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June 21 2007
my friend is suppose to come but hasn't came yet...i told her to be here around 7:00...i thought she would be coming around 7-8 but it's an hour now and still hasnt came yet......


June 05 2007

tomorrow i get my teeth's going to annoying lol...iv isnt the problem...i have had an iv in me before so yeah...well lates



June 02 2007
this looks a lot it's tring to figure it out lol well i'll try...and i got my car back so me well laters


May 22 2007

wow it's been awhile a lot of shit has happen this month... school is done hell yeah... so i am  real not doing anything....need to do more then be on the computer...i am going up north tomorrow yeah.... it's going to be fun... this past year has been great....sadly.. lol...well i am out



May 05 2007

dang i havent been on here for awhile...
oh well
i hope everyone is doing good



April 24 2007


wow i am hyper for now reason
i think it was from the oreo cookies


April 16 2007
no one ever gets on anymore.....


April 08 2007

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!


March 27 2007

hey everyone

i am bored...i am tried..
mum tomorrow i am going to paws tomorrow to see if they'll let me to help them with that should be fun

well i am bored so i am out



March 15 2007

spring break starts tomorrow afternoon.... sadly i am not going to be at my house that long...i'll be kay's..i'll be back home around i dont know i'll be home the rest of the week><

oh well... i have to go cuz it's 6:12 in the morning and it's a school day


well time for an update

March 10 2007

well since the hurting of the knee, it's been alright(i guess)... yesterday my cat died cuz of a fucking dog... the night before we went to the hockey game... so nothing real new other then that.... i am kinda lost with out my cat here cuz he's not look in from the back door... it's was hard yesterday to face it... but today i am tring to look on the brighter side of's hard to do but it's going have to be.....

other then that... i have nothing else to say


r.i.p. monkey

upate from meegan

March 04 2007

ok.... here is what's going on lately... go our report cards last week on wednesday... that same day i got hurt AGAIN.... i pull my alc(?? i think that it)... it's the thing behind your knee.... i streched it again >< i havent done much... yesterday kaylah came over we watch man of the year...that is a good movie.. i think you guys should watch it. we talk about three hours...which was real good cuz i havent hung out with her in like a month....yep and i have a new nickname meeegan.... yeah dont ask how that started.... lol... yeah there isnt much going on in my life but hang out waiting for my knee to get better... and i have to start my reach paper over a job that i want.... yeah what fun.... but that's all i have to say



February 19 2007


i am bored


February 17 2007
well yesterday i was sick.... it wasnt fun...i threw up a lot and now my stomache fucking hurts.. >< and i hate throwing up... i finally got something to eat to day without throwing it up.... throwing is bad.... lol but now i feel better and i can go to the hockey yay!!!!

today i am hoping

February 11 2007

my parents let me get a job...i am sooo tried of being bored... it's sooo annoying... i already applied to krogers....and i am going to finish the one for buckle... i need some more places to apply to...i real dont want to work at a fast food place cuz it would just gross me out even more... so i am going to try at like food line, wallgeen, pac sun, the sound shop, the shop dept., american eagle, pet land, pet smart, hobby lobby(i'll get it tomorrow cuz they are not open today), old navy, hot topic, and see on the age limit on some others... so yeah..i was bored out of my mind yesterday so that's one reason and it would also give me a chance to earn the money by working..i also hate being at home on a daily's the same thing...i needa change in evoriment...yeah... i just hate being at home.. dont think i hate my family... it's just get bored at the house.. then i start to bother my parents.... so yeah

never mind on doing that...i'll just go pick one up.... lol 

but still i think a job would give me more to do then sit around and do nothing... i real thin it would help me out. i love to be around people so yeah and i also needthe money for when i go up north too.. and to get a new camra.... plus cleaning i'll get a lot of money up by then.... i real need the money... lol i just hope my parents dont tell to by my own clothing..i dont think they would. they would most likely tell me to pay for my own yeah now i am bored i'll talk to ya people later



February 09 2007

well today was an half was good.... i had like three cups of coffee... it may cause me to do something stupid but thats ok.... i am real bored..........i also go my hair cut..... it looks real good.... i dont know if my dad will like it.... but i dont care at all.... man i am bored well i am out


here is my new hair cut

i was thinking

February 04 2007
i dont think it was a right thing to go back out with tyler again... i didnt love him like i did when we first went out... i just feel like i didnt want him and he didnt care... i dont know how to explain it but it's true. i dont feel like i didnt love him and i didnt want to be in a relationship... i dont feel like being lied to again and everything... so now i am going to be single....just for now. and then start to look for someone that i love more.. and someone i can see. and doesnt avoid me. i real do want someone that care for me. and doesnt get on my family and friends bad side. i hated the relationship i was in with tyler cuz i dont know what he could had done to me or anything. this will help me and try to talk to the guy before i go out with them. i cant just go into a relationship and not know the person that i am dating. it's true cuz you need to talk to the person before going out with them and that's what i learned from tyler. i dont need him anyways. i feel happy now i dont feel like someone is lying to me. i feel like i did the right thing for me.. i feel like me again.... so the next time i got to the mall with friends i am going to be looking i feel like i need someone better then tyler and feel like i need someone that cares about me and doesnt plain the future too early. i reither have a guy that wants to work on getting the relationship right  first and then think about other thing after that...not think about having a future at the very begain of a relationship. it's sooo hard to have a relationship like that.... yeah i reither believe my friend and family then the guy that lied to me and havent meet. so yeah. i think i did the right thing and moved on. i was think about it for the past two day and i finally made the decion that i dont need him i need someone that is better. someone who is like me and who would want to meet my family and gets along with  them and my friends. i reither keep my friend and loose the guy that nearly made me question my friends and family. so i am happy that my friends and family are there for me. i couldnt have went through this with out them. so i am happy that got out of it and now i can see other guys and find someone that is right for me. my friends, i know i'll find the right guy, and i know i might not meet him now. i might meet him later in life. and i can be happy when i meet him.... so i want to find some other guy that i can love... and stay with.


February 03 2007

geee... i am sick... i hate being sick......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... fuck being sick...  it just sucks ass.... soo tried of being sick... i felt ok yesterday. today i feel like shit.....fuck.....i hate being sick.... well i am tried..... and ache...... and crappy.... lol

and last night i had ice cream... cimmion with gummy me, justin, amber, janey, tara, and karen went to matble slap...good stuff lol

well i am out



February 02 2007

we are out again.... lol two days in a row... i still have to do my latin. and i also need to study for my latin vob. that means i have all weekend to do that

but in other news

there is sooooo much drama going on right now... it sucks ass. i just want to get out of high school cuz the drama seem to find me. and i always get to the point were i cant choose one side. i dont want to be apart of it but it is causing me to be apart of it. man it suck.... to much of it. i just want to be happy with tyler. but no i cant cuz the drama started wenesday during 5th... then  it just continuse.........fuck the drama.... i cant stand it. and the funny thing is that we are reading julis(sp) caeser in english... and it has drama in it. man i wish i could see all the things that are going to happen and pervent them from happening.... but that wont happen...... it's soooo stupid... i hate it..... life can suck at times..... lol


well update on my life

January 30 2007

now life doesnt real suck. me and tyler are going back out. his birthday is tomorrow. i got him something. lol life is going real great... i am happier.. i dont think a lot of people will be happy on that part. but who cares.. lol i am happy and i dont care what people say. so ha.... lol. well i am bored....  i am out