December 06 2005
although phusebox kills xanga. this is no longer any fun, and i get way more comments on xanga. but nathan is a genious and i applaud him for what hes done here. and so i guess ill see you all later.

Vokoun's first shut out of the season.

November 30 2005
I've never seen vokoun player. and i know this probably sounds fake. but even in the first period i called it. i knew he was going to pull it through. of course i didnt say it. because im only superstitious when it comes to hockey lol.

Vernon Fiddler gave us a huge boost with his late first period goal. and boy was it nice or what. streaking down the right side, backhand around a defense to a quick change to forehand and bada bing bada boom. then it was 1-0 for the rest of the game. well at least until hartnell and i think kariya made a beautiful tic-tac-to passing. it was sweet. and i almost fell over the railing when i jumped up. lol dad had to save me. but it was so pretty. chris simon and darren macarty are jokes. and jamie allison and darcy hordichuck would have killed them. i loved seeing dan hamhuis and even marek zidlicky getting fierce. it was great. and whats his erat and sully throwing their bodies in to the boards and stuff. im loving it. darcy hordichuck had the best shift he's ever had, minus the time he scored that goal. two huge checks on macarty and another ducking, crushing hit. it was superb. dan the man will stand up to anyone. to let you know.

mrs. jackson called me mom, and said i need to get my act together.

i work thursday, friday, saturday, sunday.

i'm so close to being done with my drama film project, and im tempted to say its the best thing ive ever done. im so proud.

cars in the shop. im driving the goofy baja. lol dang. no women getting in that vehicle.

playing today. i think were playing a team of 20 year olds, one of them being seans teacher? lol awkward? yes.

i am now going to try and play college hockey.

r.e.m is my hero.

All The Right Friends"

I know you say
Maybe some day
I need never be alone
I know I say
It's the right way
But you'll never be the one

I've been so alone now
For a long long, long time
I don't wanna hang out now
With the folks that just stopped by

While you party
You've been looking
But your searching never ends
You've been going
With the wrong crowd
You've got all the right friends

I've been walking alone now
For a long, long time
I don't want to spend now
With the folks...that just aren't mine

I don't wanna be with you anymore
I just don't want you anymore
I don't wanna be with you anymore
I just don't want you anymore

this is a revolution of the mind

November 24 2005
So i guess its customary to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving on thanksgiving day. it was the most emotional thanksgiving dinner ever. lol dont think ive seen so many of my family members cry at one time. but its was good i guess. my dad is a champ.

Officer Hanson: Something else funny?
Peter: [laughing] People, man......people.

so i hear the predators won on thanksgiving day. thats what im thankful for. lol no im joking. but really i am but thats not all. i'd feel too cliched if i went into everything im thankful for. so ill sum it up with a word. skate center.

lol no im joking. the word is life.

but tomorriw i plan on buying some jeans on the busiest shopping day of the year. lol isnt that cool. and i get to work. excellent. i am the only person in the world besides mother tersea who likes their job. right? maybe lance armstrong and garth brooks.

This is what you get
This is what you get
This is what you get
when you mess with us.

chris and i rule at everything. and then some.

see ya around.

lol the things i do to myself.

November 22 2005
i messed things up considerably quick considering all the time i spent on it. lol but ive always been good at that.

i guess people didnt like my song on the last entry. lol thats alright.
today is the first day of thanksgiving break. i work tomorrow. excellent.
juniors won the pep rally. wooo? lol i wasnt into it.
i will go buy some shoes now.

everyone wish jiri fischer luck.

