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December 10 2005

frieds are great<3 everything is going great guys...i hope everyone had a good is coming soon, im excited<3 although its not for the presents its for the time i get to share with my family<333


November 12 2005

Today is one of those days. One of those days where endless emotion just came sweeping through me and is swirling around inside of me. On the surface, you cannot see much. Just that distant glazed over look in my eye, the vague expression on my face, and that quiet voice that provokes a string of, "what's wrong?" from everyone.

Nothing's wrong. I've just got things on my mind. And I'm brewing in the silence of my own personal chaos. I find it somewhat comforting. I'm in my own world. Thinking about things I have learned lately.

I've learned that there are plenty of things in life that I'm better off simply not reacting to. But I always seem to fall victim to my short temper, and it always ends up steering me in a backwards direction. I need to learn to hold my tongue. I've picked up on when it becomes necessary to separate myself from almost any situation, which is a good thing. People who meant everything to me in a time which seems like forever ago, seem to mean less to me now. Well, no. That is a lie. I'm pretty sure it is me that means little to them. and as much as that is difficult to accept, I've learned to respect the distance placed between us


November 10 2005

no trespassing, violaters will be *KISSED*

So the time is slipping away, and winter ball is getting closer and closer<3

I have a date now, im going with a cute boi, named tyler. He is amazing.

School is going pretty good right now, but my parents, well thast a different story. Im excited about winter ball. And I can't wait!

Maybe this year won't be so bad after all.

Baseball practice friday...Yup im pretty sure im goin<3


so i take back the skool year is going good, and having a date to winterball thing.

im going to winter ball but with friends not a date. he decided that he would rather go with someone else. which never the less i don't blame him. shes alot prettier than me.

i hate skool right now, my grades are driving me insane. i have 4 math papers due monday. blah this is going to be a fun filled weekend. NOT!


November 09 2005

Now days more and more girls are concerned with their body image.. even I am most of the time.

The girls think that if their prettier, or skinner, that they can get that one guy they've always wanted. And in most cases thats true. You don't see the most populare gay going out with a not so skinny girl.

But what the girls don't realize is that, if they starve themselves, they don't know how much damage they are putting on their body in the long run.

Being worried about your weight is not a bad thing, but there's a good way and a bad way to solve the problem.

Be happy with yourself, and sooner or later, you'll find the one guy that will be happy with you for your personality not ur looks<3


November 08 2005


So i've been thinking alot about moving back to cali. I miss everyone there including my dad. I mean I kno that I have alot going on for me here, but the stress right now, its just to much to handle.

I lack somthing. And that would have to be, self-confidence. I mean people tell me that im pretty and such, but I don't believe them.

I still don't have a date to the winterball, and its in less than a MONTH. Im getting my dress this weekend [yay]



November 07 2005


I miss my best friends, yeah I said friends!. Im one of the lucky ones, I don't just have one best friend, I have many best friends, and I miss them.

My friends mean more to me than ur life. I can trust them with anything and everything. There my support. Their always there when im down and need someone to make me feel better.

People always say friends come and go just like boys, well I have new, my friends are here to stay<3

Boys? well lets see...they lie, cheat, lie, lie, lie. Well not all boys but most of them in my case anyways. I miss having a boy to call me own, to call me in the middle of the night just to see what I was doing.

Well thats all for today<3


November 05 2005

i need direction
to perfection

So today has been harsh...A slight misunderstanding leads to a painful breakup. Nothing seems to be going right now days. I can't please anyone. Guys always lead to heartbreak. And parents are totally over-rated.

Yesterday was are home game. We lost. Which totally blows. 0-10 not a big loss but a big enough one to ruin our chances of makeing it to the playoffs.

So how was the cheer compatition? That was one thing that had my heart beating. Our squad made first.

Whats the great news. Well Im going to the AAR concert (All American Rejects) A great band in my book<3 Im thrilled and can't wait. Hopefully its as exciting as Warped Tour, but I doubt that.

&hearts; Me


November 04 2005

so yesterday was pretty kickass. went to the cheer compatition, and got first. I was pretty syched about that.

 First of all if u think just because im a cheerleader that im some snobby stuck up bitch, then think again. Im acutally one of the nicest ppl you probably have ever met. I don't judge you, and would like u not to jusdge me. Im not a bitch who likes things her way. I like to get to know people and have a decent convo with them.

Well i have skool so im outt leave me commets or remarks or w/e it is u leave on here aha*hearts;