pen pal

April 01 2007
does anyone want a pen pal?

Green Gummy Bears In a Field Of Daisys

June 08 2006

I want to :

  • Sneek out with a cute boy

  • Drive to anywhere

  • Eat gummy bears && cookie dough

  • hold each others hand through the dark

  • go to the park && swing.

  • Lay in a field under the stars

  • && just feel [loved]?

Expedition of a life time.

March 21 2006

Im on and adventure.

Going no where fast

 No where in perticular.

 Just somewhere to get away from my past

Im lost and confusied

No hand to grasp

My life is not my own

Ive attempted many times but this is my last

The lights that lead us there are blindingHaha. this boy makes me giggle.

My best friendCAPTAN POPPY!!!

Miracles and Dissapointments

March 08 2006

Last week was amazing. Between Making spagetti and fazolies breadsticks for my whole 3rd period, stealing cokes outta the teachers work room, boys sneaking out of windows, kroger power shopping, car races, evil scamming, boys talking about me in the boys bathroom, uncontrolable laughter, lots of hugs, snugglin....and best of all

The guy ive liked for quite some time asked me out. It was adorable. Nervous...cute

There was no time or reason to be upset.

This week. The Dissapointment set in. I found out a secret i wasnt suposed to know just yet. That guy has to move. TO FUH KIN WYOMMING!!! gah.

And everybody wonders why i dont like to get close to guys.

The only guy ive ever truely fell in love with...Had to move to Chatanooga with his sister. I miss him like hell and theres nothing i can do about it. Now that im finally getting close to Tyler...he finds out he has to move.

I think im destined to be a single for life.

Its funny how you can make things look and mean so much more...than they really are

February 11 2006

Yea this is when you tell her that you love her but you don't...Yea she is beautiful...but she doesn't mean a thing to me

Lost among these clones. standing still. burried between the crowd here...FOREVER ALONE

January 28 2006

I could be the girl surrounded by people and still feel alone...Forever alone

See this?
This is a tear of misery
every night i cant hear your voice is a night of blurred confusion
I try so hard to let you know how i feel...
try so hard and freeze up like a broken robot
Programmed to fail
My wires are sparking with fury
and are about to light this nightmare to ashes
Forever meant to be forgotten
Is this what you wanted?
I have a sickness...
A sickness drawn to be a sucker for a sweet talker
a fake, a heart crusher.
There is no cure. It's contagious
Were all one for ourselves.
Lock me up, Take me away
Let these sirens sing me away
Sing me Softly goodnight...Goodnight


January 12 2006

Yall ready for a post all about MWAH?!?! teheh HUH? HUH? HUH? ...well hold onto your lil socks!

Dark side of me :0


January 05 2006

RAWRRR! tehehe

 go check out the rest...i got a new digital camera so ill have new pics like CRAZY!

lafy taffy

December 14 2005

OMG is that a snowflake?!?!?!...wait nvm forgot we were in Tennessee


December 03 2005


I wanna be kissed under the mistle toe like in the movies i love this time of year.....

pictures never lie..

November 30 2005

old pic. new effect

*i put new pics on my binder from last year..everyone says i look "different" i asked good or bad and they couldnt say?!?!..maybe its the fact i was happy there*

New highschool

November 15 2005 going to Riverdale next year. Thank god....

120 days left in school :( uhhhhhg


November 07 2005

My away message- There once was a turtle...he pooped...THE END! 