"just" - radiohead

November 20 2005
can't get the stink off,
he's been hanging around for days.
comes like a comet,
suckered you but not your friends.
one day he'll get to you,
teach you how to be a holy cow.

you do it to yourself you do
and that's what really hurts is
you do it to yourself just you,
you and no-one else
you do it to yourself.

don't get my sympathy hanging out the 15th floor.
you've changed the locks 3 times,
he still comes reeling through the door.
and soon he'll get to you,
teach you how to get to purest hell.

you do it to yourself you do
and that's what really hurts is
you do it to yourself just you,
you and no-one else
you do it to yourself

so how about that moon tonight

November 16 2005
I feel incredible. yeah its true.

lol check out the two new pictures, one from second period and one showing blood from a kings player, very awesome shot. lol. notice the blood dripping. Scott hartnell rules. things have been going indescribabley well as of late. and things keep going up hill. so i am very excited. couple of birthdays as a of late, jordans was monday, turned 19. what a guy. lol and emilys was yesterday. how exciting. well how about the storm of the century, aye? lol yeah. Chris Richardson preached or talked tonight at his church and so i went to see him and he did pretty good, that has to be very nerve racking. but impressed. predators. are .amazing. as. usual, lol report card. was decent enough to get complimented on by my parents.
D- dumb
B- i dont know this one yet
S- sucks
lol pretty much. i cant wait until i get a computer that isnt completely retarded. i mean this has got me through the last 5 or six years but when computer manufactuers are making new ones every month is hard to keep up. thats the reasoning behind us sueing them. if i dont make it as a nhl player/coach commentator, or president, or a brilliant film maker when i grow up, i will work at quizno's. because if you want a regular classic italian sub on white bread then theres not where better. and the one by walmart is the best one, then the one on broad,then the on in krogers. lol i know them all. i think. so my grandparents come in tomorrow, lol who loves big family get together?! i do at times. but its tough with the bodwell/ganiats. is the INS the government service that deals with immigration and deportion what not? i think ill need to get their address too. hey babe, take a walk on the wildside.

and im done.


November 12 2005
guys. so much has been going on this week. so many ups and downs and what nots. lol well i guess its only neceassary (sp) for me to rant about the predators in my first paragraph:

sullivan made his second hat trick has a predator last thursday night aganist the stars in a 5-3 win. boom. it was pretty sweet. jordan summed all his goals up pretty well. "that was a goal scorers' goal." i like it. but i mean erat is on fire. were doing pretty excellent right now. we rally alot, we were talking about how teams around the league have had games like 9-1, 8-, 6-0. and how we've had to pretty much kill ourselves every game for a win, and i like that about us. listen to this stat. dallas was 77-0, after leading after two periods. lol so of course we had to end that statistic. we own the nhl.

work was pretty cool last night. im glad i didnt have to work the late shift. because i dont know, people are insane, i thought i left all the fifth grade drama behind but it seems to find you again, if youre theyre as much as me i guess. lol. but i laid down the line, clooose call. im going to have to give some props to sean. whose become a regular at the rink. lol.

well the car issue. bleh, i got an estimate on the damages, and well it doesnt look pretty. for now im just going to get the mirror fixed, and roll around with it busted up, as much as that kills me, i cant comprehend that money. it sucks. but im in a good mood. and i know why this time.

so the predators play at home tonight aganist the blues, and its not televized of course. lol so im looking into some other things. i work till 3 today though. so everyone take it easy. do you all realize how close we are to getting out for Christmas break? its crazy.

3 third period goals are just enough to win and piss chris pronger off, boys....job well done

November 08 2005

yeah you heard right, we beat the edmonton oilers, 3-2. for our first victory in 6 games. erat, timonen, and hartnell all scored in the third to help the predators win tonight.

heres a quick run down of the third period.

oilers are leading 1-0 going into the third, and about four minutes in, erat scores over the shoulder wrister, so its tied then a couple minutes later theres a big scramble in front of the net and timonen finally puts it home! so were 2-1 with 1:42 left, but like ten seconds later smythe scores, im like son of a beast, its 2-2.....all the signs are pointing to an ovtertime, but scott hartnell says im tired of losing and scores to make it 3-2.... 22 secs left .... and thats the game! his third game winner of the year and the predators are now 9-2-3. and play the stars on thursday which im going to attend of course.

well the last 24 hours have held a lot of different emotions.
but things have gotten increasingly better. and they keep getting that way as each minute passes.

what a couple of clowns. dont worry fans, we're on our way. you wont have to put up with them much longer. lol


I will fight that call for the rest of my life.

