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March 21 2006

i haven't written in a loooooooong time. phusebox, unfortunately isn't at the top of my priority list. Basketball season is over, so that's really sad, but i'll make it. I hope everyone is having a good week so far and hope you have an AMAZING spring break. be good


September 29 2005
Fall break is a day away!!! i can't wait. i hope everyone is doing well and i'll update more later!

Who's Garbage?

September 02 2005
Well you all... the impossible was accomplished tonight. We beat Oakland... yes 20-14!! it was the most amazing game i've ever experienced in my lifetime. Well of course besides our wonderful basketball team:-) i hope everyone had a great night!! have a good 3 day weekend!


August 08 2005
i got a car!! i'm soooo excited. i'll put up pics later


July 18 2005
So... when you read this and you know me leave me a comment telling me something either we've experienced together, or you'd like to experience wiith me. G rated please:-)

and if you don't know me... leave me a comment about why you would like to get to know me.


July 14 2005
Not too much going on lately. I work a whole lot this week, which is kind of a bummer.. but hopefully the paycheck will go to a good cause *coughshoppingcough*. Well Saturday i finally got the courage to... get my ears pierced. You do not understand how scared i was, needles scare me to death... and so does sitting in a stinking chair for everyone walking by to seeing me finally get some guts and get my ears pierced.

I went shopping with my brother on Tuesday and we got a lot accomplished.. it was lots of fun! Well I hope everyone is having a good summer!!

I'll talk to you guys later


June 04 2005
so i've gotten some grief about my favorite books. if you haven't noticed i like to read the babysitters club books and DO NOT make fun of me because if you've read them you KNOW they are good and you CAN'T put them down until you're finished. haha no seriously i really have read a lot of them and i enjoy them...while curled up to a nice fire sipping hot cocoa and esp laying out next to the pool feeling the wind in my face and the smells of honeysuckle. lol i went a little off the edge with the pool, but i hope everyone feels the need to go read them now. have a good day!! love you


June 04 2005
i'm so incredibly bored... this stinks. hope everyone is having a great day! loooove you