new phusebox account

September 09 2005
got a new one cuz i didnt like this one..

mhm. dont ask why i did it..cuz idk...

Homecoming...and then some..

September 06 2005
soo...i got nominated...ohhh joy

dont think that i will get it..but oh well..its fun to think that some people actually care...

so yeah..amy leigh and kelley marie..are amazing i love them ...a lot...

so so tired of people talking about me..but im also to the point of not caring. i dont care if you dont like me...its not like you're gonna ruin my day...

i hate when people go after your friends when they have a problem with you...if you have a problem with me, come and talk to me about...dont be mean to my friends..and treat them bad because you're pissed at mature about it...cause everyone knows whats going grow up.

ahh...the drama of high school...i absolutely love it.

but thats all for now..i love you.

my life is amazing

September 04 2005
so thnx to chris slate..i got one of these things...hes an awesome kid. i