November 05 2005
yeah well the predators lost in a shoot out. but that goal should have been dis allowed. is it because im a pissed off fan that just lost their fifth straight? that might have something to do with it. roenick slide into vokoun and then put it in. thats how i saw it. if im wrong tell me how then be prepared to get beat up. they did outplay us. but i just remembered something that is insanley lol aweomse lol holy crap. i cant say of course, but whoa. anyways. LEGWAND HAS GOT TO STEP UP. ok he got a penatly shot and im not saying cause he missed it, but he was supposed to turn into an all star. hes my boy and all but needs to get some buscuits in the baskets so to speak. i hate the kings. they out shot us 21 to 2 in the third period. whaaat?


there was a fight last night at the rink, two ghetto white girls of course. and of course i was the first one in there to break it up. i was thinking about letting it go and see what would happen, like the nhl refs should do, but i didnt wanna lose my job. lol but i thought they where joking until big girl over here nails little girl in the face,. sweet shot. lol. then little girl jumps on big girl. and thats when i come and rip litttle girl offf. lol then matt comes and holds big girl back and she gets one last hard slap to the face and i laughed lol it was crazy, then i skated little girl off to the corner, it was great fun.


i work again tonight. hopefully more fights.

im still here
show me something.

4 straight, but were not beaten.

November 03 2005
so the predators lost again last night in san jose. 3-2. it was in overtime none-the-less. and "if you have to lose it, lose it in overtime." or so says julius. lol but its an incredibly long season and were no where near to be done with it. 8-2-2. with 18 points. eat it. saturday. L.A. 3:00 p.m.

how have you guys been? ive been pretty good lately, played on monday and totally screwed my hands over, along with pretty much the rest of my body. but im almost back to full strength so im looking to playing sometime soon, maybe today. i posted like yesterday or the day before but it didnt go through. dont worry nathan the reason was probably cause my computer is out to ruin my life. but in a little less than 2 months ill be using this bad boy:

lol well hopfully.

well like i said things have been pretty great lately. things have been going my way, when i know they shouldnt. L.A Story. with steve martin, puts me in a such a good wierd mood. i love it. and i love that movie. everyone should watch it with each other. but i dont know. school is well alright, wished i was doing better, but its my fault. so you know what can you do. i started editing the drama film and its alot of fun. a lot. but ill catch you guys later.

so today is halloween

October 31 2005
alright guys whats going on
it seems as though i havent posted in a while, and that sole reason for that is no one reads anymore lol. i felt cool on the first entry with 14 remarks, but thats life. predators....havent been winning lately. so thats always a let down, mom bought me a shirt though which its pretty cool. things of other nature, have been as up and down as a roller coaster, but ive come to except this fact. and i think that whats about to happen here in a little bit, is going to work out. lol. could i be anymore vague. i had to do this project today at this girls house that i dont know at all. you know the usual. it was alright though. lol well i would tell you my real feelings about the matter but i dont know who reads this. but i guess all i got going on now, is playing a game this afternoon at four thirty. going to be pretty sweet, jordan and i worked on the pump up cd last night. and other than that and doing incredibly horrible in all my classes except second period, i got nothing. lol pretty boring lately. but things can go either way now. down or up i mean, because im stuck in the midddle. and of course im hoping for the latter.
keep it real.

oh boy.

October 26 2005
well guy. my last entry was a couple minutes after becoming really upset, if you didnt tell. then it was followed by a pretty un happy day. i had some good parts. and it seemed as though people actually cared that i wasnt my usual self. so to those people i give them an applaud. but of course this is not why im writing this entry. and if you know me and know what took place last night then youll realize.

