Good Stuff

January 05 2006

Today was a no good, terrible, horrible, very bad day... things happened that weren't even that big a deal, but I hadn't updated in a lllooooooooooooooonnngg while, so I thought I should...

I love everyone + wish I was in Omaha.


My Dad Hates Posers

October 29 2005

Here I is again... I'm bored + still have no pics to add... had some fun in Decatur this afternoon... gonna make some homemade iced animal crackers... suppose that is all... oh, yeah- Court won Football Sweetheart!!!!  Yay!!!!  We love her very much!  Cat + I had mucho funo last night + early this morn... NOW I guess that's it...


iPods suck... as does not having my Davies

October 22 2005

It's been a whole seven days since I posted + I have no pics to upload... I do, however, have the need to curse out the Apple people on account of my iPod's total lack of working-ness.  Argh!  The battery doesn't work + at this point it isn't even turning on... now I am left to dream of lost Here, in Arms + Deathray Davies songs...

*oh, + Mallrats is the second-best movie, behind Pulp Fiction, weinches!!!*


Pix albums + such

October 15 2005
I told everyone on xanga to get a phusebox, so hopefully they will go with the flow, as ash says... anywho... I now figured out (it's really not that hard) how to upload and organize my pics into named albums... kind of cool... guess that's it...


Yep, here I am!

October 13 2005
I have a phusebox now, whatever the hell that means... there- you happy Tie? : ) I'm going to go + try to figure this stuff out now...\