duckxhead09 [7:47 PM]:  i said is his name Edward?
XlBeautifulMessX [7:47 PM]:  nope...its Edward
duckxhead09 [7:48 PM]:  aww
duckxhead09 [7:48 PM]:  i wanted it to be Edward
duckxhead09 [7:48 PM]:  :'(
duckxhead09 [7:48 PM]:  gosh jack
XlBeautifulMessX [7:48 PM]:  so but Edward is so much cooler
duckxhead09 [7:48 PM]:  no its not gosh
duckxhead09 [7:48 PM]:  Edward is lame
duckxhead09 [7:48 PM]:  now Edward is the coolest
XlBeautifulMessX [7:49 PM]:  psh...who are you to be talkin...your name is Gary Allen
duckxhead09 [7:49 PM]:  hahaha
duckxhead09 [7:50 PM]:  well my name was going to be katylan Eliabithe
XlBeautifulMessX [7:50 PM]:  woa...
XlBeautifulMessX [7:50 PM]:  i like Edward better than that
duckxhead09 [7:50 PM]:  well i like jack beter so name it jack
XlBeautifulMessX [7:50 PM]:  ahh...Jack it is
duckxhead09 [7:51 PM]:  ok
XlBeautifulMessX [7:51 PM]:  so its settled
duckxhead09 [7:51 PM]:  now we are going to make a story about jack ok lol
XlBeautifulMessX [7:51 PM]:  the almighty Jack pooped
duckxhead09 [7:51 PM]:  i write one line then u write the next
duckxhead09 [7:51 PM]:  ok
XlBeautifulMessX [7:51 PM]:  alrighty
duckxhead09 [7:52 PM]:  unce upon a time there was a turtle named jack
XlBeautifulMessX [7:52 PM]:  he was a fuzzy lil creature
duckxhead09 [7:53 PM]:  with a hard shell and red eyes
XlBeautifulMessX [7:53 PM]:  he was such a lil angle
duckxhead09 [7:53 PM]:  well one part of him was
XlBeautifulMessX [7:53 PM]:  the other side of him was a giant cyclops named...Edward
duckxhead09 [7:54 PM]:  well one day jacward (jack + edward = jacward) went into the pond for a swim
XlBeautifulMessX [7:55 PM]:  cept he didnt know that what he thought was the pond was a giant pile of shat
duckxhead09 [7:55 PM]:  wtf?? neways so he smelled it and ran backward and jumped into the REAL pond
XlBeautifulMessX [7:56 PM]:  and got swallowed by a microscopic beaver
duckxhead09 [7:56 PM]:  yes and lucky for him he just went straight out the bevers behind and survived
XlBeautifulMessX [7:57 PM]:  unfortunalty he suffered from minor injures for the beavers dam (hahaha get it like a beaver dam ..not damn) tail
duckxhead09 [7:59 PM]:  so now jacward is mentally retarded and every 10 ft he walks he gets domber
XlBeautifulMessX [8:00 PM]:  wow thats said you cant spell "dumber" maybe your the one that got hit in the head witha microscopice beaver tail.....anyways! Jacward is now a permant residant of the Loony Benn house
duckxhead09 [8:01 PM]:  and on sudays he is alowed to have 10 mins to go swim in the pond
XlBeautifulMessX [8:02 PM]:  but this past sunday...poor a turtle can do that...we do not know
duckxhead09 [8:04 PM]:  but see jacward was soo unluck because right before he died this wierd lil mexicon girl named jacqulyn pick him up and made turtal meat fro dinner because them mexicans are poor
XlBeautifulMessX [8:05 PM]:  but dont be haten on the mexicans...this crazy ass guy named Gary Allen Warren JR. (tehehe...Jr) bit jacwards wittle head off before the mexican could grab him
duckxhead09 [8:06 PM]:  haha lol
duckxhead09 [8:07 PM]:  cept u always end up with the lowe part of his body u know sice he is a boy. i mean i gues mexicans like turtal  parts
XlBeautifulMessX [8:08 PM]: part...makes a spicy flavor
duckxhead09 [8:08 PM]:  omgoshlol
duckxhead09 [8:08 PM]:  ok thats the end of the stupids story ever!
XlBeautifulMessX [8:08 PM]:  ...THE END!
XlBeautifulMessX [8:08 PM]:  thats a rap
duckxhead09 [8:08 PM]:  haha
duckxhead09 [8:08 PM]:  CUT!!
XlBeautifulMessX [8:08 PM]:  tehehe ....thats phusebox worthy
duckxhead09 [8:09 PM]:  haha ya it is
XlBeautifulMessX [8:09 PM]:  copy and paste...ahhh


October 25 2005

So did the Andy Milanokis show get canceled of did my nightmare of him dieing come true?


October 21 2005

Wouldnt life be fun as a gypsy? MmMm....

Emo Boys

October 03 2005
Where are all the Emo boys in Tn?


September 19 2005
Ahh love and addiction..what would the world be like without music...gah i dont wanna know..i would have to be sent to a mental assylem...not good!


September 11 2005
So i went shopping and i saw one of the most disturbing things in my life...a thong that had these things on the sides that can loosen it up if you need it to(size XL) sorry but someone that is that huge and needs spacers on their thongs...should NOT be wearing them in the first place...Have a nice day


September 07 2005
i was trying to be a rockstar in the shower ..and i almost fell out of the tub and hurt myself...dont try to rock out to Fall out boy in the shower or YOU will fall out