3 seconds into the game stevenson and barnaby get into a fight. 3 seconds guys.. there hasnt been a fighting major for the predators all season. and one of the only games i dont watch theres a fight three seconds into it. and i could have been there. barnaby. sucks. the big one. who actually sheath's his stick like a sword. ill admit because im an intelligent hockey fan, that he did in fact beat vokoun on the breakaway. alright i mean you gotta give credit where credit is due, but after seeing him sheath his stick. i wanted to rip his head off. because the goal did nothing. lol i mean they lost 5-3, and the predators are now 8-0. and they are 3-6. so like i said barnaby sucks at life. and stevenson for president in 08. he'd win no doubt. five fighting majors for nashville, and three came from stevenson or says the paper. and sportcenter. and another thing. sportscenter.... first fifteen minutes was basball, understandable, its the world series. what was the next thing up. directly after the world series? well the nashville predators we came on sportscenter at 6:16 i mean 16 minutes after it started. amazing. we play columbus tonight. hopefully the church goes to dinner where they have a tv, and not moes, so i can watch it. and leggy scored. which is good because he needs to if he wants to stay a predator. kariya scored. sullivan scored shorthanded none the less, erat scored. stevenson whipped the crap out of barnaby. and got kicked out. so i leave you now with this over-used, but definitely effective line..


drastic? incredibly.

October 24 2005
freezeitsthecia (8:55:23 PM): i dont know if youve ever played a sport but like say you missed the winning shot and cost the game everytime you think about it, it just birngs you down more and more each time beacuse there was a chance for greatness but now you realized it got messed up somewhere. either you werent good enough, timing was off, or it just was never supposed to happen..so to speak.

ha ha ha. lol dang
whats been going on? nothing much here, i played hockey again today and it was beautiful. we had three on three with a goalie. and if little freshman ethan plays then well be pretty good. cause we all work the puck nicely. you get frsuterated in a scrimmage if your losing but then you think wait these other guys are going to be on my team lol so it doesnt matter. wore some long johns cause it was freaking cold, and i added some nice new cuts to my legs. beauitful. i actually bought a book today. havent started it yet, but im definitely think its going to help my present situation. but im alright if you know what i mean. i mean predators are 7-0. ye haw. going to a game in about a month. lol got some great tickets. crap. no i gotta stop thinking. lol ok you dont know what im talking about.
so i leave you with a verse from damien rice's volcano.
"its just another phase
of finding what i really need
is what makes me bleed."
adios amigos

It's getting harder to stay away

October 23 2005

ok what the heck.

i wrote a somewhat deep, depth entry but it didnt show up. again. ill try to post it again.

i would first and foremost like to apologize to emily and kelsey for wasting about an hour and for having to sit in the cold. as you probably dont know i played in a game yesterday with sean and aganist zach. at first i was a realy dick about the whole thing, like really mean and sutff. but then i thought what does this prove. that we can beat him 2 on 1. i should have never agreed to play that. that doesnt even constitute me as a good player. anyone is going to lose if they play two on one. excepet any player in the nhl. besides the point. so i regret doing it. and sorry agian. but were getting alot of people for tomorrow night and jordan is playing so im pumped. and we get to play in the spring as well. hooo waaa

today had so many up's and down's it was sickening. there have so many things racing through my mind for like the last 20 hours. and its not fun at all. when i finally thought i figured something out then i would think of something else that would totally throw me off. lol but i mean i think its ending on a good note. i think its just because things have been going so good so consistently lately that one little slip up makes me realize how good things are and can be. so im not worrying to much. and when i do get down i just think, what would kariya do.

speaking of that. i dont know ive been letting things get to me.. the predators are freaking 7-0. i mean what in the world. lol it almost makes up for everything that could go wrong. i hear we didnt play all that well, but still came out with the big win. so im pumped. (note to special someone, always wear that shrit when we play them). they play tuesday night at home, but im gay and have to work, and my dad was going to take me! so not only do i not get to go. i dont get to have a party. sucks.

well i hear i might be getting a computer. finally. lol. im pretty tired of the homosexuality. you know what im talking about. mac mini. cant wait till Christmas.

and i found some pictures of me on the computer from a couple months ago. which i didnt think my computer could handle them so im pretty excited. and if it looks as though i have the same shirt on. well it was taken on the same night. lol.

until next time.

how incredibly beautiful.

