never betray the way you've always known it is
One day I'll be wondering how
I got so old just wondering how
I never got cold wearing nothing in the snow

This is way beyond my remote concern
Of being condescending

All these squawking birds won't quit
Building nothing, laying bricks

pretend this is a catchy title

April 08 2006
song of the day: caring is creepy- the shins

case you didn't know..
Garden State is probably the best movie ever
aside from possibly monty python and the holy grail or something tarantino did.

lightning strikes

April 07 2006
if i took better pictures (my photography skills are horrendous) then i'd definitely put up some pics of that crazy storm.
i sure as heck haven't ever seen anything like that. and it took an act of congress to get the internet working again.


April 07 2006
an attempt to log into my old phusebox was quickly thwarted. technology usually doesn't work in my favor anyway.. so... went n got a new one.