Hollywood! :-p

March 03 2006
Ha!  I get to be the star of a 48 second silent film. 


February 21 2006

haven't been here for a long time...

what's up everybody?

So, How was your night?

July 27 2005

Mine wasn't good, nope not good at all

A car drove me off the road.

I went through 3 yards and slammed into a car parked in a drive way

My face doesn't feel very good, nor look very good.

Airbags do a lot of physical damage to one's skin.

My car is quite obviously, undriveable


July 24 2005
It's currenly 5:12 AM according to my computer.
I haven't slept even a little bit.
And i'm still not tired.
I don't like sleeping.
Bad things usually happen when I sleep

My grandmother passed away Friday morning. :(

I'm leaving in a few hours for Memphis.

My parents wouldn't let me bring anyone with me.

I really wish I could have.

It would have made things a lot easier for me.

I know it.

Look it!

July 20 2005

photo from Tissues_For_Mady

photo from Tissues_For_Mady

photo from Tissues_For_Mady

Many of you know me

July 15 2005

Many of you know me, have hung out with me at some point, have been in the same class as me, something of the sort.

So I have a question for all of you

If you didn't really talk to me all that often and just mostly observe me....

Do I strike you as someone who does a lot of drugs?

New Topic

I was having a conversation the other day with someone. We were talking about how people make plans for different things in their future. It all makes perfect sense, like there's no other way things could end up. But then any slight event can change everything. And from then on, nothing will be the same.

Not that that's a bad thing, it usally ends up better in the long run. That just depends on the situation.

It made me realize that actually, nothing ever turns out exactly as I ever planned. Whether it be something short term like plans for a day, or long term, like something to do by the end of the month or where i'll be ten years from now.

But I have to admit, that the way things have turned out so far...i'm glad

happiness is living by the moment

and at the moment

i'm happy :)


July 06 2005
OMG! It's raining really hard.

I wanna go play in it!!!

Can I please?

Who wants to come with me?

I really really hope it storms!

will someone please do a storming rain dance for me?

I lost my rhythm and can't do it anymore

I would appreciate it very much, thank you

I wrote this a while ago and I found it...

June 25 2005
the rain is falling
it's in my eyes
it should be time
for us to rise
but i will lay here
forever by your side
i wish i would have told you
that i lied
you told me you loved me
and i turned away
but now it's too late
and my heart has turned gray

i wish i would have told you
that i love you
i wish i would have told you
that i care

the sky was falling
streets filled with morning fog
and i passed you off
for a single morning jog
i was upset
about a fight the night before
i wish i would have told you
before i walked out the door
i hate it when we argue
it tears me up inside
but now it's too late
you'll never be my bride

i wish i would have told you
that i love you
i wish i would have told you
that i care

i ran down the street
i wanted time to think
but when i turned the corner
my heart began so sink
the fog was too thick
the car you didn't see
i wish i would have told you
this is my plea
i ran over to you
you were lying at my feet
but now it's too late
you're dying in the street

i wish i would have told you
that i love you
i wish i would have told you
that i care

i wish i would have told you
that i need you
but now it's too late
you're not there

I think I have a slight problem

June 24 2005
I've been staying up really late every night. Last night, I went to bed at 3 am, and woke up at 7.

And I haven't gone back to sleep since. Right now, i'm looking out my window and it's not dark anymore. It's 5:05 am.

It's not that I don't WANT to sleep.

It's that I physically CAN'T fall asleep.

Should I consider that a problem? :-p

Title? Who needs titles?

June 21 2005
Dude my sister has a site now! Michele [click it! go ahead, it's okay...just go ahead, just click it..you know you want to, it's okay, you won't get in trouble, just do it] That's some totally wicked stuff right there!

And you know what else is wicked?

I finally got text messaging put on my phone AND opened up my checking account.

Now all I need is a job. That is a pretty big chunk of detail there

I really need to clean my car

but i'm just too much of a lazy lazy fella

i played soccer today though

but my ankle still hurts

o'well, healing is for the weaklings

we're going to fazoli's tonight

if you're not there
then you must be a square

i'll leave you children today with a quote from the great wise chelebelle

"smurfs smile sexy so smile smurf style"


June 19 2005
Mady told me to update so here ya go Mady
this is my update


i'm just kidding

I wouldn't just end on that note

actually....i'm tired

so i guess i will


New Photo

June 09 2005
Isn't it hott? lol it's okay you can be honest, it's just wrong


but atleast it's better than the blurry pic I had before

Happy Now?

June 07 2005
I did this for Mady