October 20 2005

lol ok lets try this again.

so i wrote a rather loong entry like 20 minutes ago, but of course my computer freaks out and kicks me off the internet, then it goes ahead and finishes the job by restarting completley. but thats only a minor slip up in an overall amazing day. so be prepared to be bored by my long and boring entry.....

to start.. the nashville predators are 6-0... 6-0. try to comphrehend that. because its not hitting me yet. lol if i gone insane tomorrow at any part of the day, you'll know why. well we won in a shoot out for the third game of the season. we're unstoppable in a shoot out. lol and for once kariya didnt score. he would have if he shot. but luckily, sully and zidlicky got em for us. and of course vokoun was a mountain in front of the net. but id like to step off on a side note for a second. marek zidlicky had one of the most beautiful goals ive ever seen.  his goal clinched the game. it was great. be sure to check out sportscenters top ten plays tomorrow, because i garuntee you that will be on or we're boycotting espn so says alex.

that brings up another good topic. you know ive been saying im having predators party all season. lol well up until toights its been me and... well me. BUT today being thursday and being a great day, three other people came. yeah thats right. emily, sean, and alex came to watch the game and eat chinese food. it was alot of fun. lol well to me it is, ill know if they had fun if they ever come back. lol.

on to my next topic, which is a doozy.

i played hockey today for the first time in about 8 months.

myself along with sean, alex, jeff, and matt all went to the rink today in lavergne. but it wasnt the same rink that we left. it has gotten an extreme make-over. meaning ice hockey boards, high nets for wild shots, working doors, benches that will rule when we actually get seats.all we need are goals. but that will come. it felt so great to get out there and skate fast without worrying about running into little kids. lol and to shoot. oh man.. ive missed it so much. i also got hammered in the head with a slapshot from jeff. lol without a helmet. it knocked my hat off. and i hit the ground. then my teeth went numb. but i was all good. got a penalty shot from it. so im alright. then alex got caugh on top of the cage by his pants. lol it was the funniest thing ever. but we are all out of shape. lol but were trying really hard to get a team together for the spring. because if you think about it, its the last legitmate season we will have as a team. jeff really isnt supposed to play and alex will graduate this year. so we have about a line and one change. lol if you're wondering if thats difficult think running around all directions for 36 minutes straight.

well i know im forgetting something lol. its gay because tomorrow we're the only school with a half day and i wanna play again. i shall go by myself if i have to though. you can count on it.

i wished i had a camera, cause this entry would be loaded with amazing pictures from my amazing day.

psh. i think thats long enough.

gotta make it quick

October 18 2005

there's my boy laying the hit on vinny  damphousse. boom

i gotta write fast, because this computer restarts like every three minutes. lol so i have to unplug the interent connect and mouse and keyboard and re-plug it to the pc just to write an entry. well i applaud you on all for letting me get most remarked person of the day or something cool like that. lol i never in my life got 14 comments on xanga so screw, that. alright i think im running out of time. predators party thursday my house. lol i think people are actually going to show up. lol i know alex is for sure. any more confirmations, id love it. dang man i need a new computer. lol and maybe a camera. then i could take pictures and show you how interesting my life is. cause all i got now is pictures form the tennessean.com lol alright well i think im out of time so i should end it now. my day was absolultey great too. hopefully tomorrow will be just as good. things are getting so good. lol yess.  

The first entry

October 17 2005

well guys this is the first entry on phusebox? lol ive used xanga for since about eighth grade so this is what you call a major change i suppose. i found alot of people i havent talked to in a while. ok actually like two. but oh well. hey guys, do me  a favor and leave me a "remark" so i dont get discouraged. lol alright see ya later.