random mtv type thoughts like whoa

March 13 2006

holly told me that the moon isn't officially full tonite. it's funny.

maybe i won't be too crazy. ha.

watching ashley parker angel's "here and back". haha

and now that chick's gonna start crying again.


dumb chick.

this fall out boy video is coming on in a bit.

not a huge fob fan.

and i HATE it when bands use the gd word. espeically when it's in that stupid waaaaay too catchy single panic [i refuse to use the exclamation mark] at the disco has out.

so yeah. i really about wanna smack ashley parker angel's fiancee chick. she is so rediculous and is overbearing and quite a lot of annoyingness.

so yeah.

have a lovely day.



and now for my ten billionth update today...

March 13 2006

well that was an interesting lunch today...glad it happened to be short. [and no, reefur, not because of you...i do wanna play whiffleball tho!].

so i've studied/worked on reading sociology for a good hour and a half..got some of my studying "materials" in order..just really hope that i can keep this up...

this site is addictive, btw. see, blogs show just how much i don't get to talk to people sometimes. ha. granted i do have a pretty good group of people around me...it's just kinda weird to spit some things out, ya know?

i think i'm gonna read some of my Bible, maybe get a few mins. of sleep and then head to the rec center at 4 w/ heather, come back, clean up, go to geology lab, eat, finish up my presentation work and unpack. yeah. big nite, eh? 


have a great day!



[np:Ryan Adams...good studying music...]


March 13 2006

just woke up from a creepy, scary dream about a robbing at gunpoint.

and it was really hard for me to get help, too...

in better [non-freaked out] news- in a few hours i get to get breakfast. i still have over an hour to sleep.

and andy's b-day is tom. should prob. figure something out...

[EDIT: his birthday is in three days. shows what i know and what day of the week it is..mom was right when she said that my days where all outta whack, ha. back to sleep now...<3]

today in enjoyable things...

March 13 2006

today had a good time.

enjoyed playing frisbee [you do play frisbee, right? throwing it..whatever] for a good bit with some rad amigos.

had a good time talking to a few people this evening.

....i blame the full moon for it all...

and in good news: i went thru a moment of wanting to see that boy, but now, i'm good.

so we should play/throw the frisbee sometime soon...



np:"long ride home" from the elizabethtown..think death cab for cutie's "transatlanticism" is gonna work loverly for sleeping music tonite tho...

p.s. top 8s make me giggle.


March 12 2006

so i got a keychain from seattle.



and i'm back in the boro. yay.


March 12 2006

just about time for church..hopefully can have lunch with tina [my hero] and then come home and pack up and head back to the boro. way too excited.

have a great day!




March 11 2006

so i got one of these things.

it's reefur's fault. we'll see how it compares to xanga..because i def. need one more blog..

i went to bed at 2:30 last nite. and i got to wake up at 10. and i only got a few mins. of a nap today.

so i'm going to bed at 9:30.


have a nice nite.