its been a while

February 20 2006

so its been forever since ive updated this thing.. well since october actually.. yeah i never get on it anymore. heres a quick overview of whats happened since october.. well i went to the beach in november, christmas was in december, umm january.. i got a job working at my church, met someone new, track started.. and yepp thats about it. hope your all doing well


find me here..

yeahhh.. mucho love

rad day

October 15 2005

so today was somewhat of a good day, i didnt do to much. practice. church. hanging out with cole, josh, & jessa. i dont really use this thing anymore. but i like all the new stuff about it. hope your doing wonderfully.

this just makes me super happy. haha


September 20 2005
my birthday is tomorrow!! yea. =)

ive returned

September 05 2005
so i suppose i have returned to phusebox once more. things have been going pretty well lately. school started back up. i like all my classes and its wonderful getting to see everyone again. we had adk rush a few weeks ago. that was wonderful. xc kidnapping was 2 nights ago. always fun. been running alot. cross country has started taking up my time. been to the playground numerous times. hope everyone has a rad weekend,


August 21 2005
ok so to be a little more clear. i was talking about this. i just dont know if i like it that much or not