Entry into Cyberworld

January 22 2007


For years, people have told me that I should have some sort of blog online.  In keeping with the spirit of the new year and in simply trying something new, I have decided to do a site on here.  We'll see how it goes.

After checking out My Space, Face Book, and the others, I decided to go with Phusebox because I like the lay-out the best.  I know that I am prejudiced because one of my former youth, Nathan Moore, created this site, but I like how this site has the unlimited photos feature and how clearly it is all laid out.

This site was started for a couple of reasons:  First, people tell me that sometimes I actually have a profound thought about something and it might be good for others to hear it.  Secondly, being the youth minister for a really cool youth ministry I get access to some really good photographs of our youth events before anyone else does.  By posting them on here, others will be able to get them and add them to their web-sites.  I am still learning how to do this effectively so be patient.  Thirdly, I may on occasion have some important information for everyone and posting it on here could be helpful in getting the word out.

I plan on updating this hopefully about once a week.  Being a child of the 70's and 80's, I don't have much of a liking to typing too much on a computer.  I hope that what you find on here will be a blessing to you.

God bless . . .


Nathan Moore

January 22 2007
Hey Chris... good to see you on PhuseBox!