April 27 2006

*feels all warm and fuzzy on the inside*


thx nicholas, you def. made one girl very happy tonite and another also very glad to be your friend.



April 27 2006

this song, "sugar blue" from elizabethtown, really makes me wanna go on a road trip.

and i'm driving home two hours tomorrow.

and i'm excited.

i just love the drive up and back.

too much fun.

so the goal of today is to pack up all of my clothes except what i know i'm gonna wear next week [ie lotsa jeans and t shirts].

move out thursday afternoon.

and then i'm going home.

and it kinda makes me sad.

but yet i'm sooo excited for the summer.

yep. just call me a ball of emotion...

so i'm gonna pack some more, go pick up some pics and do a little last week food shopping and i'll talk to you all lovely folks later-




April 26 2006

four pages left.


i'm gonna have to actually research a little on this.

oh goody.

just gotta be done by 5:30.

and totally beg my teacher to take it if i bring it tom., prob.

i actually am only doing it b/c i fear if i don't then i'm gonna have to go home. and we don't want that.

so i'm off to find facts about divorce. oh yay.



[np- michael buble- "quando, quando, quando"]


April 24 2006

can i just say i am very proud of myself?

i wrote a paper.

it's due tuesday. as in not in like 8 hours or something.

now if i can just tackle the big paper for sociology.


one thing off my list.

-and yes-in reefur's words- "MAD PROPS TO KELLEY" for the "JOINT EFFORT" on the picnic...i dunno why i capitalized all ofthat..anyways..yay.



[np:Ryan Adams. amazing, yo.]

fun in the sun..and under the *nonexistent 'boro* stars

April 23 2006

so had a very lovely day today.


that's brianne w/ fiala having a carabeener [sp] in her hair. it was funny.

there's the actual carabeener.

the ugliest face in the world, according to kelley, lol

yeah. not really any pics of the water guns, but it was massa fun. as was the cookout. mad props to the nicholas for that one. =D

got more pics on teh camera, so those shold come out soon. yaya.

have a nice nite, kids.




April 19 2006




i already wanna nap and i've only been up one hour.


April 18 2006

so i'm way too excited that jamie cullum's coming to nashville this summer and i might get to go. =)  yaya.


need to study.

oh, and lemme explain this..

that was just to inform everyone how hot it was the other day.

so yeah.

have a nice day. time to study so i can kick some bootay or somethign. yay.


packed out day

April 14 2006

so i officially have a ton to do today.

and all before noon-ish.

and she's off to start the day...


April 12 2006

i figured something out.


i win the cookie this time.


April 10 2006

college blows.

and it's gonna blow even more in chattanooga.

next fall.


i think i'm doomed.


someone send me a utc catalog...


April 07 2006

i'm not a fan of this weather deal.

atelast i came home to chattanooga.

hope you guys in the boro are ok and stay safe-

yep. worrywart jenny.



April 06 2006

i got a new sweater thrifting today.

well i paid $12 for it. and that's a lot. i know. def. a lot. but yeah. it's too awesome.

going to see the opera this evenign on campus. hope it's fun. should be.

plus i got a little dressed up. so that makes me happy like whoa. yay.

have a lovely day!



funny times

April 05 2006

this makes me happy.

April 04 2006

yes. i bought another luella bartley bag from target. this one was cheaper. and i am in love with it. alot.

gym class heroes. they are fun. and i enjoy them. alot, too.

random quote...

April 03 2006

::that drip of hurt, that pint of shame goes away, just play the game...::

-"What You Own"-


i don't want to grow up...

April 02 2006

i have to be a big girl tonite.

oh yay.


April 02 2006

it's gross and stormy out.

not really gross.

because nothing's really gross when it comes to the weather.

it's just not as pretty.

i need more film. i think i'm out. completely. tho it's still more fun to shoot film than digital...

went and worked out so i guess i need a shower.




April 02 2006

just took a lovely roll of film.

yeah.  a whole roll. and finished off five from the previous.

pretty shots of the morning.

it's gorgeous out.

sunrise = pretty colors

so the pics shalt be posted prob. thursday or so...

take care.




April 02 2006

i'm staying up all nite.

or something like that.

til 8 or 9.

just because.

josh is drunk. and he is hitting on me. and it is very funny.

had an interesting evening.


have a nice nite.




March 30 2006

if i hear one word of gloating....i will be a very unhappy bunny.

besides that.

life is fairly good.

looking forward for a trip to the "big city" tomorrow [ie nashville].


have a lovely day.